squeeing my head off

This happened...

Someone posted my edit yesterday evening without crediting my blog as the source which was a huge disappointment especially since they tagged Hugh in…..All the same, I’m so chuffed about his response I could squee my head off! I was so flustered! :D :D :D

Look @whoyearsnight!! I don’t think we ever expected it to be this popular. It’s a thing, and I’m delighted it’s a thing! 😆

Caryl Appreciation Week! Day 1: Moment you started shipping Cary

I definatly started for sure here.. had been on the fence but didn’t want to commit to anything because I was worried about the potential heartbreak. And besides I knew I loved Daryl by that point and didn’t want to see him hurt. And I thought maybe I was right to hold back when she disappeared and was presumed dead.

And I judged by Daryl’s reaction to this loss that was important to him, and I thought to myself if she’s alive, I would ship it to hell and back because dammit he cared THAT much about her to need to spend some time with her at her empty grave alone. And some time preparing himself  for the eventual pain of having to put her down..

And then he found her.. and I for the first time truly squeed . The look on his face above and the gentle way he touched her, as if making sure she’s real. That’s she herself, before slowly putting the knife and picking her up in his arms. 

Carrying her in that oh so careful way with that look of concentration on his face. Because there was no way he was dropping this. It was so clear she was precious cargo and he was relieved at that moment to have her back. Even if he didn’t know why at the time. 

I mean that was it, I was a shipper again.. squeeing my little head off and scaring my cat. And here I am now over 3 years later writing about it still. 

I regret nothing :) 

(my first contribution to an appreciation week btw)