Meet the Parents

Okay!! Okay!! I did it!!! I worked through the mental block to bring you some fluff!! This was a request from @native-snowflake. I really, really hope you enjoy it doll!!

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Y/M/N = Your mom’s name
Y/D/N = Your dad’s name
Y/L/N = Your last name

Pairing: Enzo Amore x Reader

Originally posted by robvandamdatass

You looked over to your boyfriend in the driver’s seat, taking notice of his left hand squeezing the steering wheel tightly as his right hand rested comfortably in your lap.

Tonight, Enzo was going to meet your parents and nervous seemed to be an understatement judging by the way he was white knuckling the steering wheel. It was important to Enzo to be liked by your parents because he knew how much it would mean to you. You were always pretty close with your family, so your parents liking him was a big deal. Not that you would break up with him based solely on the fact your parents not liking him…but nonetheless, it meant a lot to you, so it meant a lot to him.

Enzo knew that it might take some time for them to warm up to him…it may not happen tonight, but he could win them over. You had to be a reflection of them since they were your parents, right? He could do this.

You gently squeezed Enzo’s hand, causing him to look over to you. You threw him a comforting smile before kissing the back of his hand.

“Try not to be nervous. They’re gonna love you, okay? I promise.” You assured him.

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Lost Our Way - Jungkook

title ; Lost Our Way

pairing ; Jungkook x OC

genre ; 25% sour love + 75% sweet love

word count ; 1.5K

a/n ; this wasn’t really inspired by their song, this was inspired by what happened to me yesterday when i rode the wrong train twice, but either ways ‘lost’ would be a really great bgm while reading this. anyhow, this is requested by my soulmate, fiona. i hope this was okay, i really can’t write fluff without a glimpse of despair.

his long legs stretched wider than she could ever do. his legs can skip up to four steps of the stairs while.. she could barely skip two. his movements were even more rapid, she couldn’t speed up any much longer. there was no use running anyways. it was just too late.

when they got to the other side, the train moved along and left. he squeezed his temples effortfully and let out a loud sigh, making her feel a lump grow in her throat. “we weren’t fast enough,” he said as he turned around, his chest heaving heavy breaths. she was limping her way to him. it struck in his mind that she probably tripped while running,but his guts didn’t manage nor convince himself to ask what was wrong.

her, on the other side, felt like shit. if only she could parkour her way to the other side, or at least have longer legs, they would have gotten on that train. if she was able to run faster, they could have been on their way home. everything is just filled with ifs. she wanted to sigh, but she knew it was her fault. there was no place for someone at fault to puff out a sigh.

she trudged her heavy steps to the bench, feeling a pool of tears well up in her eyes and threatening to fall. but she couldn’t cry in front of him. she can’t cry.

as soon as she walked pass him, she bit her bottom lip to transfer the pain that was overwhelming inside her chest. she walked with her back facing him, the beads of hot tears fall slowly as if it was caressing her cheek. it seemed hard for her, she felt guilty for it. extremely blameworthy.

she slumped on the bench and avoided any contact with him, she didn’t even want to hear him breathe around her.

“i can’t believe you said that was the right train..” he said as he sat on the other end of the bench, he knew she was crying and he knew she thought he didn’t, he acted as if he had no clue. “i was right all along.”

she didn’t understand why he was being a dick at a time where she just wants him to wrap his muscular and long arms around her. he was supposed to put her on his lap and cradle her like a little baby, not being all salty and judgemental. the tears didn’t stop coming down, and a sob hitched at the back of her throat, making her feel a tiny desire to throw up.

he looked over at her, feeling his heart break while watching her cry like that, watching her trying to control her tears so it didn’t seem overly dramatic. he truly didn’t care about how dramatic she is, because it’s her. nothing is annoying whenever it’s her.

he turned his head halfway and looked at the LED lighting panel that displayed the updates about the train. “the next train will arrive in seven minutes.” he smiled. the train station was empty, only a few people at the other side and them. he scooted closer to her, holding her waist and gently pulling her closer.

his presence near her made her feel even more culpable, but also made her feel safe. she wanted to snuggle onto him so badly, but something pulled her back. a strange magnetic force, maybe gravity played games, it was something that she didn’t know. she was sure her mind and heart had the same desire, her body just didn’t move.

“are you tired?” he asked. his voice was so gentle and light, it was like a feather.. like a petal.

she wiped her eyes with her sleeves. the near end of her sleeve had a dried crust, probably it’s her own snot.

she nodded a few small movements, answering his question and making him chuckle. his hand that cupped her waist trailed to her head and lightly pushed it onto his shoulder. he kissed her hair for a long moment before resting his chin on her head. “now, aren’t you going to tell me why you’re crying?”

“i’m tired,” she whispered softly.

“and you think i’m going to believe that?” he fell on his knees and knelt down in front of her. for some reason, her hands landed in his, and his thumbs where rubbing simple shapes on the back of her palm. “tell me. tell me what made my sweetheart cry like this.”

she replied with silence. her eyes roamed across the empty railway that a few meters from them before linking eye contact with his eyes. “by chance, is it about me? did i hurt you?” he asked with a voice full of concern. his eyes filled with gentle worry, he was clearly afraid of the truth.

