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he looked at his friend,
perhaps for the last time,
and said what he had always known,
from the moment they’d met,
when he’d understood that the prince
was his brother in soul. 
“i love you.”

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okay so ive been thinking about Marina’s design for a while and thinking about how different it is from other octolings…

the thing is the more you look at the designs the more you realise theyre very similar. black shorts, crop tops, black boots, gloves, hell, even her hair is the same but longer. assuming octolings can change colour like real a real octopus then we can leave out skin and hair colour.

so the biggest differences really seem to be that Marina customized all of her clothing and her look, so what if that why she’s hanging out with the inklings? what if she really wanted the freedom to express herself, try her own unique style and make music.

stuff about the new eps (spoilers!!)

dewey wins

-“oh, lars…”

-nanafua <3

-steven staying up all night just to help mayor dewey


-sadie my sweet little baby

-the picture of connie

raising the barn

-steven starting to sing and then jumping when his phone rings

-“he was just ignoring us!”

-lapis raising the entire fricking barn with water like a total badass

-peridot starting to cry when saying goodbye to steven

-that basketball


-“is that my hat?”

-peridot trying not to hurt lapis’ feelings

-that one last look that lapis has before leaving

-peridot’s new room being the bathroom

-“wow… thanks.”


-“a tennis ball? really universe?”


-ronaldo’s random weird ass text

-steven throwing both the plate and the dish soap in too different directions

-“back in the old days, we just went door to door hoping one was unlocked”

-“14 new texts” all from ronaldo

-“remove all shoes before entering. hm.” *chucks moccasins into the woods*

-amethyst trying to talk to steven

-steven walking into a door

-greg with a ponytail

-“become a raisin!”

-pearl covering her mouth when trying to explain homeworld ;(

-4g on the top of a cliff

back to the kindergarten

-peridot just d e a d

-her fricking expression I can’t

-amethyst swinging peridot over her head like a 2 by 4

-amethyst guessing whose hole was whose

-and peridot totally schooling her

-“that’s pretty amazing, dot.”

-cutesy little peri blush

-amethyst walking on a rolling boulder

-amethyst turning into a wheelbarrow

-steven drying his butt on the towel pfft

-“bathing gown”

-giant radish monster


-peri’s beautiful slightly curly hair?!

-big shorty squad hug awwww

sadie killer

-“one coffee with milk and sugar… hold the coffee.”

-steven taking literally all the napkins

-“hold on there, bucky d.”

-“waking people up inside” pfftttt

-“hey sadie, you’ve got a dark side” “its more of a… dork side.”

-sadie’s awesome song about how much she hates her job

-pointy teeth

-“eating your brain” *eats donut*

-“werrr, i’m a bad bad boy”

kevin party

-kevin completely admits stevonnie is better than him

-and also uses they/then pronouns for stevonnie like damn dude for a jerk you’re actually pretty good !

-steven’s number starting with the area code 301, which also happens to be the area code for the area around silver spring, where rebecca sugar grew up!! and me, i live one town over!

-kevin having a prehistoric blackberry-like phone

-and steven totally not knowing how to use it

-“your name’s steven? hm, thought it was clarence.” reference to clarence maybe?

-connie with short hair :D

-kevin helping steven

-sabina(?) and kevin’s reaction to being probed about her

-that fricking synchronized dance what the hell

-“jam buds? jam buds.”


Here I’m dumb this is better /dies

Here is the new Splatoon2 Single Player trailer!

Also if you haven’t the Squid Sisters stories have been finally fully updated!

thanks to the player that showed me you can get launched by the egg basket as it spawns in (you were a fantastic teammate)

I tried doing it the next match I played, failed the first time, but got it on the second and my teammates must have seen cause they came rushing over and squided around me excitedly lol