The Department of Impossible Cuteness may need to take a week off after seeing these inconceivably kawaii resin hamster figures made by Japanese animal figure mold creator Yumi Nakano.

As you can see from the photos above, they’re even cute during the early stages of production, when they’re fresh out of their molds and look like hamster-shaped marshmallows. Actually, they still look like hamstermallows when completed, just lightly toasted.

To check out more of Nakano’s adorable creations visit the Hamuco. website.

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Few people can reduce the Department of Impossible Cuteness to a puddle of giggles and squees like Japanese food and craft blogger Caroline (previously featured here). Her latest kawaii features hand-sculpted candy cats snoozing under a cozy kotatsu, with a snack of miniature mandarin oranges waiting for them when they wake up.

The kotatsu is a piece of traditional Japanese furniture comprised of a low, wooden table covered by a futon or heavy blanket, with a heater built into the underside of the table, which sounds like heaven for both chilly kitties and humans. Now please excuse while we go submit a formal request to have our desks replaced with kotatsu.

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My Sailor Moon gashapons arrived today! ^__^ I finally got the right ones, yay!

So this is a closer look at the Moon Stick. It’s really pretty!

As you can tell, it’s pretty shiny and reflective. Lots of cute details, like the three differently colored “pearls” inside of the red gem. The Silver Crystal reflects the light in different colors.

These are the parts it comes with before assembling:

Of course I also got the Cutie Moon Rod! It started raining, so I didn’t get to take a “fancier” photo of it though.

Also very shiny and reflective. The red gemstone had a little defect on it on the left side, but it’s a cheap toy, so what can you expect. Still very pretty!

And the parts for this one:

The items themselves come inside a transparent, pink capsule with a little Sailor Moon booklet which lists the other items in the series, and instructions on how to put it together. Each piece is packed in separate sections in a pink plastic bag.

I’d definitely recommend anyone to get these. They’re really cute and shiny and make for some great decoration. :D

Party in the hallway

Going off the trope of the Slytherin password being something bigoted and they refuse to say it so they all camp out in the corridor idea, I present to you this cute fic. Enjoy.

Harry, Ron and Hermione certainly didn’t expect to see this on their way out of that evening. Dean, Seamus and Neville were not far behind them as they observed what was most likely the strangest scene Hogwarts had ever seen. Several Slytherin students were sprawled out on the stones of the corridor, some sleeping on yellow and black blankets, others practicing Potions in little cauldrons, and several Hufflepuff students seemed to be in the mix of the green and silver. To their surprise, they caught blue robes in the midst as well, signalling Ravenclaws too. What was going on? Harry spied Draco, Pansy and Blaise off in the corner lying on the ground in a circle with Padma and Luna, and a Hufflepuff student named Morgan, they were all playing a card game from the look of it. Harry ushered his friends over to the group. 

“The hell’s going on here?” he asked.

They card players looked up at his voice. 

“The password is a slur for Muggle-borns,” Draco explained.

“We refused to say it.” Pansy went on. 

“So we’re camping out here,” Blaise finished.

“We offered our rooms to the Slytherins,” Morgan said placing a card on the ground. “The rest have gone to the Hufflepuff common room to camp there, meanwhile we’re just hanging out.”

“We tried to get the door to open without the password,” Padma said. “When the Hufflepuffs came to us for help.”

“The door won’t budge,” Luna shook her head. “No matter what spell we throw at it, it won’t change the password.”

“So for now, we stay here.” Draco said shrugging, peering down at his deck of cards. “The Hufflepuffs brought bedding and stuff, they’re camping with us, and the Ravenclaws that came to help joined us.”

“Colour is yellow everyone,” Morgan said throwing down a card.

Draco wrinkled his nose. “If I don’t have a yellow card, I have to pick one up from the deck right?” he asked.

“That’s right.” You’re getting the hang of this pretty quick,” Morgan praised.

“Well, Muggles are confusing as best, more so their games. But this isn’t so bad.” Draco said picking up a card.

“Are you guys playing Uno?” Harry raised an eyebrow.

“Gotta pass the time somehow.” Pansy shrugged. “And besides it’s fun. Pick up two Blaise! Ha!”

Blaise groaned. “Witch.”

Harry turned to observe the door that led to the Slytherin common room.

“We could blow it up?” Seamus suggested.