“no, jungkook..” she started. “maybe yes, but no. i am just tired, and that the train still has like five minutes to arrive.”


“i.. i just feel so guilty. i thought we were going the right way but i made a mistake again, like how i did this morning. i was confident, but i was wrong. i live here all my life, i should know better about the paths here compared to you. but it’s just that i’m not familliar with trains, i don’t even know we had to make two stops.”

he knew she wasn’t done yet, but he didn’t interrupt. he remained staring in her eyes that started to pool up in tears again. his slender fingers pressed her cold hands in his warm palms. his thumbs were still comforting her.

“and now it’s almost midnight, we have been out more than fifteen hours. you must be exhausted, your back probably hurts. your shoulders probably are weighed. your hands must be sore by holding all the bags. i tried to carry them for you, but you won’t let me. you never do. i’m tired of wondering how tired you are. you probably would dump me as soon as we get back, you probably would never go out with me anymore. you’d be done with me and i'll—”

“okay, now you’re being ridiculous,” he chuckled. god he sounds so handsome when he laughs like that. it makes her fall in love with him again, all over again. it sounds dreamy, like how a teenage girl dreams about dating the hottest guy in school. the only difference is, this guy is already hers. jeon jungkook is her other half already.

“first of all, i don’t care if we go on the wrong train. i don’t even care if we overshoot this stop. i don’t care if we reach the end of the road, and have to go through twenty stops to get home. this is cliché, but at least i’m spending my wasted time with you. i’m using the unused moments, not empty-handed because i am holding your hands, and i achieve more precious and memorable memories with you. i’m breathing the cold air, in sync with you, and i’m happy with that.”

her waterline couldn’t restrain the tears from falling anymore, so she just let it go. her cheeks were getting soaked again, and none of them bothered to wipe them off. and so he continued.

“my back isn’t sore, because you constantly touch me. my shoulders aren’t heavy, because you often lay your head on them. my hands aren’t sore, because they have your beautiful hands glued to it. and you’re right, i would never let you hold the bags. i would even carry a twenty ton dumbbell without needing you to help, just so you can walk freely. i just like it that way.”


“and why did you mention about me dumping you?”

“jungkook, it's—”

“i would never,” he scooted himself closer to her face. “ever,” she didn’t move a single bit. “ever,” they moved closer to the point they can’t see each other’s eyes anymore. their foreheads touched, their noses brushed against each other’s, their hands are all over the place. “leave you.”

their lips touched, it felt soft, like the skin of a peach. they moved in sync, feeling each other complete one another. the kiss was gentle, but needed. she needed this kiss, she needed it to cure the open cut of culpability in her heart. they needed this kiss to forget the bad things that just happened.

as they pulled away, the train came. they locked eye contact and giggled at nothing.

“somehow i’m glad we didn’t reach the end of the railway, i want to get home fast,” he said.

“and why is that?” he laughed and scratched his nape. “jungkook wants to cuddle with his cute and fluffy girlfriend in bed,” he pouted. 

Science Nerd [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: But if it’s an E2! Barry request you’re looking for, how about surprising him at work and him explaining things to you and being his cute little self? I feel like he’d be such a gentleman and call her very sweet little pet names and she’d fix his bow tie then give him a small kiss because the preciousness is real (though if it escalated into smut, I definitely wouldn’t complain 😘)


You just needed to see your boyfriend. So, why not surprise him at work? You walk into the CCPD, smiling at Iris and Eddie before hopping down the steps. It’s no surprise that he’s hiding in his lab again. A small giggle escapes you and you pull your lavender t-shirt over the waistband of your light blue skinny jeans, entering the spacious room.

As expected, Barry is hunched over the clean white microscope, left eye squeezed shut, glasses on top of his head. You take a moment to acknowledge how cute he is. He readjusts his feet, standing up straight to scribble something on paper; glasses falling to the end of his button nose. You clear your throat, walking towards him.

He jumps slightly, hands smoothing down his gray checkered sweater. “Honey! What - oh.” he shutters, feeling your lips on his. Secretly, Barry loves when you catch him off guard. In a daze, he watches you pull away, hazel eyes glazed over. “I missed you too, sweetie.” he grins, pushing his thin glasses up the bridge of his nose.

You giggle, pecking him on lips again as he sits back on the stool. “I wanted to see you.” you explain, fingers tugging at his gold bowtie, setting it in place. He blushes, scratching the back of his neck. “What’s this?” you ponder, moving around his knobby knees to get a better view of the DNA under the microscope.

Barry grins, “We stole that off of one of Killer Frost’s ice beams. I believe it’s some kind of chemical, not necessarily ice. I’m still working on it, though, so I can’t be sure-” He pauses, watching you take a seat on his lap, crinkling his gray dress slacks. You squint at the DNA, looking back at him. “What?” he chuckles, tilting his head.

“You’re really smart and cute.” you muse, smiling back at him. “My science nerd.” you tease, scrunching your nose.

He blushes, burying his face in between your shoulder blades, “Sweetheeeeeeeeearrrrt….stooop…” he groans.

