squid throats

Plot: The Sea is Not Enough - Part 1 (Rp with helpful-yellow-inkling)


Agent 7 was at city hall again in Inkopolis to make a statement about the disputes over the Great Barrier Reef Treaty. He wanted to come up with an excuse to get those still opposing or staying undecided to defect. 

He was behind the stand once more and he cleared his throat.

“Squid Boys and Squid Girls, citizens of Inkopolis, as presenter of the Great Barrier Reef Treaty that I proposed as a bill to our government, I am obligated to address that there’s a conspiracy! Some group from the established branches of Security, Defense, and Diplomacy are masterminding the opposition against the bill. This injustice will not be tolerated. The supporters of the bill will continue our movement peacefully; leave the opposition to me!”

Afterwards, he stepped down and everyone dispersed. He stops at the Inkopolis Cafe to get himself a mocha and garlic bread. He can then be seen at a table, eating alone.