If you see a spinning loading icon when you try to watch Netflix videos Wednesday, there isn’t a problem with your Internet connection. It’s part of a protest calling for stronger net-neutrality regulations.

Videos won’t actually load any slower. The symbolic icon is intended to be a warning of what the Internet would look like without net neutrality.

Dozens of other sites—including Reddit, Digg, Mozilla, Upworthy, Imgur, Etsy, and Foursquare—had already announced plans to display the loading icon as part of the “Internet Slowdown” protest. But the addition of Netflix, the 25th most popular site in the United States according to analytics site Alexa, provides a major boost to the effort.

Netflix spokeswoman Anne Marie Squeo confirmed that the site will display the spinning icon on its member and nonmember home pages on Wednesday. The icon won’t go on any specific videos, she said.