My house was infested with little green spiders, they were everywhere! So I grabbed the hoover and proceeded to clear my home of the creepy crawlies. After sucking up most of the bugs, the hoover packs up, it’s full. I’m trying to find a way to open it up to empty it when I hear a voice,
“Give it a gentle squeeeeeeeeze”
It was Alan Rickman! The vacuum cleaner was talking to me in Severus Snape’s voice,
“Give it a gentle squeeeeeeeeze”.

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Do you know any fics that are like Pride or Permanent that have smut and like they make your heart squeeeeeeeeze and just the ending is heartwarming?? I love your blog and thank you so much for all the fic recs, they gimme lifeeee! Havagoodday!

have a wonderful day too!

You Know How I Feel

through the summertime, winter, spring, and fall

Double Standards

I See You Babe, But We Are Both Blind

vanilla sweet universe

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Face to Face

tea, coffe, or captain america?

Get yo overly SPANK! sexy SPANK! large SPANK! dimple SPANK! early SPANK! pimple SPANK! look back at it SPANK! SPANK! WEW!dry meat loaf WHAT?! SPANK! SPANK! and spinach SPANK! (Gasp) and greens SPANK! (Gasp) and all SPANK! inbetweens SPANK!Noooooooo! SPANK!…WEW! sexy dookie booty mmmmmmmmmmmmm WHAT?! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! WEW! to bed before I crack the whip on yo ass you feel me? Now pull up your tight jeans WEW! Look at that thang jiggle. (Gasp) You got a wedgie wedgie wedgie wedgie wedgie wedgie wedgie wedgie wedgie…… WEW!!!!😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳Damn man Damn!!!! I don’t even have pants in this picture. Damn!!! What are you talking about?!? What do you mean by dry meat loaf?!? How does spanking or looking at my booty cause you to say dry meat loaf?!? Damn man!!!! And sexy dookie what?! What you mean by that?! Why the meat loaf got to be dry? I don’t even eat greens and spinach like that!!!!! Damn man damn shit fuck WEW! To shake off the confusion and spanking he Rubs those naked buns and thighs together squeeeeeezes them then keeps rubbing them together then stops and squeeeeeeeezes that booty!!! It reminds me of yummy taco cheese now let it tingle tingle tingle tingle tingle deep inside the crack now wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle. Piggly wiggly would be proud now separate them ham hocks now close them quickly guacamole now shake your hips and squat now put your arms on the small of your back and arch. And allow that booty to say sir yes sir. Sexy stanky booty sexy stanky booty sexy stanky booty sexy stankin ass booty and turkey murky thighs and hips.

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Squeeeeeeeeze, 'Ahhh~! Sanji-kun isn't he the sweetest thing~!' Arms were wrapped around the electric rodent that was cooing against her. It was just too cute and too chubby not to be fond all over, 'I think it's been a lil' hot for him though I' thinking about giving him a cool bath.'

❤; @rock-you-like-a-hurricxne ( @thunderstonereject )

              That cheeky little shit!

On hot days, the most Sanji was allowed to get was a five-second glance in his direction. Hugging, snuggling and getting close were banned when the temperature reaching a certain degree — but not for the small, precious Thor. Sanji glowered, jealously manifesting in crimson cheeks and immature muttering.

The grumbling stopped abruptly, and the color in his face darkened. A single finger pointed towards his own nose. “Wait, I’m hot too! Can I have a cool bath, Makoto-chan~?”

the signs as led zeppelin things
  • aries: robert's dumb ways of introducing the others
  • taurus: bonzo's headband collection
  • gemini: robert's missing tooth
  • cancer: jonesy's stupid jacket from TSRTS
  • leo: robert's hair
  • virgo: "this is tomorrow!"
  • libra: bonzo's countoff in The Ocean
  • scorpio: jimmy's alleged involvement with cults
  • sagittarius: the laughably bad earl's court 1975 show
  • capricorn: those pics of peter grant and robert kissing
  • aquarius: "SQUEEEEEEEEZE MY LEMONS" in 1969
  • pisces: jonesy's wig in TSRTS