Squeo - The Go Anywhere Do Anything Bluetooth Speakeris on Kickstarter

Rome, February 23,2014 - A crowdfundingKickstarter campaign has been officially launched for SQueo™, a smart technology device with timeless Italian design.


SQueo™ is a water-resistant, dust and sand proof, pocket sizedBluetooth Speaker, created to listen to music and as a Speakerphone to make and receive phone calls even in the wildest daily environments, where all the traditional electronic devices fall short, like the shower, the beach, the pool and during various water or winter sports.


SQueo™ (contraction of the Italian term “subac-queo”) was born from an idea by Guido Guidotti MoriandGian Luca Masciangelo. The two entrepreneurs pursued the idea with passion, and after a year of hard work, the idea was transformed into a working prototype.


SQueo™ was conceived for technology and gadget lovers. The devicemay be used just about anywhere, since it was builtto guarantee both freedom of use and total protection of your Smartphone, Pc / Mac and tablet from harmful elements like water, sand, dust and cold.


SQueo’s key features are:

  • Music speaker: a speaker to listen to your playlists
  • Water, dust and sand proof technology
  • 2 Way calls: “private” like a cell phone and “hands free” with speakerphone
  • Voice Recognition: allowing you to use Siri or your cell phone’s voice control
  • Magnetic charging connector, specially designed and developed to be 100% water resistant
  • Hermetically sealed andcan be immersed in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter
  • Floats when dropped in water


It will be available in 4 vibrant colors - Minimal White™, Oxygen Blue™, Awesome Red™, Bananja Yellow™-  in addition to an exclusive color for the Kickstarter campaign: Petroleum Black™.


Squeo™ is an international project that was born from an Italian concept and design, developed with US marketing, thereby presenting itself to worldwide users via Kickstarter.


The success of the campaign will be established by all the people who decide to support SQueo™ on Kickstarter. With their “pledge” (or contribution), they will give the project the chance to be funded and move forward.

The “backers” will secure themselves the first release of the device. The campaign will last 40 days and will end on 4thApril, 2014.

Media Contacts :-

SQueo™ suKickstarter:   http://kickstarter.getsqueo.com/

Website: http://www.getsqueo.com/

Email: media@getsqueo.com

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/getsqueo

Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/getsqueo

♫ Listen: HOME BLITZ - “I’m That Key”

Fuck, I’m so far removed from music in society. Sure I’ll write about anything I can get into my ears, but I don’t even know how to pronounce Daniel Loptain’s name verbally, let alone 90% of the musicians I cover. Shit, I’d pretty much mispronounce HOME BLITZ if I had the opportunity, and not purposefully. And I also gotta stop being such a negative Nancy about songs like “I’m That Key,” because (eventually) the idea that “[Copied material is better than being original]” will ring true again in my head, but I only equate rockier or poppier musics to commercialization of art, rather than something just conjured up. However, our old-and-dearest-and-latest news editor, Squeo hit me up about HOME BLITZ, and I’d like to practice being respectful, so here I go:

As I’m losing my hearing at 29 in only my left ear – it sounds like I wake up in an underwater tunnel every day, and sometimes at work, I’ll hear frequencies just fading out – HOME BLITZ really slays this pop-punk angle with a -gaze element hidden through some of the lingering notes and expanded melodies on “I’m That Key.” Yet, the track goes through layers of melodies and hyper-movements, changing the time signature, seamlessly picking up where they left off, and what’s that a banjo? And the singers keep their vocals at a very similar punk tone that’s a kind mix between Rancid and Elliott Smith. So, can “I’m That Key” be your Spring-gaze “What’s My Name Again” jam in 2015? Keep clicking that repeat below and build that sucker up!

• HOME BLITZ: http://homeblitz.bandcamp.com
• Testoster Tunes: https://soundcloud.com/testostertunes http://j.mp/1DcXyr5