The List

TITLE: The List



GENRE(S): Romance

SUMMARY: Toni hates bar crawls, but when she runs into an unexpected stranger who is happy to help her on her silly treasure hunt, she realizes her sore feet might be worth the trouble after all.

NOTES/WARNINGS: **I swear I am still working on the next chapter of And Long Past Midnight. It will be posted this month.**

This silly little fic came along after a silly little bachelorette party and an even sillier little dream. The fluff is all over the place, and I am very sorry about that. We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled angst soon. Deepest apologies to those who know the town of Shreveport, LA better than I. Most of this is product of Google Maps and Yelp! reviews. Thanks to startraveller776 for all the moral support. *squeezles*

I’d also like to apologize to Tom for assuming his bar preferences. And to Toni for her shoe preferences.


Toni hated bar crawls. She really did. She enjoyed drinking, and socializing, and getting all dolled up for no one in particular. She loved to dance and she was a really fun person, honestly.

It’s the crawling that was the issue. If Toni could just convince these girls that staying put could be just as much fun as traipsing all over Shreveport, they might not be so quick to chorus “Debbie Downer” in her general direction. She didn’t understand why one drink in seven different bars was supposed to be more fun than seven drinks in one bar. Okay, maybe not seven.

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