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Hello! *waves* just thought I'd say hi, and that I'm glad I discovered your blog and it's been very flattering to see you in my notes today. :) (PS I LOVE your tags)

*squee* Oh em gee, hello back!! I’m glad you discovered my blog too (how did that even happen o_O) cause I got to discover yours and it’s been so much fun to scroll through :D thanks for saying hi! (and loving my tags, wow, lol XD)

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I didn't think Ballie fans could get any worse but the way they have acted since Bea died is so disgusting, saying they wish Joan would get a love interest fall in love and have her love interest be murdered. And so many other vile things about Joan, but they claim to care about lgbt representation sure...

I can’t launch into this rant without taking a moment to laugh my arse off.

Who has been the group of people defending this show like it was their dying mother? Ballie fans. I ranted and raved about how poorly done this season had been, about how silly the writers seemed to have become. I even warned some of them not to get invested in Ballie because it was going to end badly. I knew Bea was going to die. I had it spoiled WEEKS ago. But whenever I dropped these fans a subtle hint it fell on deaf ears.

I was told by this group of fans that I had no basis to complain. It was just because I didn’t like Ballie they said. But wait! Ballie goes wrong and suddenly, “This show is awful! I’m never watching it again!” they’re all crying. Oh my goodness. Talk about radical 180′s. Geezus…

Anyway, I’ll start by acknowledging that Ballie fans here on tumblr don’t seem half as bad as the ones floating around on twitter. So, Ballie fans on tumblr, don’t take this too much to heart if you’re unfortunate enough to read it. I’m really directing this at your twitter counterparts, who quite frankly have been disgustingly narrow minded lately.

I’m especially perplexed about this talk of theirs that Joan should get a love interest and have her murdered. Did these geniuses actually watch the whole series? Or did they just turn up to watch Ballie in S4 because they somehow heard that it existed? I can hear the conversation now…

“Oh gee guys! Lol a super sexy lesbian relationship just started in this show I’d never heard of until now!”
“OH MY GEE! Squee! This show suddenly is the best show on tv!”
“Wait guys! We have to make sure they’re both hot first!”
“Oh lolol! I nearly forgot! That could’ve been really gross!”

Ahem, Joan Ferguson already had this story line. Anyone who paid a minimal  level of attention to S2/3 would have ascertained this already. It’s half (if not more) of the bloody reason she does the ballistic things she does! If you watched this show in it’s entirety and you didn’t pick this up: what is actually wrong with you??? And if you haven’t watched this show in it’s entirety, then get lost and don’t try and argue your minimally scoped points to people who’ve been bothered to watch the whole damn thing.

Maybe those guys didn’t pay enough attention to Joan Ferguson’s lesbian flashback arc because neither her nor Jianna fitted their blinkered version of what  a lesbian “should be”. Let’s face it, it takes a certain type to find a handsome woman attractive. It takes another type to find a disadvantaged aboriginal girl attractive too. Because they both weren’t skinny, cute, white girls they didn’t notice it going on. Straight people seem to especially have an issue accepting “non-conforming” lesbian couples as legit/deserving of any respect. If the couple isn’t sexy enough for a straight man to get a boner watching them, then they shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Somehow this idea has permeated the heads of baseless little dweebs on the internet and brainwashed them.

Quite frankly, I find that disgustingly hilarious and ironic, given that these same people are the ones crapping on and on about how “homophobic” Wentworth is. Apparently lesbians don’t exist and don’t deserve representation unless they’re sweet little, do-no-harm angel-pies like Allie Novak. Pull your heads in. You are being just as offensive in your behavior towards Ferguson AND her predominately homosexual fanbase. Just because Ferguson is a villain it doesn’t mean that she can’t be a lesbian. According to you guys it wouldn’t be homophobic for Ferguson to die. Sit back and think about that. Let it loll around in your head for a while. She is a LESBIAN. If LESBIANS can’t DIE without it being HOMOPHOBIC then FERGUSON DYING is HOMOPHOBIC. Why is it okay for you to be bloodthirsty and want one flawed lesbian dead, but heaven forbid, if flawed Bea Smith dies it’s suddenly homophobic?

The group of them that have directed their homophobic witch hunt towards the writers of the show are the cream of the stupid crop. Because yeah. Obviously you guys haven’t noticed how may lesbian/bisexual characters there have been on this show - not to mention the outstanding Maxine. Out of all these characters Bea Smith is the only CONFIRMED lesbian to die. **Jianna is dead too, but the writers haven’t filled us in on how “gay” they actually thought she was. After all, they suddenly want us to expect that her and Joan were completely one sided and not sexual/intimate with each other at all.**

Everyone on Wentworth goes through hard times. Just because you didn’t notice the bullshite that the straight characters went through, it doesn’t mean that they get away scot-free. EVERYONE HAS BEEN THROUGH SOMETHING ON THIS SHOW. If you don’t have the capacity to acknowledge this simple fact in the writing style, then maybe you guys shouldn’t be watching? It’s a dark and gritty drama. It’s central theme is (or WAS) about how beaten down you can get somebody and what that person will do to claw themselves back up.

Go back to your poorly written, petty soap-box dramas. Leave this show to those of us that are intelligent enough to appreciate it. Maybe once you simpletons are gone, the writing can get back to being decent and we can get this Disney Channel styled, seahorse nonsense the hell out of here.