{Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out til too late that he’s been playing with two queens all along ~ Terry Pratchett

That Ryder, is the key to your story. Go and explore, name stars and nebulas. Live, discover and experience all that the universe has to offer. Above all though, enjoy it, make friends and enemies, fall in love with people, planets, and galaxies. And remember wherever you go, I will be here waiting. You will always have a home here.  

Oh, and one last thing. Always consult a medical professional if planning to engage with aliens… just don’t swallow.

{You Gotta Be}

I commissioned the fantastic  @thefailureartist to draw my Clara Shepard handing over the keys to the Mako to my Odile Ryder. And I am over the moon with the result, it has been an absolute joy working with them and if you get a chance commission them! THANK YOU! 

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Squealling because i love your nyo!prussia?? Like she's so-- fleshed out and real?? And your hc for her. Omg. So much love.

thank youuuuuuuu!!!!! i think she’s growing on me too tbh. i never planned for this but!!! there you have it

BTS Scenario : You being feminine to quell your tomboyish personality

-Admin Strawberry IceCream


You were resting on your couch, playing video games on your playstation in your usual outfit: a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie; when you heard the front door open. Jin came in your room with a smile on his face and you jumped from the couch. "Wow“, he said, staring at you. “You look so different.” You looked at him as you let the controller slip through your hands.“I didn’t know you were passing by” you told him. “ It looks comfy” he smiled, not caring for the way you looked. He never saw you dressed with anything else than skirts and cute t shirts.


A couple of your friends asked you to go shopping with them and you accepted as you were bored at home. You were dressed in your usual and comfortable clothes that you loved so much: sweatpants and a large hoodie with a snapback. While you were laughing with your friends you passed by Yoongi on the street and almost didn’t recognize him. After he passed, you felt your phone vibrating in your pocket. You read the text: “You should wear that for tonight. It looks good on you.” and a smiley face winking next to it. You already knew it was from Yoongi and you smiled at the phone, releaved that your boyfriend supports your clothing style.

J Hope: 

There was an Eminem concert coming up to your city and your friends knew how much you loved Slim Shady, so they bought a ticket for you. When you heard the news, you couldn’t contain your excitement. You went dressed as a true rapper, with baggy pants and overseized t shirt. But to your surprize, you bumped into your boyfriend, Hobi, on the way to your seat. He looked at you with a big surprised face as he asked you “ Jagi, you are an Eminem fan?” and after you nodded, he started jumping around in excitement, saying that loves the way you looked.


He was sleeping at your place for the first time and he was curious about everything. He tried to open your closet’s door to look at your clothes but you didn’t let him. He gave up fast and you let it go. After a couple of minutes, you went to the kitchen to make him something to eat. When you got back, you found him staring at your closet, the doors open and a surprised look on his face. Your closet was parted in two: your hoodies and large t shirts and your baggy pants, and your girly side that your boyfriend was supposed to see; skirts and tank tops. You didn’t want to dress like your usual self because of the people that used to make fun of you, saying you were a boy. “Wow, i didn’t know you had so many hoodies. I don’t even own this much.” he said surprised, “i’d like to see you in one of them”. You blushed at your boyfriend’s supporting words.


You were planing on going to the beach for a long time now, but since he didn’t have any free time , you postponed it for several times. Once you got there he took of his shirt and pants, remaining in only his shorts. You were kinda shy exposing your body to so many people and also you didn’t like the usual bathing suit because you were so insecure about your body. And so you took your shirt off and when you took of your pants, Jimin was suprised to see ,instead of bikinis you were wearing a pair of short shorts. He looked at you smiling “ Wow, i like that better on you.”, you laughed and punched his arm lightly.


It’s your birthday and you decided to have a small gathering at your place. You laughed with your friends when they told your boyfriend the embarrassing stories about your past. The gift part of the night came and they all lined up to give you their presents. Each of your friends gave you either clothes because they knew how much you love them. Now it was Taehyung’s turn. He got you a pair of adorable cardigan with a t shirt that said “In love with this guy” and there was a pointing hand towards him as he got the same t shirt on. “Oh my god, Tae! “ you squealled and leaned in to hug him tight. “I saw you looking at it at the store.” he replied hugging you back. It was different from your usual girly clothes but from the way Tae was smiling, you knew he loved your boyish side.


You were shopping with Jungkook and you reached the sports section for men. Your eyes kept landing on the clothes there. While Jungkook was trying some of them on in the changing cabin, you took some of the hoodies you landed your eyes on and went to try them on too. You didn’t have a mirror in your cabin so you had to go to the hallway. There, you intersected with Kookie, who was looking at you a little suprised and a smile on his face while winking at you. “You look good, Jagi. You should buy it.” You smiled shyly, now that he found your secret.


So I bought this wonderfully adorable shirt designed by @artfulimpersonator and IT CAME. =D

As someone who sizes as an extra large I am routinely wary about sizing. This is an extra large and I am not disappointed!!! It fits wonderfully and it’s so comfy!!! The design is well made and ITS SO CUTE. Teespring has my plus size approval for shirts.

My favorite people and highest inspirations have made THE CUTEST SHIRT EVER. You know Peridot’s dorky squeals and giggles? THAT IS ME RIGHT NOW. I JUST. IM SO HAPPY. I’LL WEAR IT WITH PRIDE! THANK YOU!


OH OH OH!!! Hello Everyone! :D How have you been my bbies? >U< Hope school went great with you too now it’s the time to rest and have a little fun on holidays has a reward of our hard work hehe! ^^ /smooches you! So!… It’s the time to do a holidays ff too, since it has been a long time since I done one! Not only to celebrate my near 24k! followers but to celebrate another year with you guys! ; U ; 2015 was a hard one and with LOADS of work to me and had been on semi hiatus almost all year… BUT I really had a great time once again with you guys and enjoyed every each moment here which makes me SUPER DUPER HAPPY! I made new friends and began to follow more wonderful new ppl as well and I thank YOU all for making my days so fab and full of happiness and strength!! I thank YOU again for being such fantastic bbies, for being friends with me, for being who you are and  for being following this little dork girl still /points at me! XP You don’t imagine how IMPORTANT each one of you guys are for me! TT U TT
Hope we can be all together for another year, squealling for new animes and having funny moments again with full of laughter! Let’s wish to be a greater one than this last one, with full of happiness, love and LOADS of luck for everything heheh!!
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For you, I would walk through hell for a thousand years or more.

But it’s okay,
I’m back now
I wouldn’t let death overcome me, I needed to see your face again, Jean <3

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

M-Marco is that you? I-I … wow .. I can’t believe this…

You have no idea how much I missed you <3

Happy Valentine’s Day <3