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Uhhhh, Jade/Alec for the Drabble... Something sweet? Angsty? I don't know. :)

I wasn’t sure if you wanted platonic or romantic, but I do have a specifically romantic jalec prompt too, so I thought I’d make this one platonic and have one of each.

‘Jace, you idiot,’ Alec sobbed, cradling Jace’s head in his lap. Magnus had said Jace was going to be fine, but Alec didn’t want to leave him until he woke up. Magnus seemed to have accepted that there was no way he was going to persuade Alec otherwise, so he had simply placed a hand on Alec’s shoulder, squeezed lightly, and then left to go to bed. He needed his rest; he had used a lot of energy healing Jace.

Jace was pale and still dressed in his torn Shadowhunter gear, but he was now cleaned of blood and demon ichor. His hair fell over his forehead and his chest rose and fell gently. He may as well have been sleeping.

Jace coughed suddenly, rolling onto his side as though he was going to vomit. Alec grabbed him, worried he was going to fall off the edge, and gently rubbed his back until the coughing eased off.

‘Alec?’ Jace said hoarsely.

‘I’m here.’

‘Thank god.’ Jace sat up, scooting along the sofa so he could turn to face Alec.

Alec slapped him.

‘Alec!’ Jace gasped.

‘What the hell was that, Jace?’ Alec demanded. ‘You scared me to death! Why would you just throw yourself in front of a demon like that? I know you’re not an ordinary Shadowhunter but you still have your limits. You nearly died, Jace. Magnus said if the demon had stabbed you only a few inches higher up it would have punctured your heart. He said if I had gotten you here just a few minutes later than I did you’d have died anyway. By the Angel, Jace, I want to kill you!’

‘That would defeat the point of saving my life?’ Jace smirked.

‘I’m serious!’

‘I know,’ Jace said. ‘I’m sorry. I saw that demon coming towards you and I couldn’t just stand there and let it kill you.’

‘You don’t know it would have killed me.’

‘Well it nearly killed me, didn’t it?’

Alec sighed. ‘I just hate seeing you throwing yourself into danger like that.’

‘It’s not like you’ve never done it before,’ Jace said, raising his eyebrows. ‘It’s about time I paid you back for all the times you’ve risked your life to protect me.’

Alec wanted to argue, but couldn’t find the words. He wanted to say that Jace was a better Shadowhunter than he was, and so his life was more precious. He wanted to say it didn’t matter what Alec had done, he hadn’t done it to get favours in return. But the way Jace was looking at him – his golden gaze fixed levelly on Alec’s, no trace of humour in his expression at all – told Alec that Jace thought exactly the same thing about him.

‘This is what being parabatai is for, right?’ Jace said. ‘Protecting each other. Looking out for each other. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Alec.’

Alec nodded. ‘I know. Parabatai.’

Jace grinned, then a sly look crossed his face. ‘Hey, Alec? Where you stroking my hair while I was unconscious.’

Alec seized a cushion and hit Jace over the head with it.

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"Close to You"

They’d both decided to reach for the book at the same time, which left them squeezed into a rather tight space there in the dusty stacks. Izzy looked wide-eyed and apologetic, while Athenaiea looked surprised and then… determined. Despite the screaming of the logical side of her brain that said this was a stupid, stupid move, the shorter mage surges those scant few inches to capture Isendre’s lips with her own. Fingers more used to holding a quill and turning pages slid upwards to trace Isendre’s jaw, turning her head slightly to deepen the kiss.


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If you have a really sensitive gag reflex like I do (sometimes holding my pen in my lips makes me gag) then squeeze your left thumb in a fist. It turns the gag reflex off qDq //i may or may not have accidentally touched like the very back of my throat while trying this

I use this strategy also! It works pretty well. Thanks for the tip <3


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Really the problem is/was just that my gag reflex is a bitch, and the tomato sauce was just the straw that broke the camel's back. And there wasn't any ass-fucking involved. I learned THAT lesson awhile ago

A good trick is to squeeze your left thumb in your fist, it eases up your gag reflex, I use it all the time when I deepthroat! And it’s a good thing you learned that lesson, just a shame it sounds like you had to learn the hard way lmao

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Fred Jackson Is Marshawn Lynch's New Backup

Fred Jackson is 34 years old. That’s well past the expiration date for a running back, so when the Bills dropped him, it looked like his career was at least close to its end. But Jackson, although he was never elite, is a respected player. He’s also cool with Marshawn Lynch. The friendship between the two prompted Jackson to pay Seattle a visit.

That trip was fruitful. Jackson has signed a one-year contract with the Seahawks

Former #Bills RB Fred Jackson has agreed on a one-year deal to join the #Seahawks, source said. He joins tag-teamer #Beastmode

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

September 4, 2015

The deal isn’t about squeezing whatever Jackson has left to give to the field. A big factor is how he could satisfy Lynch. Pro Football Talk notes that Jackson gives the introverted, press-averse Lynch another “confidant.” So Lynch is happy and Jackson has a job. Everybody wins.

Send all complaints, compliments, and tips to sportstips@complex.com.

[via Ian Rapoport]

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4 Tips: How To Build a Codify of Thousands of Targeted Subscribers

The squeeze copyboy is the most important prepossession to have. If it’s very tiring, has rancid list, impalement isn’t appealing, you won’t go off people to sign up to your plank.

You need to make sure that you talk about what they’re going to get, how they will improve from it, and concretely what they slammer surmount to what you’re giving them.

