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Thoughts on Into the Mystic


I must admit that this is one of my favorite episodes this season so far. This is one episode where I laughed so hard, squealed, groaned and hyperventilated.

I love Mildred’s character. She said words that Dean Winchester has been needing to hear. I mean I couldn’t stop thinking about Destiel.

Just look at the contemplative look on his face. Yeah, think about it Dean. Think about following your heart~~ Plus, that scene where Mildred tells him when she knows the look of someone pining for someone else. And the way Dean’s brows raised when she said, “I don’t know who the lucky lady” his brows went up at the word “lady”.

All right screw me, for looking into it too much. But I know what I saw!


JUST LOOK AT THAT GRIN. I’m pretty sure, he’s gonna use Dean as bait to draw out Amara.

And I hate that when Dean and Cas got to “talk”, to actually discuss something, it’s actually Lucifer who Dean is talking to. GAAAAH. Anyway, Lucifer knows that Dean is valuable to Amara. He knows something. I’ve got this feeling that he knows what’s going on between Dean and Amara, he wouldn’t even think of using Dean to draw out Amara if he thought it wouldn’t work.

Speaking of which, I didn’t want to look at the “pining” and “follow your heart” line in the context of Amara, despite the fact that when Mildred said those words to Dean he was fresh out of his discussion with Casifer.

And then I really thought that the Banshee’s victim would be Sam, but when it went for Dean, but as I watched on it made sense to me why the Banshee would go after him. The thought of Dean being vulnerable, that they actually said though not explicitly that he’s vulnerable is killing me. 

Vulnerable : susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.

And looking at that word, I can’t help but think that it had something to do with Amara. Dean’s had his walls down ever since Amara got released.

Dam my own thoughts are confusing me, I can’t even explain myself.

But as a last thought, I’m happy for Sam. He’s never really told Dean that he hasn’t forgiven himself for Purgatory, and that talk they had in the end. I’m happy that Sam’s moving to forgive himself too.

I’ve got a lot to say, but I don’t even know how to say it. So do forgive me.


MAMO-CHANNNNNNN I squealed so hard omggggg


I was tagged by the lovely @kigamin –OMG THANK YOU!! I love doing music tags ;)

rules: put your music player on shuffle and list your favourite lyrics from the first ten songs that pop up, then tag ten people 

1. Infinite - Can U Smile

And, can you smile?
I said to go, I said I’m okay
It seems like I can give nothing
But this to you at the end

2. Amanda Lee - I’m a Believer (SPYAIR Cover)

SO WHAT–If I don’t know what lies in store

SO WHAT—That’s never stopped me before

SO WHAT—I don’t care about our odds-I’m a dreamer

WHOA-OH-OHH—Yeah, I’m a believer!!

3. Kim Carnes - Better Davis Eyes

Her hair is Harlow gold
Her lips sweet surprise
Her hands are never cold
She’s got Bette Davis eyes
She’ll turn the music on you
You won’t have to think twice
She’s pure as New York snow
She got Bette Davis eyes

4. Abingdon Boys School - Innocent Sorrow

Don’t cry,
it seems you’re gonna be torn apart
if I ever embrace you,
you were shivering. Oh…
Softly, I try to touch you with the palm of my hand.
never…until the end

5. Teen Top - Miss Right

The moment I saw you unexpectedly one day
I fell in love in first sight and my eyes went around
Even I didn’t know I was going to be like this
Love has come to me, lonely me

6. 5 Seconds of Summer - Heartbreak Girl

You call me up,
It’s like a broken record
Saying that your heart hurts
That you never get over him getting over you.
And you end up crying
And I end up lying,
‘Cause I’m just a sucker for anything that you do.

7. Ikimono Gakari - Seishun Line

That’s right, we’re now running
Along the glittering line of youth, no going back now
We’ll always keep searching for a dramatic miracle
And reaching out, believing
Taking the love we share beyond our dreams

8. Marianas Trench - Haven’t Had Enough

Well I just wish we could go back one more time and begin it,
Back before I lost myself somewhere, somewhere in it.

