squeegee cat

Lucaya oneshot based off headcannon

Headcannon that legit works perfectly with lucaya: “I work at the animal shelter and you always come in to pet the cats when you’re sad”

Lucas had always wanted to be a veterinarian. It was the one constant that he really understood, that he stuck with no matter what. He stuck with it when his parents got a divorce. He stuck with it when Zay didn’t make the varsity baseball team with him, which really crushed Zay (but it’s not like he had a chance. Lucas was the only sophomore on varsity, and Zay was no prodigy). He even stuck with it no matter what his status was with his on and off girlfriend, Princess Riley Matthews.

Right now, him and Riley were on the off part of their relationship, and Lucas felt good about it. She and Farkle have been spending an awful lot of time together. He’s sure that Farkle could make Riley happier than he ever could, so he decides it’s for the best. His heart was never really in it with Riley.

Especially since he started running into a very interesting girl.

Lucas has volunteered at the animal shelter for two years now. It counts as volunteer hours, looks great on college applications, and helps him get to know more about animals since he wants to be a vet.

But he had to admit, he came to the shelter every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with the hope that the same five foot tall blonde beauty would show up at the shelter to pet the cats.

She had been coming for the entire two years Lucas had. She’d show up sporadically, maybe two or three days a month. Although every time, her eyes would be red and puffy. Lucas either assumed she was crying, or she had an allergy to cats. But assuming she showed up fairly often, to pet the cats, he assumed it was door number one.

Lucas didn’t know the name of the girl, nor did she know his. It’s not that Lucas wasn’t curious, it’s just that they had found other things to call each other during one of their many long conversations (which frequently kept Lucas from doing his work, for he would just make up odd jobs in the room that she was in so that he could keep talking to her). But when they first talked, the girl picked up on his subtle Texan accent, which was nothing extreme. Just a slight emphasis on his r’s, and how he pronounced the letter “W” from the years he had lived in Texas as a kid. He said it like “double-yuh”, which the girl had teased him for while laughing hysterically and giving him nicknames like Ranger Rick, Sundance, and Huckleberry Finn. He wasn’t as good at coming up with the clever names however, but after sitting in his room and pondering what he could call the girl, he was very proud of himself when he came the next week calling her a short stack of pancakes.

The conversations that the two had always seemed to cheer up the little short stack, to the point where Lucas wondered if she was even coming to pet the cats to cheer her up. Lucas never asked what was wrong, for he didn’t want to overstep with her.

So Lucas shows up one rainy Thursday to the animal shelter, walking up to the front desk and signing in.

The manager soon comes out from her office and assigns him the window washing duty, handing him a squeegee and windex.

The cat rooms are basically carpeted rooms full of those tower things, toys, and a liter box, and for some reason each has a sliding glass door. The cats like pawing it and stuff, so the window cleaning is extensive.

Lucas enters the room that’s first in the hall, immediately hearing multiple meows.

He shuts the door behind him, and looks up to see the blonde girl sitting on the carpet, petting the tabby cat named Pluto.

He heard her sniffle a few times, and when she looked up at him, her eyes were bloodshot and puffy again.

“Hey, Huckleberry.” She says with a halfhearted smile.

Lucas feels himself blush, his heart skipping a beat like it always does at her pretty blue eyes. He wishes she’d come when she wasn’t upset sometimes, because he’d love to see what she looks like without her tear stained face.

“Short stack.” Lucas replies, with a smile and a tip if his imaginary cowboy hat.

He walks past her and to the sliding glass door, the girl looking back to the cat.

“You doing okay?” Lucas asks, spraying the length of the door with the windex.

“Not particularly. But I’ll get over it.” She says with another sniffle, Pluto meowing as she scratches between his ears.

Lucas wipes down the glass in silence for a second, wondering if he should ask what he’s thinking.

“Can I ask what happened?” Lucas asks, throwing caution to the wind.

The girl sighs and keeps her eyes on the cat.

“It’s my dad. He left me and my mom when I was little and started a new family.” Maya starts, Lucas’s heart sinking.

“Oh, I’m really sorry-” Lucas starts genuinely, turning away from the window and looking at the girl.