“Not the worst idea,” Ron conceded. “Maybe we could force the door open.”

“Bombarda?” Harry said.

“Too tough, it would bring down the corridor.” Hermione shook her head.

The Gryffindors went to inspect the door. 

“We need a controlled explosive,” Seams was saying. “I know a potion, add a little black powder, a whoosh we have ignition.”

“Control your boyfriend before he destroys our common room,” Draco said looking to Dean. 

Dean grinned sheepishly and tugged Seamus away from the door. 

“He’s not wrong though, an explosion could do the trick,” Ron said.

“What about a rock-eating plant?” Neville suggested.

“Wouldn’t that just eat the entire corridor?” Harry said.

“Oh yeah…”

They spent the next twenty minutes diligently trying to force the door open. Seamus destroyed several statues in the process, and Neville angered a few portraits with his array of plants. Eventually Dean and Seamus sat down with a group of students to join in their game of Exploding Snap, and Neville sat down with Ron and Hermione by the door for a break.

“Give it up guys you’ll never get it open,” Padma said. “It’s stuck shut.”

Harry was forced to admit they were right. That door wasn’t budging any time soon. So he wandered over to the card-playing group. “Guys got room for one more?”

“Always for you Hero,” Draco smirked, getting up and moving over to make room for Harry. “Oi Granger, you and Weasley are welcome too.”

So the three joined them in their game. Harry couldn’t recall a time when he’d had more fun than in that game.

“Luna wins.” Morgan said eventually.

Luna blinked. “What? I won? Really? Oh my…I’ve never won before.”

“Yay Luna!” Pansy cheered hugging her around the shoulders. (I lowkey ship this)

“Rematch!” Draco declared. “And this time, I’m going to kick all of your asses.”

“Are here to talk or play? Deal the cards Malfoy,” Pansy smirked.

“Watch yourself Parkinson, Malfoys don’t play fair.”

“Neither do girls.”

“Bring it.”

They played for several more rounds until Dean and Seamus snuck out to Hogsmede and brought back Firewhisky for the older students, then they made the oh so intelligent decision to play spin the bottle. 

“Ohh it landed on you Draco, truth or dare?” Blaise smirked, drinking from his glass of Firewhisky.

Draco took a sip of his own glass. “Truth, do your worst Blaise.”

“Anyone you fancy in this circle right now?”

“You know there is, that the best you can do?”

“Who is it?” Blaise waggle his eyebrows. 

Draco smirked. “Uh-uh-uh you only get one question and that wasn’t it. My turn to spin now, think of it next time Blaise.”

When Draco spun, it pointed towards Harry who was next to him. “Ho, what will it be Potter, truth, or dare?”

“Dare.” Harry said bravely.

Draco chuckled. “Yeah? Alright, dare is to kiss the prettiest girl in this circle. Notice I charitably said girl because let’s be honest, I’d totally smoke all of you bitches,”

Pansy sniffled her laughter behind her hand, and Hermione made so secret of her amused cackle. 

“Draco’s funny when he gets drunk,” Luna giggled. 

“I’m not drunk.” Draco protested. 

“Yeah? How many fingers am I holding up?” Harry said holding up his hand.

Draco blinked a few times. “Uh…shut up I’m not drunk! I hate you all, get on with your dare Potter,”

Harry chuckled and looked around the circle. “Alright, Parkinson get over here.”

“Parkinson? She’s prettiest? You think she’s prettier than Hermione?” Ron asked incredulous.

“Do you want me to kiss your girlfriend Ron?” Harry raised an eyebrow. “Padma and Luna are my friends, so I don’t want it to be awkward, and you’re dating Hermione, so it’s gotta be her. No offence Parkinson you are pretty too,”

Pansy giggled. “None taken Potter. Though how bout we make it easier on you hmm?”

Draco sighed. “Oh fine, just kiss the prettiest person then.”

“Well that’s easy, you know it’s gonna be you.” Blaise smirked.

“Of course I do.” Draco smirked back.

Harry wasted no time in kissing Draco, though the ‘kiss’ turned into more of a make-out session, half-fueled from Firewhisky and half from passion. The others eventually ignored them and continued playing their game, leaving the two in their own world.

When they all woke up however, no one was at all surprised to see Draco and Harry curled up in each other’s arms, and no one woke them either.