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The vampire squid, (vampyroteuthis infernalis; “vampire squid from hell”), is a unique deep-sea dwelling creature commonly found in temperate waters. This fascinating species is believed to be an evolutionary bridge between squid and octopuses, having features of both. Unlike other of its kind, the vampire squid is incapable of inking when frightened.

apotatosworld  asked:

Hey glitch. What do you think of ink squid??

Can you withstand the cuteness of our lovely Squid Squid?

Yeah, about time we uploaded our own version of the squid >uHe’s more of an octopus than an actual squid, but that’s fine.
He’s kinda our secret mascot along with Stabby?

He’s a small scared octopus that loves to explore. And even if many things bigger than him scare him, he quickly bounces back to being curious. You can get him most comfortable if you put him in a hiding spot and play with him.

Also to come back to your question - Error is pretty much disgusted and he freaks out about that squishy ball of nervousness. So it might happen that Squid Squid gets a slipper thrown after him xD

quitting my job soon for a much needed mental health break. said mental health has been deteriorating slowly over the last year so I think it’s time to go back to wtc to get medicated again and take a few months for my own self discovery. going to be focusing on my spiritual and physical health too. I bought a workbook for nature magic and i’m going to be starting keto soon as well.
I have a friend who’s giving me a 15 hour a week job (it’s like a weekend job) so I’ll still be working, which I need desperately. getting my bike back from my grandma and gonna replace the tubes so I can start riding and getting back into shape. bought a moleskine and felt tipped pens to start journaling in.

idk I’m excited. I want to change a lot about my life and this is a good time to do it. I want to stop feeling horrible, both mentally and physically, all the time and blaming it on everything but myself. if I want to change anything I have to acknowledge that I’ve done this to myself

A little John and Penny BrOTP for @akireyta and @preludeinz and anybody else who loves them.  With a side helping of Pen and Ink…

“Are you sure?  I thought his name was John, not Gordon.”

“John is the tall red haired one.  And I now what you mean.  I remember seeing them together when they were at University!  There were rumours then about them, but nobody was ever able to prove it.  That’s why this is such a choice bit of gossip!  She’s obviously thrown him over for his brother.”

“His younger brother!  Isn’t Gordon Tracy younger than Penelope?”

“A year or so, I think.  He’s certainly not her style!  So brash!  So…. American!”

“But very good looking!  And he’s an olympic gold medallist swimmer.  His body is amazing!”

“Oh I;’ll agree with that!  But still..   It’s certainly a surprise!  I wonder how John Tracy is taking it.”

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