squeezing an egg

🚀 dan’s younow october 4, 2016 🚀

read on google drive with links

-it’s so cold in england and it’s a great thing

-little known fact about AmazingPhil - he is the guy dancing in the spooky scary skeletons video

-the youtube red films are TOMORROW

-dan and phil together squeezed an egg out of their orifices

-the youtube red films will be out in the evening uk time tomorrow around 7pm

-they are both feature length films and the tatinof show is like an hour and a half long

-the dan and phil stage show is a celebration of the history of them and things like llamas are just to make you laugh with/at them

-the narrative of the show - this meta commentary of dan and phil

-the show is nothing too serious but hopefully you’ll be able to watch back and talk about it

-tomorrow they’re just going to dump the ytr shows on us and leave us with them

-they’ve spent so long creating tatinof and the show and tabinof are the most important things to them

-they’re excited to release the shows to the world

-they filmed those 5 days of gifts videos backstage at their photoshoot

-they forgot to say hello and do an introduction for the video on phil’s channel

-more tatinofshow things being posted tomorrow

-they’re doing something out of the box for the release of DAPGO


-the youtube gif tweets are witchcraft (one and two)

-their entire house is full of things like golden jackets

-the youtube red billboard will be in LA

-he’s not ready, we’re not ready, wherever phil is he’s not ready for tomorrow

-me, an intellectual

-the new bon iver album is incredible

-he likes the new danny brown album and phil said he had an “eager voice”

-undertale and dil videos soon

-he’s smashing his desk

-”are dan howell furry?”

-the tatinof film will appeal to all of their audience

-enthusing about battlestar galactica

-interrupted his rant to acknowledge the chat telling him to play the piano: #FUCK OFF

-back to battlestar galactica

-talking about anime

-crunchyroll emailed them offering to send them on a food tasting tour in japan but they had to say no because they were about to go on the US tour

-he’s not quitting youtube

-his peace signs need to die

-he needs to change his twitter icon

-his peace signs and humour are a coping mechanism

-he has now been outside

-they watched the new pokemon trailer in japanese then immediately found the version in english

-the whiskers come from within

-there’s a lot of viewers in both of the films

-phil’s shrimp alberta repulses him

-we shouldn’t assume a shrimp or anyone’s sexuality

-phil is making him watch x factor

-dismount your tall stallions

-game of thrones has ruined him so melisandre is his favourite

-the sherlock fandom are so wild

-ranting about mario kart

-he’ll change his online presence to spooky during spooky week cause he doesnt want to be promoting tatinof with his name as Howellpumpkin or something

-he watched a terrifying documentary on scientology

-louis theroux is one of his favourite people

-harambe for halloween

-they’re running out of space in the flat they’ve accumulated so much crap


-he feels chill but also slightly worried about tomorrow

-youtube colour corrected their 7sc video and it’s hilarious also edited phil’s eyes he looks like an alien

-tomorrow we will live in a post-tatinof universe

-goodbye ducklings

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*Squeezes for egg?*

Ň͚̯͓̓̉ͩȏ̠͕͍̱̆̈́w̒̉҉̱̗̭̩̜ ͇̺̣̙̤̘ͤy̏̃ͫͥ̓ͦo̟̫̹̳̾̎ͥ͒ͅȕ͈̦̜́ͬ̓̚̕ ̶͕̜ͨ̑ͨh̖͖̬̙̻̚a͖̤ͭ̄ͧv̧̲̪̻̟̥͙͂̒ͯͅe̢͇͈͔͋̌̒ͬ̿ͮͮ ̷͕̰̳̼ä́̂̑̒͊͐q̣͕͈̼͇̭̖ŭ̷̝̂ǐ̙̲̻̬̩͚̔̉̌̌̃r̸̫̗̟̪͉̰̈́ͤe̤͉͚̩d̫̼̩̳͚͆ͦͩ́ ̥̳̹̜̠͉ͨ͒̍͗̈ͯ͆͘E̱̳̼̯͐̈̎̋ͣ̎ͯgͣ̓̋ͬ҉̝͍̬̖g̢̈ͮͦͯͪ̌̾

Sweet Valentine


I woke up early, having set my alarm one hour before my usual time, trying to ensure that Simon was still asleep. I slipped out of bed and pulled on my robe, making my way to the kitchen.

He quietly rummaged through the cupboards, pulling out bowls, cooking utensils, and ingredients. He planned to make his boyfriend breakfast in bed, wanting to surprise him with freshly squeezed orange juice, fried eggs with beacon, and sour cherry scones. He knew Simon could eat it all; that boy was always hungry.

Everything was going pretty well so far, he already fried the beacon in the skillet and was working on the eggs while also preparing the scones. He got so wrapped up kneading the dough, he didn’t notice the eggs were done until they started popping, grease flying through the air, some of it landing on him and burning his hand. “SHIT!” he yelled, yanking his arm back, sucking on his hand. He turned off the stove, grabbing the spatula and putting the eggs on a plate. He bent down to put the scones in the oven when a voice startled him, “What’re you putting in the oven?” Simon leaned against the counter, munching on some beacon. Baz wasn’t expecting this and jumped, causing him to bang his head.

“SON OF A-” He turned around, rubbing his aching scalp to look at the intruder. “Oh my god, are you okay?” Simon asked, taking a step toward him in concern. “Bloody hell Simon, what are you doing up?”

