squidges their faces

it’s wild that michael/meg and gavin/lindsay are as similar as they are.

like, meg and michael are Competitive Assholes, 100%. fuck you, fuck that guy, fuck everybody i am going to win people. they’re also the kind of people who will say i love you to people they care about–they’ll just balance it out with a fair amount of “you’re stupid and dumb and the absolute worst”. they’re also big on squidging their s/o’s faces (there are a lot of gifs/screenshots from relationship goals where michael’s doing it to lindsay or meg’s doing it to gavin). also, both gryffindors.

same thing with lindsay and gavin. their play style tends to be  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and super heavy on the wildcard/chaotic factor. they’re not fuck you, i am going to win, they’re this thing might help me or it might kill me or it might kill everyone but it sure as hell is going to do something and i am sure as hell going to do it. they also tend to end up on the defensive side of arguments a lot, where michael/meg will bring up something with the implied presumption that gavin/lindsay are wrong and gavin/lindsay are the ones who escalate the argument by not backing down when meg/michael tell them they’re wrong at increasing decibels. they tend to stay more levelheaded, too? like. meg/michael very easily slip into annoyed-voice which becomes annoyed-yell. lindsay/gavin also get louder, but by far lesser degrees and their tone is different, way more look, listen, wait, hear me out than annoyed. both of them use woof* as an exclamation. both apparently love burger king (while michael and meg hate it and refuse to go with them) both** slytherins, too.

it’s just… michael really wasn’t fucking kidding when he said gavin and lindsay were the same person while he and meg were the same person,  

*it’s actually something lindsay’s been saying since she was a teenager, and i’m guessing gavin picked it up from her, because it’s not something that pops up in his vocab early on in rt stuff.

**gavin hasn’t ever talked about his harry potter house but you’re straight up lying to yourself if you don’t think he’s a slytherclaw who leans towards slytherin