10 LGBTQA+ reads to pick up in 2017

1. Our Own Private Universe—Robin Talley

This stunning novel from Robin Talley drops at the end of January, and follows fifteen-year-old Aki as she explores her sexuality. She’s always known she was bisexual, but so far has only dated guys. When she goes on a four-week youth mission trip to Mexico with her BFF, her mind isn’t on dating, but then she meets Christa and everything changes. This book will wrap itself around your heart and squeeze until you are left with nothing but gooey feels.  

2. History Is All You Left Me—Adam Silvera

When Griffin’s first love and ex-boyfriend Theo dies in a tragic drowning accident, his world is flipped upside down. Even though Theo had moved on—heading to college in California and seeing someone new, a guy named Jackson—Griffin had always imagined they’d find their way back to each other. This book explores grief and its effect on Griffin’s OCD…and what happens when the only person who could possibly understand you is the person who stole away your ex.

3. Dead Little Mean Girl—Eva Darrows

What really makes a mean girl tick? Quinn Littleton was a skinny blonde social terrorist in stilettos, and now she’s dead. Proud geek girl Emma had been enjoying a quiet life playing video games and staying off the radar until her mom announced she was happily moving in with Quinn’s mom…and Emma’s new nightmare of a stepsister. Now that Quinn is dead, Emma is finding out there was more to Quinn than was obvious at first bite. Eva Darrows busts stereotypes in this novel, including what the traditional family looks like. Look for it on bookshelves March 28.

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Josh Matthews + Maya Hart - Girl Meets World (Imagine 444)

“Hello, brother,” Josh said as you both walked in. The bump obvious. Everyone engaged in hugs and greetings. 

“Hi,” You said, giving Topanga a hug.

“Maya,” You said, noticing the girl was nearly in tears “I don’t want to sound like everyone else, but there are more fish in the sea, you’re young - you might not know it, but you will fall in love with someone else. I love Josh; I’m sure you did too, but not everything is meant to be. Sometimes, things happen for a reason.“ You gave her hand a squeeze and left her to relax.

Requested by Anon

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Imagine watching the police take Michael away...

Wait For Me?

“What the fuck Tommy?” everyone erupts into shouts as Thomas Shelby drops the news onto us. My behind stays plastered to the wooden chair, and my left hand squeezes around the arm of it. This cannot be happening. How could Tommy have been so careless. 
My body finally moves when there are several loud knocks at the door. I can’t do this. I can’t let him go. I can’t live without him. Pressure rests atop of my hand as the shouts continue around me, “Hey, it’s alright. You’ll be okay.” I look over to the mousy, brown-haired boy and feel a knot tighten in the pit of my stomach, 

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I whisper, tears filling the bottom of my eyes as I take his hand into mine. He lets out a long sigh as his face hardens and glances left at Tommy.

“This is not your fault. None of it, okay? We did what we had to do, and this is payment. Just promise me you won’t go off with any other lads while I’m gone.” he smirks lightly from the corner of his mouth as he leans closer to me and wraps his hand around the nape of my neck, 

“Well, you’ll just have to get out of there as soon as you can, huh?” a cold tear runs down my cheek as we both let out a sort laugh, 

“Good plan.” he then leans in and encloses my lips with his. All the sound around me ends and all I focus on is him. His soft, plump lips, his mousy, yet glossy hair, his soothing hands holding onto my body like he never wants to let go. 
I reluctantly pull myself away from him and rest my forehead on his. He places a chaste kiss onto my forehead and we both jump slightly as the front door pan open. This is it, it’s happening. They’re taking him away from me.
He stands from his chair and pulls me with him. My fingers lace with his and I brush down my skirt as we exit Tommy’s study and move ourselves into the dining room; where both Arthur and John are pushed up against the wall, hands tight behind their backs. Polly is just being grabbed when I feel Michael’s hand leave mine. 

The police officer grabs him by his collar and tears him away from me, roughly they shove him up against the wall and pin his arms up behind his back. There is nothing I can do. My emotions are fired and my limbs cannot move at all. 
“Come along Miss. It’s not right for a lady to be in such a place.” an officer says softly as he reaches out to take me by the arm, but I instantly move away, 

“Don’t touch me! Don’t!” I scream, shoving him away from me. My head is spinning and all words are blurring together. However there is one that I hear above all others, 

“Y/N! Hey, just go, okay? It’s okay. We’re okay.” Michael calls to me as his face is pushed up against the wall. The same officer that tried before comes to me again and this time takes me by the arm. He begins to lead me out of the front door but I turn back, 

“I love you Michael, okay? I love you. I’ll wait for you and I’ll do whatever I can to get you all out of there. I promise.” I shout to him as the officer continues to pull me out of Tommy’s mansion. I hope he heard all of that. I pray that he heard it all, 

“I love you too Y/N!” and with that I’m out of the mansion and in an officer car taking me back to my home. Now it’s time to think of a plan. A plan to get them out.


I knocked on the door and was answered by my boyfriend, Elijah. A smile appeared on his face as his eyes landed on me.

“You’re finally here,” He said.

“Did I keep everyone waiting?” 

