squid bubbles

Squid Sisters

EDIT: Oh, huh, guess it was posted already. Ah well, seems some people are seeing this for the first time, at least!

Latest Squid Sisters Live reminded me; I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention or post up the bonus Backstage track from the Live in Makuhari album despite reguarly browsing the Splatoon and Squid Sisters tags since forever ago. Highlights include:

0:25 - Going into squid form after they leave the stage. Outside of the Mario Maker costumes and the Splatfest team UI, this is the first time they’ve actually used them in any ‘normal’ capacity.

0:36 - “Let’s get ready!” followed by a highfive and giggling to each other.

1:32 - Callie (?) goes into squid form and starts bubbling, maybe an ink patch in their backstage area?

1:40 - “Hurry up?” “Hurry up!”

1:45 - Cuttlefish comes in, and they joyfully yell out and swim up to him before they all walk off together.