squid bunny

I wanted to draw a bean pile of my favorite squid OC with a bunch of other artists’ squids!! 

To the artists of the squids in this picture: You guys are amazing and i love your art. It inspires me and i look up to all of you a lot. I hope we can be friends some day if we already aren’t now <3

Damen is mine. Robin belongs to @alpinesquid , Cotton Candy belongs to @inkstyle , Kakei belongs to @woomyhitsu , Emilio belongs to @squid-nerds , Garret belongs to @an-island-of-bunnies , and Arsen belongs to @arrrrgghhh 

(Honestly, someone free Damen, Emilio, and Arsen before they start screaming)

I’m swimming with the fishes… or rather painting them lol 🐠🐟🐡🖌I decided to work on this girly a little more. 😊 I had to switch gears from painting all those goldfish for a bit. 😜 I’ll be painting her for the rest of the night. 🎨✨ What will you guys up to? 😀

So for one of my classes we had to make a piece that looked like it could have been made by an artist of our choice. I chose Squid Vishuss! I based this Alice in Wonderland-themed stitch off of her lovely embroidered ladies 🍄

Check her out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/squidsgrotto or squidvishuss

DMC threads, cotton fabric, acrylic, watercolour, fabric marker and embroidery hoop, 2015.

Title: Little Lady

Pairing: NaruHina

Summary: Shino had a problem: clothing manufactures just couldn’t seem to keep up with Konoha’s steadily rising population.

Prompt: Based off this picture. My thanks to narootos for both permission and inspiration.

Note: Inspired by the above picture, I hope I managed to do it justice. This was so much fun. I hope you all enjoy:)


Shino had a problem.

The problem was that there were only so many animals in the world. At least, there were only so many animals that people found cute enough to make into baby clothes that the children wouldn’t cringe at later on in life. He would never say it out loud, but Shino really wished his companions had thought to spread their children out over a couple of years. It would make his life infinitely easier if they had given the clothing manufactures time to come up with some new designs.

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Oh! I got some mail!

What could it be?


I actually already read the book and I can say it’s definitely full of amazing reference material for splatoon artists such as myself and even non artist will definitely enjoy it. It had one really cute little drawings about the food inklings eat that I really loved and I will definitely draw something out of.

Only thing I was left wishing more was more art of the inklings themselves. Like, what went into designing them and how they transformed from bunnies into squids. I need more cute official art of the boy squids Callie’s and Marie’s early designs were very interesting tho. I can definitely recommend this to any splatoon fan.