squid skywalker

The more I think about Anakin in the Opera House with Palpatine, the more frustrated I become with Anakin. 

Not only did evil Sidious basically tell him outright that, “Yeah, I’m a Sith Lord who killed his former master,” with his “tale,” but he invites him to a ballet that LITERALLY depicts a young man being manipulated to choose dark (black swan) over light (white swan) by an evil sorcerer! Assuming that Squid Lake is a stand-in for Swan Lake. 

Honestly, Anakin, you should have paid a bit more attention in your literary criticism and arts classes at the Temple. MAYBE YOU WOULD HAVE FIGURED IT OUT BEFORE EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL!

Arts and humanities education saves (Jedi) lives, people. 

who wants 4000 words of sad Jedi orphans???!! the answer is nobody but i wrote it anyway. spoilers for the jedi apprentice series.

Obi-Wan was meditating on the observation deck when the ship came out of hyperspace. He opened his eyes to see the great rust disc of Coruscant hanging in space below. A moment later, the comms crackled as the pilot announced their arrival. Obi-Wan had already felt a change, the moment the Queen’s yacht had reentered normal space. The calm, numbing peace he had experienced since the funeral had broken, sharply. It might have been the perception-distorting weight of Coruscant in the Force, the pressure of over a trillion beings packed so densely together; it might just have been the knowledge that his quiet reprieve of travel was coming to a close, and in under an hour he would be down on the upper levels, facing crowds and noise and endless meetings and arguments. He still had not decided whether to ask for Qui-Gon’s quarters, with their adjoining rooms that would be suited for Anakin once the Council had decided he was at the right level for apprenticeship.

If they even allowed Anakin to live at the Temple at all. Anxiety and determination worked in tandem to knot up Obi-Wan’s stomach. His promise to Qui-Gon lay on him, heavier than all his vows and plans. He knew he would train Anakin Skywaker, if he had to resign the Order and flee with the boy to the Outer Rim to do it. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Obi-Wan knew with unshakeable certainty that he would do whatever he had to in the coming days, and weeks, and years, but he couldn’t shake the bone-deep exhaustion that was blurring his focus.

The door hissed open. Obi-Wan didn’t have to turn to know that Anakin had entered the lounge. He was impressed at how quietly his new charge moved, drifting over the thickly carpeted floor to sit next to Obi-Wan, copying his crosslegged pose. The boy gazed out the window, eyes wide with awe.

“Hello there,” Obi-Wan said. The sound of his voice surprised him, as did the words, which he had difficulty connecting to his admittedly fragmented sense of self.

“I wanted to watch the landing,” Anakin said. 

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