“No, but you’ve kept me waiting,” Elijah explained and pulled me inside hastily. I gasped in surprise, but was shortly cut off as Elijah placed his hand over my mouth. Using his super speed, he carried me into a private room. 

I felt his hot breath tingle my throat, “Shh…” 

Elijah slipped his hands up my shirt and squeezed my left breast. 

“Klaus is expecting us, so we won’t have long, unfortunately.” Elijah said, a hint of irritation in his tone. He then slipped my shirt off and began to kiss my neck. His teeth lightly slid across my neck and he began to sink his teeth in deeper as he moved his mouth up. Elijah then bite me just hard enough to bring blood to the surface. He sucked at my neck, drinking from me. 

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"Commitment, bitch."

“Stop bouncing so much.” You muttered under your breath to Michael, making you laugh out.

“I can’t help it! I mean we’re in Times Square! The three of us! This is Stellar’s first time here, like oh my god!” He gushed, bringing his and yours baby girl closer to his chest, his eyes taking sight of some paps in the corner.

“And this is also the first time we came in here as husband and wife. Better yet a family!” You sqealed, squeezing Michael’s left hand excitedly while the diaper bag slung in his shoulder reamined still, Stellar comfortable on his dad’s arms.

“You do know that nobody told you to carry all of that, right?”

“Oh. I did!” He cheerily said, smiling, but in the same time with his eyes being frantic.

You looked around the surrounding to why Michael was acring like that, a pang of realization hit the both of you that a few people were now nearing your little family, a range of both fans and paps.

“Y/N.” He mumbled under his breath quietly.

“Yeah?” You whispered.

“Get Stellar’s bottle and her little hoodie from the diaper bag.” He rushed out, pausing on his steps for you to go grab the things from it as quickly as possible, wanting the attention of the people to divert from his and your daughter.

You gave the things that Michael asked for, quickly taking the hoodie and making Stellar wear it, putting on the hood for her and giving her bottle in which she could now grip onto, matching Michael habit of drifting into sleep quickly.

The crowd of people now surrounded the three of you, the mixed yells for pictures and autographs making Michael frantic and anxious.

And out of all a sudden, a pap that was directly in front the both of you hollered, grabbing Michael’s attention almost immediately out of safety, stepping at the spot in front of you.

“Nice get-up Michael! Let the girl do all the work!”

This made Michael snap his head towards the asshole, his eyes turning a shade darker out of anger.

“Hold the baby, Y/N.” He said out of all seriousness, his attitude reminding you of Regina George, making you almost giggle yet holding it back and obliging, cradling Stellar that now was in the verge of tears.

He took a step towards the rude pap, his figure easily towering over his small terrified one, Michael crossing his arms over his Spurs jersey.

“Don’t you even get fucking started on me with stereotypical labels. I hate that shit.” He deadpanned, the dude eagerly nodding his head.

“Second, I don’t care if I’m slinging over a diaper bag and holding my daughter in my arms. I could even wear a maternity gown and not give a flying fuck about it. This is my family we’re talking about.” He said out in all seriousness, his words being pronounced with his thick accent.

“Third, don’t even bring my wife nor Stellar in this. Y/N put up with my shit and that’s all that matters.”

“Commitment, bitch.” Michael sweetly smiled as if nothing happened, the pap scurrying away, the fans around him looking at him in adoration, in astonishment that they took videos and pics of what just happened.

After the whole encounter, Michael quickly thanked and gave what the fans want, rushing so that he could get back to you and Stellar.

“What is he presses rumors around you?” You asked him, Michael chuckling before slinging his arm on your shoulders.

“He won’t, of course. Dave knows how to handle things.” He smiled, being stricken with what his bodyguard will do if God forbid that happens.

“You know, you didn’t even have to do that. We’re okay.” You said in appreciation, grinning at him in which he appreciated.

He rolled his eyes, “I don’t know how many times I need to repeat this but,”

“Family first, okay? Always.”


Ponyboy imagine💫

AN: this is my first imagine so please take it easy on me, but regardless I hope you enjoy it!

