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sleepover w/ steve headcanons:

-steve saying the whole time hes not gonna sleep but passing out the second his head hits the pillow

-steve waking u up at two in the morning asking if he can order a pizza

-steve flirting with u the entire night

-u flirting with steve the entire night

-steve stealing all of the covers and then kicking them off the bed in his sleep

-him sleeping in just his boxers to show off his muscles but then getting cold and having to put some clothes on

-steve spending the whole time trying to make u laugh bc ur laugh is extremely contagious

-steve talking in his sleep

-steve rolling over in his sleep and wrapping his arms around you

-him waking up super early and waking u up super early bc hes bored without u talking to him

-u two having an overall great night

I was bored in Social Studies class so I wrote down some sansies I could remember right of the bat! I’ll tag them as shown above!
If you see your sansies name on here that probably means I love em alot (even tho I love them all♡)