NEW DEMO VIDEO Retrospec Audio Squeeze Box Compressor Limiter


The start of the video is a previous time John tried crowd surfing. And it’s a nice cover to boot.


Esteban Jordan “The Jimmy Hendrix of The Accordion”

I’m kinda going on a 2am tangent here, and i honestly am not putting that much music history thought in past what pops to surface thought till tomorrow, so if anyone with more energy wants a go at it, feel free but:

Think Thedas has accordions. [sample music/ music sample] They have string instruments, which historically come from animal gut, meaning they most likely could have some form of air bladder instruments. You know, if they’re fucking around with the organs. Squeezeboxes [music sample] are probably not far behind if people wanna fuck with things and invent.

Think they have the Hurdy-Gurdy. They got magical bards, imagine some fucking,, Orlesian whips out one of these

and starts playing. 
Have you ever heard a Hurdy Gurdy.
Here you go, please imagine this in the Hanged man. I think you will find it familiar.


caughellrhymeswithgoggle: There’s a war going on out there somewhere…and all the swings are on again! 2nd day in a row y'all! MP for that dance feature, Celia for this KICKS, Blaine for. Girl, Brandt for that fight choreo, Shoba on violin, and myself on the squeezebox! Never a dull moment @greatcometbway#swingnation #swingpower #genderfluid#accordion#broadway #followthecomet

I love the music in SHA because as soon as I’m wandering around the ranch with that good ol’ fiddle and squeezebox music gently playing in my ear I can feel my blood turning to whisky, rough stubble growing on my chin, a spectacular handlebar moustache appearing on my upper lip, my clothes turning to worn leather and denim, spurs sprouting from my ankles, cactuses growing out of my skin, my thihgs tramsorming into galloping Appaloosas as i am become the game

yee haw



↳ “On the page it looked nothing. The beginning simple, almost comic. Just a pulse - bassoons and basset horns - like a rusty squeezebox. Then suddenly - high above it - an oboe, a single note, hanging there unwavering, till a clarinet took over and sweetened it into a phrase of such delight! This was no composition by a performing monkey! This was a music I’d never heard. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing, it had me trembling. It seemed to me that I was hearing the very voice of God.”   


JCM as Hedwig at Squeezebox, singing “All the Young Dudes,” which I have never heard before… Should I keep tagging you guys (#angstheds) in these links?

Logitech's Squeezebox Controller app makes the transition from Android to iOS
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After launching the Squeezebox Controller app on Android last month, what could Logitech do next other than release a version for your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. The features and interface appear to be identical, letting users control any or all Squeezeboxes on the WiFi network complete with metadata and album art.

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We interrupt our normal programming to slip this into the Google results for the benefit of others:

I was trying to play 24-bit FLACs through my 16-bit Squeezebox Boom, and it was failing to downsample, just instantly skipping ahead to the next track with no error message.

Short answer: `apt-get install ia32-libs`

Long answer: Starting the daemon like so:

/usr/sbin/squeezeboxserver –d_server

gave me an error message:

sh: /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Bin/i386-linux/flac: not found

Er OK.. 

$ (cd /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Bin/i386-linux/ && ls -l flac)

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 480836 2011-11-28 15:45 flac

File exists and perms look normal… (squeezebox server aka logitech media server bundles its own binaries, you do not need to install debs for flac and friends)

$ /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Bin/i386-linux/flac

-bash: /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Bin/i386-linux/flac: No such file or directory


$ file /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Bin/i386-linux/flac

/usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Bin/i386-linux/flac: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.4.1, stripped

$ uname -m


Oh right, I’m running a 64-bit OS and it’s a 32-bit binary. We need some i386 runtime libs. Screw that unhelpful error message from bash though!

$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

$ sudo /etc/init.d/logitechmediaserver restart

And now it works!