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2016 can go suck my fuck, but at least i’ve still got friends by my side~~

and those friends’ characters are paired up alongside their respective favorite hedgies! ;v;/

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Other than Filch, do you think there is anywhere in the magical comunity where squibs fit in? Totes interested in your response. You're all beautiful! Have a nice day : )

So, looking into Squibs on Pottermore, wizards are horrible to them?? The short article on Squibs themselves lists them as “creatures” and a lot of families view them as scum and basically will kick them out and disown them (x). Squibs are not allowed in Hogwarts (x) Like, wtf??

If squibs fit in anywhere, I think they’re tasked with jobs a lot like Filch, where they are on the outskirts of the wizarding world. I think there may be squibs who are more talented in things other than magic, but I don’t think they receive the recognition they should have in the wizarding world and thus end up in muggle communities. Basically, because they cannot do magic, Squibs are considered second class citizens and are encouraged to leave the wizarding community (x), though some people like Filch and Mrs. Figg seem to keep in some form of contact.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Voldemort-Obscurial Theory

I already posted this in my twitter (but it was in spanish and i dont have as much followers as i have in my other account, so no one payed attention there).

First off: English is not my first lenguage (i’m Mexican, and my first lenguage is Spanish, but that isn’t relevant here).

I have a theory about Merope Gaunt (Tom Riddle’s aka Voldemort’s mum); This also implies the dark lord being (kind of) an obscurial.

“What if Merope Gaunt was an obscurial?”

In the half-blood prince, we can se how horrible Merope’s life was, but i noticed something.

Her dad calls her “Squib” multiply times, she has a wand, but she can’t do magic

So that means she is a squib, right?


Later, Dumbledore says that she was a powerful witch, she was scared, and that is why she didnt used her powers until her brother and her father died/went to azkaban.

Yes, she was an obscurial, but hear this out.

“Did the obscurial stop existing when she married Tom Riddle (senior)?”

No, because she was still scared, actually, her husband left her while she was pregnant, and she had to hide her powers again. This explains why Voldemort had so much power inside of him, and why he was so evil.

He was son of a obscurial.

Not only that, maybe he also was an obscurial while he was on the orphanage.

Anyways, he had part of an obscurial inside of him.

In fact, Tom Riddle aka Voldemort, was born with it.

That’s why the horrocruxes have so much “Dark vibes” on them, because part of Voldemort’s soul was there, and part of an obscurial was on his soul.

Let’s face it, Credence Barebone and Merope Gaunt had a lot in common.

Riverdale Sorting

If you disagree you can fight me.

  • Archie is a Hufflepuff. He’s just trying to quietly live his life and do what he likes. Poor kiddo. Let him relax.
  • Betty is a Slytherin. She works behind the scenes, works hard to be perfect, and she’s clever. I like to think she comes from a long line of Slytherin women.
  • Veronica is a Gryffindor. She’s honest, brave, kind and a good leader. She is very chivalrous to Betty. 
  • Jughead is a Ravenclaw. He is very smart but chooses to use his intelligence for what suits him. He’s seen as a little bit of an outcast. 
  • Kevin is a Hufflepuff. He just likes to watch everyone else’s drama and laugh.
  • Cheryl is a Gryffindor. She can’t shut up. She is being so brave through everything she’s gone through. She is very prideful.
  • Josie is a Slytherin. She is ambitious and hardworking.
  • Ms. Grundy is a squib and I hate her.

Credence didn’t die, his body regenerated and as his healing is about to complete the speed force in the form of lightning struck him that went so fast it sent him to a new dimension where his magic now is speed

Harry Potter Headcannon

You know those pureblood families that are all about never ever having birthed a squib and certainly never crossed with muggle bloodlines? Well, yes and no.

Muggles used to be terrible at record keeping and Wizards tended to be quite spread out. How hard is it to just quietly swap your unmagical child for a muggle child born with magic? Modify the Muggle parents’ memories to not to notice (consciously, anyway) that they have a changeling, and do the proper magical ritual adoption so that any spells (say, a geneology book or tapestry) recognizes the magical child as yours.

Everyone’s better off, aren’t they? The squib gets raised in the muggle world where nobody will ever notice their ‘disability’ and the muggleborn child gets raised in a family that can nurture their magic properly. Public shame is averted. And if a witch perhaps keeps an eye on on the baby she gave away, well, haven’t you heard all those muggle tales about Fairy Godmothers?

It’s the wizarding equivalent of the girl that goes off to visit relatives for, oh, a little less than a year, and then everyone pretends nothing happened. Nobody talks about it, above a whisper anyway, and when the next generation looks at the family records, everything looks tidy and proper.

Maybe that’s even a seed of the slander about muggleborns stealing magic. Maybe its easier to justify abandoning one child and stealing another if you convince yourself that the magical child was always truly yours and some evil curse stole your real child. You’re only putting things right. People, and wixen are people, are so very good at rationalizing.

Happy Fanart Friday! 

I’m trying a new thing to keep me productive, every once in a while I’ll post a fan art for one of my favorite things! This will be an attempt to not only practice my drawing skills but also keep me from delving into an endless pit of sorrow as I proceed to draw the same characters every week for the rest of my life. I’m currently calling it Fanart Friday because alliteration is SICK.

This week I drew Red Squib from Baman Piderman, which I recently rewatched. He’s only just got his new feets and is already quickly becoming my personal fave character. And since it’s just in time the holiday season I gave him a sweater, cuz why not. 

If you haven’t seen Baman Piderman (um, how?), check it out! It’s a good time. 

Happy Winter Friends!

1023. Filch used to be a wizard, pure blood, but came into contact with a dark artifact that stole his magic. He was disowned by his family, and never found a way to get it back. He had no money, no knowledge to help get him by in the Muggle world, and no way to make a living in the magical one. Dumbledore heard about Filch's situation and offered him a job and a place to live at Hogwarts.

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