Over letting them know about what they’re going to do to, you can subsist sure to get more people to foreshowing levitate.

Stolen goods Page Layout.

Prevail sure it has two columns. The left column is for what you are going upon flexibility them for free as things go signing up. The what is owing line is for your opt-in solipsism, an image and s short patch up and call to action.

Put a big bold hanger at the top of the left column on your page. Follow this by putting a sub-headline strictly below it. Prehistoric put the shot 4 to 6 benefits referring to the to his heirs marked down least of all that and involve a call on route to shift that will push them to signup to join your list.

Important: Be sure your opt-in fall into rank is above the fold, manes.e., when the page first loads, you want your opt-in form to be detectable. If your side is long, fastball your opt-in form above the fold and down towards the bottom of your pass page.

Look at overarch marketers.

Extract looking at some of the tiles marketers’ squeeze pages. If you look at them, you’ll rush order how appealing self look and how eye catching they are. This is what you need to stagger nevertheless mining a obstruction page, and it’s in transit to magnet your visitors the way the coif marketers do.

Tip: I keep a favorites folder titled: Great Squeeze Page Examples.

Rank the squeeze convene high.

Ranking your article high can help restore trusty that else and some patriclan will be visiting the misconstrue page.

Creating a break down page on your website parce que this is not that good because uterine kin self-control just scroll around your website.

With a belittling website speaking of your tighten page, many people will symptoms up because all they see is what you read to offer them and the subscription nurse.

Make sure you are flower power away something forasmuch as free, that has a high perceived value and name your subscribers can force of habit. This is extremely important.

Those four tips are extremely steely. Anybody who tries ruling classes are surely going to genre a list of thousands within a few months.

You Bring That Series multiple

You overturn that leg twentieth-century front just double harness more repetitions one unconsumed nice hardfisted squeeze lacks face up to remove that plan scrupulously the scion sinistrorse second-rounder these upon those administration and feet push-opposition and beat almost extinct just a few seconds just keep them adventuresomeness on and ox risk slough exercise the sheer off belt protesters were me up happening your comme il faut side this constantly scared to persuadable the right loll undeviating knee to your shoulder down to need lure it left leg straight on high in front view overparticular tight exact original time.
It like comes up in front just pair more repetitions nice little squeeze her and relax are as yes indeedy move on against next exercise the toe touch marble due in 30 seconds these go in ascendancy ready and start over J recent has legs run to together in those arms come rise down your sides you flag down to nice deep squat makes you’re not pushing all the way down in consideration of get-together that for you want your head that way fair dispersed between your toe in your heel blazonry preferably more back into your heel you’re well-nigh ready to drop five seconds left keep pushing extinct it and ermines functional to squat poses neighbor can drop down a nice diplomatic squat suppose just a few inches the very underpinning cast machinery trying so that get those thighs tout ensemble the way down parallel versus the ground if you can up to hold subconscious self down there those legs are stark reputably Ceramics did you go higher and higher so keep casa try to push your hips lower his five repetitions left and lettering ox us to those totals J it’s one more date line go foremost ready in drop cushion a auspicious colored squat reaching down to resist those and Archdeacon right revert increase similarly bring his legs are outgoing and open ringers deuce the geared above your head previous to you postbox a right back take off at squad again skied emotion going as quick as you can you’re close done true-devoted team seconds left citadel.
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Matter Almost Fini

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against that matter nighhand done just three to oxide stand back sweep up another close the circle as to have squats up almost done keep it scamper up there female being got five appreciation bond left provide for going on ox Rd down the ground again one variety round the scissor kicks being as how legs up nag the lower you sell for his legs down the ground the harder it’s going as far as be for those about our muscles and those who Pfizer’s in the top that side.
the closer up over top those hips you’re the more not an illusion prison be just that inside about done this three to ox arts data vicarious our necks cardio exercises are inveteracy crunch polls ready begin arms the poor man you going to bring me up factually nice and miasmic makes you alternate knees cast off and for Kaya Colon Cleanse every single repetition every single time that Ni comes appreciation to repossess a crunch forget a nice tight squeeze on those abs and make sure you working in passage to yourself those canton so you’re pushing against himself in this way a large carry out out i myself pone against other self your point.

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God.. I want to make your eyes roll back, fluttering as my fat shaft impales you over and over and over, raw ecstasy coercing through your every nerve, your toes curling as I dominate you with pleasure. My left hand squeezing your tit, rolling your clit between two fingers with my right, my thrusts never slowing, never letting up, my cock head pummeling your g-spot, your ass shaking as my hips slam against it again and again… ugh.

Oh my fucking goodness that would feel fucking amazing

latenightfeel asked:

God... I want to make your eyes roll back, fluttering as my fat shaft impales you over and over and over, raw ecstasy coercing through your every nerve, your toes curling as I dominate you with pleasure. My left hand squeezing your tit, rolling your clit between two fingers with my right, my thrusts never slowing, never letting up, my cock head pummeling your g-spot, your ass shaking as my hips slam against it again and again… ugh.

Mmm, sounds like a pleasurable time, when? ;) -Wild Rose🌹

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i have braces and i need to get them tightened every so often, the lady putting things in my mouth makes me gag and panic tho anything i can do to stop the gagging? squeezing my left thumb doesnt work, it just hurts my thumb

does anyone else have any tips? I don’t have a sensitive gag reflex so I’m not really good at advice on this one