“I could smell food so I came to the kitchen to see what you were up to. What’s in the oven?” he asked, standing on his tiptoes to try and see over Baz’s shoulder. Baz held out his arms, pushing him back. “Oh no you don’t, you’re going back in our room until breakfast is ready.”

“WHAT?” Simon screeched, coming to a halt. “Baz didn’t even hesitate when he scooped him up in a bridal carry, dropping him off in their room and casting You shall not pass. Simon stuck his tongue out at him as he walked off to the kitchen. He let out a chuckle when he heard the smoke detector followed by loud swears. "Everything okay in there?”

“FUCKING PEACHY!” came the reply, and Simon couldn’t help but to burst into laughter. Baz came back, looking disheveled and unspelled the doorway, allowing him to walk out. They walked into the kitchen where there was a bit of a mess, but on the table there were plates filled with fried eggs and piled high with beacon, and en entire silver platter decorated with scones. In the middle of the table sat a vase filled with roses and lit candles scattered about the room.

“I’m sorry everything turned out a big mess, and I’m sorry I had to shove you into our room, but I never had a Valentine’s Day with someone I cared about before and I wanted everything to be perfect, but I messed everything up and-” Simon cut off his rambling by planting a kiss to his lips, effectively shutting him up.

“Oh Baz,” Simon said, cupping his face. “You’re all that matters.”

Dans live show 10/4/16

•he has shitty Internet at the moment
•it’s cold in England
•somebody In chat: you look like the dancing pumpkin gif
•"SOMEBODYS feeling ‘choke me please’“
•he’s excited to watch the documentary again
•"it’s like I squeezed out an egg with PHIL”
•watch the stage show first and then the documentary
•TATINOF is a celebration of dan and PHILS history
•it’s also an epic roast of everything they’ve ever put on the Internet
•they forgot to film a “hello” for PHILS newest video talking about it so they used the one from dans
-great theme
-“it looks snazzy”
~talks about the new banners~
•they might use more glitter jacket pictures in the future
•it was dans idea for them to be to be in gold jackets exploding in space
•"everybody’s saying #getphil, and I not good enough for you?“
•PHILS busy
•he would never wear blue jeans
•he hasn’t seen SHREK the musical
~googles it to see if it’s still in London~
•listen to gorilla (the band)
•they will do something for DAPGO(not a signing)
•THEYRE trying to think outside of the box
•he wants lasers and a Kanye performance at his funeral
•"make dans funeral lit”
•"you’re not ready, I’m not ready, wherever phil is, he’s not ready"
~talks about Bon IVERS Album~
(I listened to it, its weird but super relaxing)
•he only listened to a short clip of “this town”
•he tabbed it for later
•after TATINOF will be undertale and then maybe DIL
•he forgot what he was talking about
*violently dabs*
•after spooky week they will finish undertale
(#playlpiano is in the chat)
•battle star galatica is one of the best shows he’s ever watched
•"everybody’s saying #playpiano WELL HASHTAG FUCK OFF"
(Wow ok dans sassy)
(People started #PlayPianoYouAss)
(I love the phandom)
•"I have good taste, you can trust me"- talking about battle star galatica
•he finished food wars
•no llamas in 2017
•he said he will stop price signs
•he needs a new twitter icon that he will hate and that all of us will hate
•he said (contradicting himself) that he will probably not actually stop piece signs
•THEYRE a coping mechanism to his awkwardness
•he said Bon Iver was influenced by Kanye
•he did outside after two weeks
~talks about Felix using dans icon and name on twitter~
•"I love Felix so much"
•they watched the Pokémon trailer in Japanese
•"sardonic"- dan is using bigs words
(He’s really good at killing us all)
•somebody asked if the whiskers are ending and he said no
•they have too much meaning
•chat:get Phil to drag me
Dan: does Phil drag people
•he hates Alberta and that she’s gross
•PHILS making him watch X factor
•Matt is his favorite
•apparently Matt looks like Louis Tomlinson
•he’s offended by honey G
(#talkaboutclowns is now in the chat)
•"whenever anything gets too emotional, burn it to the ground"
•he knows nothing about the clowns
•we all deserve to die according to
•he’s hasn’t done a live show that doesn’t mention Sherlock since summer of 2012
•Apparently there’s gunna be new Mario kart tracks
•he might change his branding and make it spooky during spooky week
•he watched a documentary on Scientology
(#pumpkinhowell is trending in ten chat) he started that one himself
~talks about harambe~
•he cares very deeply about us because we mean a lot to him
~has a really deep conversation about how he hopes we’re all happy~
•he got distracted and started talking about somebody’s dog
•he likes Troyes music
•he needs more storage
(#danneedastorage is the hashtag now)
•"finally a hashtag that makes sense"
•people are telling him to move into a bigger apartment
•"I feel strangely calm"- about TATINOF
•YOUTUBE color corrected the seven second video they did and now they look pink
•YOUTUBE also photoshopped PHILS eyes and he looks like an alien in the thumbnail
•he said phil looked fine before
•tomorrow will mark the beginning of us living in a post TATINOF world
•"goodbye ducklings"

My mother being from Sweden, I grew up eating and loving Kalles Kaviar, which are basically fish eggs squeezed from a tube. Yesterday, the New York Times ran an article about how hard it is for non-Swedes to enjoy this Scandinavian seafood staple; that Kalles is an acquired taste. In the piece, and in the commercials they link to, there’s talk about a number of different ways Swedes eat it. However, they did not include my favorite preparation… mixed with pasta, topped with dried seaweed!