“That’s not the problem as much.. that happened when I was like five. I’m mostly over it. But what bothers me is that he keeps promising to introduce me to his family. I mean, we’ve arranged like five dinners and meet ups with his family, and he cancels every time. And this time he seemed genuine, and I just got my hopes up so high. I feel like I just need to realize that hope really is for suckers. Maybe if I did, I’d get hurt less.” She lets out, her voice wavering at the last sentence.

“Hey, don’t say that.. if your father is distant like that then that’s on him. You should still have hope for those who don’t disappoint you.” Lucas says quietly, feeling bad for the small blonde.

“I don’t know, moral compass. Most people disappoint me.” The girl chuckles, and Lucas feels a sudden overwhelming sense of wanting.

Lucas feels himself want to be that person for her. He feels himself want to be the first person who proves to her that hope is something that you can have, and something that can follow through.

Lucas blinks at the sudden wave of emotion for a girl he doesn’t even know the name of.

And that’s when he wants to say it. That’s when he wants to tell her how he feels. He feels an overwhelming urge to confess it all to her, to learn her name and tell her his. To kiss her and make her believe that the world has good things.

“You okay, Ranger Rick?” The girl chuckles slightly at the silence.

“The world doesn’t suck. But it may have for you, and I’m sorry for that. You don’t deserve it.” Lucas says, the girl’s expression straightening.

“What’re you trying to say, Huckleberry..” she says just above a whisper, looking up into his eyes with her icy blue ones.

“I’m trying to say that short stack isn’t my only name for you. I also came up with blonde beauty. And I’d really like to know your real one.” Lucas chuckles, her face staying emotionless before her eyes flicker away from his, licking her lips.

“Huckleberry.. I’m sorry. I can’t.” She responds, her eyes closing and her head shaking.

“So, you don’t feel the same.” Lucas states, looking to the ground.

“No.. that would be a lie. I just can’t.. I can’t be hurt again. I’m sorry.” She says apologetically, standing up and rushing out the door.

Lucas bites his lip disappointedly, turning back to the window and finishing his work.


The next Tuesday, Lucas shows up to the shelter with less pep in his step than usual. He assumes that the girl won’t want to come back after what he said.

He just had to go and confess to her.

But when he walks into the shelter’s door clutching the strap of his messenger bag, he hears a voice that surprises him.

The blonde beauty, angrily talking with the receptionist.

“I’m sorry ma'am, but we have a lot of volunteers. I don’t remember them all.” The receptionist shrugs.

“No, come on. You must know who he is. He volunteers here, he’s tall as fuck, he has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and between you and me he’s really cute.” The girl says, the receptionist sighing.

Lucas blushes at the girl’s confession, fidgeting with his bag’s strap.

He watches as the receptionist’s eyes glance up to him and a smirk adorns her face.

“I don’t know, but he sort of fits your description.” The woman says, pointing at Lucas with her pen.

The girl whips her head around quickly, her face flushing as her blue eyes widen.

Lucas smiles at her and she walks to him, blushing intensely.

She grabs Lucas’s shirt collar and drags him out the shelter and onto the New York sidewalk.

“How much of that did you hear?”

“Yes, I heard you call me cute.”

“Oh. I mean, I just said that because the receptionist probably thought you were cute so I assumed-”

“I think you’re cute too, short stack.” Lucas says simply, her blush growing more.

Lucas chuckles at how cute she is, and how beautiful she looks.

Her eyes aren’t bloodshot or puffy, and she’s wearing black eye makeup that isn’t messy or running from tears.

“Look, I ran because I’m not used to people liking me. The last time I had a boyfriend he kinda cheated on me, and I just have a hard time opening up now. I know it’s dumb, but I do like you too and-” The girl rambles, Lucas cutting her off by swooping up her face and kissing her.

The kiss is full of passion and warmth, Lucas feeling a wave of electricity flow down to his toes and back up again. Her hair smells like strawberries, and her lips are soft and tasting if peaches. Lucas feels himself wanting to cave in more and more to everything that she is, so happy to have her after two long years.

They break apart and Lucas keeps her face in his hands, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

“I’m Lucas, by the way.”

“Maya. Maya Hart.”