9. BTOB - Irresistible Lips

It was a moment where time got slower                                                           The beauty that I learned of, felt and believed in till now                                 You have changed it all      

The front of my eyes became as dark as dawn                                                 Like a single ray of light, she finally found me                                                   My girl, my destiny

As I stomped on the ground, control my exploding breath                               I ran (Tonight I’m so lonely, don’t wanna be alone without you)                     To you

10. CureaL - Shishou Densha

I try to make this journey with no destination
Even the slightest bit happy
I’ve seen the sunset through; feeling somewhat happy
The night looks a little more beautiful to me

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I squealed so hard when I went back up to my apartment with this package. MIYUSAWA/MISAWA FAIRY TALES DJ ARRIVED OMG YES. I’M SO EXCITED. (And damn, this is thick! Like I knew it was suppose to be around 90 pages, but damn!) If you couldn’t tell from the curled cover, yes I already read it before posting this. I was just too excited. It made me laugh, smile, and say, “Miyuki, you’re such a little shit.” the whole time. I loved it. And the beautiful postcard and the adorable keychain too! Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much to @shion-chen and @psych0-olll3city! Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go read this again.

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Follow-No-False-Light, because :)

Send me a URL and I’ll shout things I like about them.

  • is the literal fucking chillest person you could ever talk to 
  • is one of the people who encouraged me to continue writing by dint of just supporting the stuff i wrote 
  • (i swear I squealed so hard the first time she reblogged one of my headcanons with compliments. i still remember what it was about and everything: misanthropy)
  • flirts with me in front of husband. im sorry but if a couple are chill enough that you can flirt with your friends for fun then we’ll be best friends ok you both are sO AWESOME 
  • is a bitchin illaoi i s2g if i make it to any kind of post silver elo this season it’ll be because sarah has carried me in the 3v3 ranked team im gonna hassle her and chris into making with me 
  • writes a beautiful portrayal of diana, that is quite different from mine but still has no aspects i can actually disagree with 
  • (and even if we did disagree over something, im 100% confident i’d be comfortable to debate it with her, not wth the intention of changing one or the other’s minds, but just to share headcanons. being comfortable enough to do that might not seem like much, but i assure you, it’s a big thing to me) 
  • gave me that one amazing diana build that had me go 17/1 that one game
  • rejects my personal inability to follow people who rp the same muse as me simply by eXISTING AND BEING AWESOME
  • doesn’t object to me persistently tagging her on my blog as ‘fnuffle’
  • is an amazing creator, both through art and writing, and i will continue to follow 5ever 


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I remember you were one of the first blogs I followed and I honestly dont remember if I followed you first or the other way round :") (but I'm pretty sure it was the former bcs your blog just cannot compare to mine!) You were one of my first requesters and I remember squealing so hard when I got your ask! And I remember being bombarded with all these WINNER feels when you did that Winner spam and your tags reflect my exact feelings and I just 😭, thank you Heidi!! ❤️

AH FJDKSLAFJSD. Ree, why would you send me something like this? Too many feels, I can’t handle them! I actually remembered who followed first, because it was me. I read one of your Mino fics and I enjoyed it so I followed, and they you followed me and I was like YEEEEEEEEEES!!!! And yea, I requested that WOT5 fic (thank you so much btw)~ AHAHA the WINNER SPAM too!! I did that when the WINNER drought was way too dry, and I can’t believe your remember it. Thank you so much for this Ree <3333


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Heyyyyy guess who got invited to a dance with their crushhhhh (low-key squealing so hard)

OoO OMG CONGRATS… if only i get asked to homecoming… then i would tell them i cant go cause im gonna be out of town… but at least i got asked… :p lmfao you should totally message me… especially if ik you… ^-^

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thanks for the ask Katie!

  • favorite male character: Gotta go with my main man Poe! :3
  • favorite female character: BB-8 #bestgirl lmao, but seriously Rey is probably my fave!
  • least favorite character: I don’t really have one…yet…
  • prettiest character: REY omfg I’m swooning! Also once we get to see Captain Phasma without her helmet I’ll probably swoon over her too in the next installments!
  • funniest character: Finn Is2g made me giggle so much!
  • favorite romantic ship: POE X FINN! I didn’t think that I’d ship them so hard & yet here we are! The jacket scene just made me squeal so hard! I love these nerds so much! :’3
  • favorite family ship: I…I don’t think that I can answer that… O__O
  • favorite friend ship: Rey & Finn are the brotp tbh!
  • worst ship: Probably Rey x Kylo Ren because until the other movies come out, I don’t want a repeat of the Luke & Leia incident if the rumors & speculations are true.. Plus I don’t really ship them together anyways.. Also I don’t really ship Rey x Finn, like why can’t they just be best bros? Honestly I’ll be disapointed if they put them together..