I leaned against the cold sink, my fingers lightly drumming with one hand while the other was busy brushing my teeth. I heard Ponyboy place his keys on our dresser followed by the swish of his jacket coming off just one room over. I smiled to myself, getting a little bit of toothpaste on my upper lip. Pony had asked me a few months ago to move into a place with him and I was overcome with how cute our little life we’re forming was. As I was tilting my head down to rinse my mouth out I felt his strong arms circle around my waist giving me a light squeeze, before they left a few seconds later to brush his teeth. As I was wiping my mouth and hands I looked at him through the mirror, the poor guy looked so tired and beat.
“How was work today babe?” I asked giving him a sympathetic smile.
“It was alright, I did miss you an awful lot though.” He was always tacking cute things to the end of his sentences like that making me feel wanted. I just offered him a bigger smile before padding over to our room where I got changed into pajamas. Pony followed shortly after. The sheets were cold against my legs, not yet warmed by our body heat, and it sent a slight shiver up my back. I reached up and turned the little lamp off, laying down. I heard Pony sigh in relief as he nuzzles into his pillow.
“Goodnight Pone, I love you.”
“Sweet dreams doll, I love you too.” He let his arm encase my waist, giving the back of my head a light peck. I drifted off to sleep shortly after. A few hours later I didn’t feel Pony next to me. He was turned over on the other side of the bed, slight mumbles were leaving his mouth. I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying though. He turned around, eyes shut tight and mouth slightly ajar.
“Y/N” he mumbled as his hands reached out trying to feel where I was. His eyebrows furrowed together until he found my side, pulling me towards him. I loved it when he did that. When he reached out to me like that it made me feel like even in his sleep he wanted to make sure I was okay. Like I was his comfort. He looked so cute but he did look slightly worried.
“Pony..” I whispered while prodding his shoulder.
“Pone, baby wake up.” His eyes fluttered open just a little while a small, tired groan escaped him.
“Why’d ya wake me darlin’? You okay?” He asked while looking down at me.
“Oh yeah, I’m fine. You were just talkin’ in your sleep and I was worried you were having a nightmare or somethin’.” I lightly rubbed his clothed chest for comfort.
“Really? What was I sayin’?” He said, almost sheepishly.
“Well, I couldn’t make out the first part, but then ya turned over and you were mumbling my name.” A slight blush creeped onto his cheeks that he probably thought I couldn’t see, but the moon was pouring through the window just enough to illuminate his handsome face.
“Aw doll, ya know I dream about ya all the time.” Now was my turn to slightly blush. No one had cared for me quite like the way Pony had.
“I love you a whole lot, y'know that?” The words spilled from my mouth naturally.
“Of course I do, but only because I love you just as much.” He said while kissing the top of my head.
“We should go back to sleep, I’m off tomorrow so we have the whole day to do whatever that pretty little head can dream up.” He told me, even though he knows I won’t wanna do much.
“Deal. Sweet dreams again, I love you.” I could never tell him that enough.
“I love you more darlin’, goodnight.” With a small peck on my forehead and me lightly pecking his jaw, we were back to sleep at last.

Look at this child’s bed hair

This left-handed fool prefers to sleep on his left side omfg

But I guess he prefers his right side when he sleeps on desks lol


Headcanon that Eijun can’t sleep unless he’s on his left side

Headcanon that Miyuki gets mad at him when he does because he might fall asleep on a weird position and strain his left shoulder


Bucky Barnes Imagine: Shower

Words: 909

Warnings: Smut

As I sat at the large table with the rest of the team as we went over the mission that we had just came back from and all I could think about was peeling this dirty suit off of me (like black widows) and taking a nice warm shower.

I leaned over on the table moving my shoulders a bit only to notice how stiff they were. My legs didn’t feel to great either. threw the last couple of weeks we’ve been going on missions non stop and it was taking a toll on everyone. I felt a hand on my shoulder making me turn to my right to Bucky who gave me a small smile. I smiled back before turning back to Fury as we finished up. Bucky’s left hand squeezing my shoulder lightly making me feel a bit better, but he took it off once Fury had dismissed us.

“You ok doll?” Bucky asked as we made our way to our room. I nodded opening the door. “Just need a shower and I’ll be fine.” I said kissing his cheek and making my way to the bathroom.

After peeling off the hot, dirty suit, I brushed through my tangled hair before stepping into the warm shower. I quickly washed my body and hair to get it out of the way so I could just stand there and let the warm water ease some of the knots in my shoulders.

I heard the door open so I assumed Bucky came to get something or brush his teeth considering it was almost midnight. I jumped slightly when two hands rested on my shoulder, massaging them. I sighed in content and leaned back against him as he continued to rub and squeeze my shoulders.

“You seemed a little tense.” He whispered into my ear, pulling my hair to one side while he peppered kisses onto my wet slick skin.

I tilted my head to the side, closing my eyes as a lazy grin stretched onto my face. “Not anymore.” I murmured as his kisses turned into sucking and playful biting.

“Bucky.” I moaned softly when his hands moved around me to grab my breasts gently. He chuckled against my skin before biting down making me gasp lightly. No doubt there would be a bruise in the morning.

His actions stopped abruptly before he spun me around to gently push me against the shower wall and continue his assault on my throat, collar bones, shoulders and jaw while his hands rested on the small of my back to pull me closer. His hard on pressing against my inner thigh.

My head was resting against the wall as my hands were tangled into his long, wet brown locks. He stopped again to lift his head and press his plump lips against mine, wasting no time to force his tongue into my mouth.

I moaned as he roamed my mouth hungrily while his hands found there way to my thighs, indicating for me to jump. I jumped eagerly and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, gasping into his mouth when his tip was pressing hotly against my core.

I parted from his lips to throw ny head back, a moan escaping my lips as he pushed into me teasily slow.
He nuzzled his face into my breasts as he rocks his hips back and forth not to slow but just fast and hard enough for my nails to dig into his muscled back.

The cool metal of his left hand gliding over my wet body as his right held me in place.

It took everything in me not to scream in pleasure as his cold metal thumb pressed against the bundle of nerves making me bite into his shoulder to obtain the small amount of sane that was left in me.

“Dont hold back those beautiful screams doll.” he grunted, which knocked a bit of confidence into me as I yelled out his name in pure ecstasy.

