squid day

Happy Squid Day from this Atlantic brief squid in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary! 

Look closely at this little squid – see those small red dots? Those are chromatophores, specialized cells that change color. Squid and octopuses use these cells to camouflage themselves, flash warnings to predators, and communicate with one another. 

(Photo: G.P. Schmahl/NOAA)


I can’t see Albus willingly walking into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, even for Scorpius, so instead I like to think he stole his brother’s invisibility cloak and whisked Scorpius away on a late night date to the lake. It included a picnic (which was 100% sweets and cakes) and stargazing, because sometimes the most magical moments require no magic at all ♥︎

I came up with an idea for a stylized fantasy dancing rhythm rpg. A bit crazy but whatever, I’m into it. This squid maiden would help you on your journey through the game, teaching you special ritual dances and probably have a story arc about needing to discover an ancient ritual dance to save her beach shrine. She’s pretty rad though.

The next thing a day.

Got the Art of Splatoon book and loved the Vocaloid style concepts for Callie and Marie, and I’ve been reading Scott Pilgrim, so there’s the Bryan Lee O'Malley look to it.

Colored version is here: https://bloopa-san.tumblr.com/post/165768532991/rediscovered-copics-and-other-art-supplies-after