The only thing that could be heard to us was the screams, moans and cries as the water was only noticable as it rained down on us but not heard.

“B-Buck im so close.” I managed as I cupped his face, deciding to give his back a break.

“Me to doll. Come for me.” he moaned out, nudging my cheek with his nose as I came hard around him, screaming his name with the last bit if energy left in me.

It didnt take long for him to follow, my screaming setting him off to spill his hot load inside me.

As we came down from our orgasm, Bucky pulled out of me setting me down only for my legs to quiver, threatening to give out. Lucky enough Bucky held me close with a chuckle at my exhausted state.

“You need another massage doll.” he said leaning down to kiss me sweetly. I hummed in satisfaction when he moved to kiss my cheek.
“You’re to good to me, but I love you Buck.”

“And I love you.” he responded with a smile, what did I do to deserve this man?

So I lied, one more before I head to bed because this was a draft ive been meaning to publish. So, I hope you enjoyed this sweet yet steamy little imagine and hopefully my brain can produce a few more! Love You Guys!

Hidden in Plain Sight

Pairing: Bucky x fem! reader

Word count: 883

Warning: Swearing, fluff

Summary: Bucky and reader have been in a relationship for a few months, but they are hiding it from the other Avengers. One day they figure it out and get concerned for the reader’s safety. 

Originally posted by bagelbarnes

Gif not mine. 

( Y/N) = your name

You rode the elevator up to your floor with Bucky. Giving his hand a quick squeeze you left. You and Bucky had been dating for a few months now and it had gotten pretty serious. Besides Wanda, your best friend, none of the Avengers had put the pieces together about your relationship yet. You and Bucky had both decided that it would be better for the both of you if no one knew. 

Right as you step foot in your room your phone goes off. Meet in the gym for afternoon training - Steve. Of course, Steve would be on your case about training, being the newest Avenger everyone thought that you needed protecting. And being a highly trained assassin with a control over fire, you were kind of offended. Leaving the idea of a nap back in your room you made your way down to the gym. 

“ Can we make this quick Steve, I was about to take a nap,” you grumbled as you got to the training room. 

“ If you beat me in the ring, on your first try, you can skip training today, how about that Y/N.” You giggled and jumped into the ring, your face set with determination. Steve showed no mercy, but neither did you. It was like a routine, dodging this kick, but delivering this punch. Minutes in you pulled out your best move, dragging Steve to the ground and straddling him. 

“ I win.” You gloated, getting up and practically skipping to the elevator. Steve stared at your back with narrowed eyes, something was not right. 

~ Later that day ~ 

“ Miss Y/N your presence is requested in the lab.” What now you thought to yourself. Pulling on a pair of shoes, you trudged to the elevator. Hitting level 64 the elevator went up like a dart. The elevator doors open with a WOOSH and the heads of all the Avengers turn to look at you. This was strange, normally when everyone was in the same room it was like being in a room with kindergarteners but everyone was acting like adults at the moment, and it kind of scared you. 

We know you are dating Bucky,” Steve says from behind you, making you jump. Oh shit, this is bad. “ No you guys are crazy, me and Bucky, pfffthhh I am way to good for him,” I hope Bucky never hears this conversation. “ That move you pulled to beat Steve in the ring this morning, was a signature Bucky move, and he never teaches anyone those moves.” How is it that they figure out I am dating Bucky from a sparring move, and not from catching us kissing in the hallway. 

Maybe I learning it from watching Bucky fight, how about that,” If this lie does not work then I am really screwed. “ Stop lying to us Y/N,” Shut up Tony, or next time you eat all of Thor’s pop-tarts I am telling. “ I checked the security footage,  That’s it, you had your chance, Tony. 

Fine, maybe I am dating Bucky, but what is the big deal,” All of their faces change from annoyed to full on pissed off, SHIT. “ The big deal is what if he goes into Winter Soldier mode when you guys are by yourselves, and we can’t come in to help, he could kill you Y/N.” That is it, the final straw, the anger bubbles through my skin in the form of fire. I keep it contained so it does no one any harm, but it gives them all a big fright. 

I am just as dangerous as him, if not more, despite what you guys think I am a highly trained assassin and a fire thrower all stuffed into a 22-year-olds body. I am fully capable of killing you all right now, so Bucky could not hurt me even if he tried. And on top of being a danger to all of you, I am completely in love with Bucky, he treats me like a human, not a freak and definitely not someone who needs to be protected, so just lay off guys, this is none of yours business.” With that, I turn on my heel and stalk back to my room.  

~ Even later ~ 

A soft knock echoes through your silent room. “ Go away guys I don’t want to talk right now.” A chuckle comes through the door. “ You don’t even want to talk to your favorite boyfriend.” You open the door with a hand made of fire, to let your boyfriend in.  He walks over to your bed and climbs in next to you, brushing the hair from your face and pulling you into his warm embrace. “ Everyone is very sorry for getting mad at you and doubting your ability to protect yourself, it’s like someone died in the lounge, its kind of sad but also kind of scary.”  You laugh in response and Bucky plants a kiss on your forehead. “ I will forgive them later, but right now I am too comfortable.” You snuggle deeper into his chest. “Until you are ready to forgive them, I will be here for you. I love you Y/N,” 

“ I love you too Bucky.” 

Nudes// Calum Hood

I’ve never done this before but um bare with me if its bad, I also don’t know if it’s a blurb or imagine or whatever x

You had just kissed your boyfriend of 4 years bye because he had to go to a recording session with the boys. Calum didn’t want to leave you since you had gotten him all riled up before he left. When you woke up that morning you new he was going to be gone all day and you decided to mess with him. “Fuck Y/N I love you so much,” He groaned while he pushed your back against the wall, you were only in his shirt and panties so when he slipped his hand under his shirt, he groaned into your mouth when he squeezed your left boob, he had lifted your legs around his waist. You started kissing down his neck and took a look at the time, when it said 11:55 you smirked and pecked his lips making his whine and pout when you pushed him away, “But Y/NNNNN” he whined, “please, you see what you did?” he pouted and pointed down to the very prominent bulge in his pants, “Whoops,” you giggled making him groan. You pecked his lips and pushed him out the door, he kissed back and grumbled a small goodbye. When Calum called you complaining about having the boner infront of his best mates and band mates you just giggled and smirked.
“Y/N I hate you, I would’ve happily been late to this just to fuck you but no I had to come here and we’re not even doing anything!” Calum said over the phone right when you answered, “I love you too baby” You giggled into the phone because you could hear the pout in his voice, “when I get home tonight you’re going to be sorry” He answered to your giggle in a raspy voice. You could feel the smirk he had, you groaned into the phone and told him goodbye. When you both hung up you hurried into your room and put on his favorite lingerie, you took a few pictures and sent them to him. When calum got your pictures he smiled at his phone when he saw your text but then furred his eyebrows when he looked at the pictures, when he noticed that you were half naked his eyes widened and he started blushing, he quickly looked up at the other boys to make sure they didn’t notice but when he looked down you had sent him another picture but this time it was of you with out the bra, with a hand squeezing your boob. Your eyes held an innocent look but the slight smirk on your lips meant you knew what you were doing to him. Calum cursed under his breath from the boner coming back, and quickly send you a text “I swear to god Y/N stop. fuck my boner’s coming back. fUck Y/N Michael just asked me what I’m looking at on my phone, shit you’re so mean to me :(” Calum blushed and looked at Michael with a shrug, he bit his lip and held his hands over his pants so he wouldn’t show how hard you had gotten him with just pictures and you weren’t done yet. You had a full length mirror and you had taken everything off, you sent calum a video this time of you moaning and touching yourself. Calum clicked on the video but his sound was all the way up so everyone heard your first moan, “Shit calum is that Y/N” Luke looked over at him with a smirk, “uh N-no. Fuck off” he grumbled and crossed his legs so they wouldn’t see how turned on he was, “Y/N if you don’t fucking stop. Everyone heard you moan and that’s only for my ears, stOp!” he had texted you, when you read that the others heard you you blushed hard and texted him a sorry “I’m sorry baby I love youu x” you knew that would only upset him and make him want to come home sooner. Calum groaned and laid his head back on the couch, all the boys smirked at him but went back to work. You knew when calum got home you were in trouble.

I’m sorry if this was bad, if you read this send me a message or something telling me what you thought and some tips maybe. I usually end up rambling and going in a circle so I’m sorry if I did that xx hope you like it

What I Remember, and What I Know - 5

I slipped in and out of consciousness.

Was I dreaming? Was I dead?

No. Dead men don’t feel pain.

Merlok lifted me overhead and slammed me on the hood of some junked car.

I couldn’t tell you where we were. All the chop shops around the Wrestle Factory look the same. Rusted parts, guard dogs, the smell of gasoline… There’s something serene about it, though, and I had almost given in.

You have to fight. For them.

Merlok advanced and I kicked up, grabbing his head with my legs, squeezing as my left ankle did even more damage to my right. He fought, gurgled, and screamed, as I heaved myself off the vehicle and toward the pavement, sending Merlok headfirst into the driver’s side window and myself to the asphalt.

Force = Mass x Acceleration. They taught us that at the junior academy.

I stumbled to my feet, slipping on the wet pavement. The hammering in my head continued, and I looked up to see the sign in front of me read “Ashburner”. We weren’t far, but farther than I would have liked, given the calamity we were facing. I hobbled to the end of the street and turned around just in time to see him coming—like a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto.

I remember the hit.

I remember being upside down.

I remember broken glass.

I remember crying.

Mom always told me there was no shame in crying.

Oops - Chloe

REQUEST: Can u do a smut where the reader is making out with Dan and it leads up to sex bit they don’t know that Phil is filming a video with Kat and she ends up jelly and she lashes out at Phil or Dan bc reader and Dan were loud :) thanks if you make it

Warnings: smut, language

A/N: requests are still closed, I’m just looking through old ones. I hope this is okay (btw I have nothing against catrific) -chloe


[Y/N] moaned into Dan’s mouth, as his tongue danced with hers. 

His hands roamed her body, eventually resting on her hips, holding her crotch to his.

She could feel his hard on, and she was wet too.

“Fuck, Dan.” His left hand squeezed her butt.

He placed her down on the bed, and took off his shirt.

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I spent the day with my Girl,we enjoyed each other immensley!! She has now put me back in my cage as I don’t see her for 2 weeks now,she gave my balls a squeeze before I left!! I’m a very very lucky man.

Cold December Night - Pack

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Character(s): Pack

Fandom: Teen Wolf

day 21!! only four more days omg im so excited!!!!! hope you all enjoy this even though it kinda sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Cold December Night by Michael Buble

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Christmas Series

According to Lydia’s phone, the temperature was at its lowest of the season, falling to approximately 18 degrees. Unfortunately for (Y/N), Stiles, Allison and Lydia, super-werewolf-body-heat didn’t apply and they were all left to squeeze onto the couch together under mountains of blankets.

Isaac laughed. “It really isn’t that cold, guys.”

(Y/N) glared at him in response. “It’s freezing.”

“No, not really.” He stated smugly. 

“Fight me, wolf boy-”

“(Y/N), Isaac, chill out.” Scott reprimanded. 

“Really, it’s not that cold, though.”

“Ah, shut up, Isaac. Not all of us have built-in werewolf insulators.” Stiles snapped, squinting his eyes at his best friends as his teeth chattered. 

“Maybe it’s the scarf.” Isaac remarked, raising his eyebrows in challenge at Stiles. “Not so useless now, is it?”

“If I were at normal body temperature I would so shove a stick of wolfsbane up your-”

“Stiles!” Scott cut off his best friend with a chuckle. “Isaac, stop provoking them.” Isaac rolled his eyes, but sat down on a chair in defeat.

The sight was quite funny, though. Stiles was on one end of the couch, (Y/N) next to him, Lydia in the middle, Allison on the other side of Lydia and Scott on the opposite end of the couch, his arm wrapped around Allison. Jackson and Derek watched everything unfold from the other side of the room.

“You know, physical activity can raise your body temperature.” Derek pointed out, his arms crossed over his chest. Stiles and (Y/N) busted out laughing.

“Ha, yeah, okay Derek. Like we’re gonna get up and run a few laps while it’s snowing outside.” (Y/N) laughed, and Stiles nodded with her.

“Can someone make hot chocolate or something?” Lydia requested, pulling the blanket up closer.

Isaac, Jackson and Derek looked to Scott, and Scott groaned. “Fine, I’ll be right back.” He mumbled, and Allison smiled.

“Thank you, babe!” She exclaimed through blue lips.

(Y/N) looked around at the people she had come to call her family, her pack. Although they bickered and fought almost constantly, she wouldn’t trade them for anyone else.

Will You Look for Me?

Kaneki was always disappearing on Hide, but what would Kaneki do if it was Hide who disappeared?
Kaneki tore through the crowd that littered the streets of Tokyo, chest heavy with dread. He knew it was a bad idea to meet up in a public cafe, and yet he still went. Because of that… Because of him Hide could be-

“Hide!” Kaneki yelled desperately as his eyes scanned the throng of people for the familiar mop of blond hair. The ghouls mingling in the crowd eyed him as if he was crazy, while some of the humans looked curious. Kaneki didn’t pay them any heed. He had to attend to something - someone - far more important.

Where are you… Hide?

Panic gripped his heart like a vice and squeezed and squeezed until he was left heaving. It refused to let go. He thought he saw someone with purple hair standing some distance away from the cafe. He thought that the figure was watching them, but then Hide was laughing, brown eyes warm and bright, and Kaneki put it at the back of his mind.

How stupid.

What irked Kaneki the most was that he was stupid enough to leave Hide alone. The line was too long and the staff too slow; when Kaneki came back, Hide was gone. But his headphones and cell phone were on the ground.

He had no idea if Hide was alright, no way to contact him and it was driving Kaneki mad. Was this how Hide felt when Kaneki just disappeared on him? If yes, then he was an insensitive monster.

The sun had set and the moon and stars decorated the night sky, but he had yet to find Hide. Kaneki almost gave up, tempted beyond belief to call the CCG for help, but then he caught a whiff of Hide’s scent and in less than a second was moving towards it.

Kaneki found him leaning on one side of a vending machine, crouched down with his face in his hands as he tried to suppress the sobs coming out of his mouth. Kaneki’s heart twisted in his chest at the broken sight before him. He reached out hesitantly with one hand but then thought better of it and dropped it back to his side uselessly.


Hide’s head snapped up, shock clear in those big brown eyes, and Kaneki caught a glimpse of his tear stained face before the blond man launched his self at him, and Kaneki received an armful of a crying blond. Kaneki returned the hold, his hands resting on the small of Hide’s back.

“What’s wro-”

“-I thought you left me again!” Hide cried, words a bit muffled due to Kaneki’s shirt. “I thought you were gone!”


Kaneki rubbed small, soothing circles on his back. “I’m not going anywhere… I promise.”

Hide stayed silent, and Kaneki half thought that he wouldn’t respond, then the blond lifted his head off Kaneki’s shoulder and met his eyes with a faint smile.

“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, Kaneki.”

It was Kaneki’s turn to smile. “Who said I couldn’t keep it?”