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fibro!tsuna and The Management (of stress) (and therefore pain)
  • reborn: you've been staring at your phone for 10 minutes?? what, are you watching paint dry or something?
  • tsuna: *is watching instagram clips of paint being mixed*
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn: .... *sits on his shoulder and watches with him*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i know i said 'on wednesdays i wear pink and watch bob ross reruns in my pajamas'
  • tsuna: but why did all of you feel the need to join me??
  • yamamoto: haha what do you mean all of us? it's just me and hayato.
  • gokudera: stop calling me that!
  • tsuna: that's two of you! two!! that's..
  • tsuna: that's two more than i've ever had over at my house before
  • gokudera: don't worry, juudaime! i'll visit you every day from now on! at every hour of the day!
  • tsuna: no, please don't, that will make it worse
  • yamamoto: make what worse?
  • tsuna: Everything
  • ...
  • nana: welcome home, tsu-kun! how was school?
  • tsuna, in his head: i am literally vibrating with stress. and also pain, but mostly stress. my chest thuds like it's housing a palpitating lovecraftian creature. like the heart under edgar allen poe's floorboards. i feel cold sweat on my skin. i am cold. and tired. i wish to murder something.
  • tsuna, out loud: i could use a nap before dinner.
  • also tsuna: *internally screaming like a banshee from hell*
  • ...
  • reborn: why don't you take a walk and cool your head? exercise is good for you, dame-tsuna.
  • tsuna: *takes one (1) step out of the house*
  • tsuna: *is bombarded with 'dame-tsuna's and 'loser whiner tsuna's and 'faker tsuna's*
  • tsuna: *turns right around, falls back into bed*
  • reborn: ??
  • tsuna: I Cannot Handle The Outside
  • ...
  • mochida: well well well, if it isn't no good tsuna finally showing his face. what's that? are you using your phone during school hours?
  • mochida: that's against regulations. gee, i wonder what the disciplinary committee chairman would say if he knew.
  • mochida: and look, you're even making kyouko-chan complicit with your rule-breaking! you vile vermin.
  • mochida: i bet you're watching PORN, aren't you. filth, how dare you make kyouko-chan look at something so vulgar-
  • phone: *squeaky kitten sounds*
  • mochida:
  • mochida: *hovers behind them, watching cute animal clips over their shoulders*
  • hibari: *in the tree branches above them, doing the same thing*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i Cannot Wait for today to be over and for tomorrow to be here
  • reborn: you're rather optimistic lately
  • tsuna: the stress of not knowing what tomorrow will bring is killing me
  • tsuna: like, probably literally killing me
  • tsuna: i feel like i'm dying
  • reborn: you feel like that every day
  • tsuna: Meeeelting Iiiin My Skiiiiin

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So… I heards you like cute animal pictures…. :D  These are Juniper (lilac point), Parsnip (B&W) and Potato (brn tabby)

Parsnip was one of my many special needs kittens and I really wish I’d ended up keeping him. *sighs*

p.s. I also have many cute photos of behbeh snakes, but I dunno what tags I should use when I post those because I know snake phobias are a very common thing.


Now imagine Clear.

Imagine him sitting on a cabin floor.

Now imagine him covered in squeaky kittens.

Hungry Kittens.

And he’s trying to feed them.

But they keep climbing on his lap and up his sweater.

And he can’t stop giggling.

“Mink-san, kitten attack! They won’t let me put the bowl down!”

And Mink cracks a smile.

Because come on, it’s Clear covered in hungry squeaky kittens.

That’s precious.

His lover is fucking adorable.

And after a few minutes he helps and swiftly takes the bowl and places it on the floor.

This gives them time to kiss softly for maybe 15 seconds before Minks dangling hair proves more interesting than dinner to curious paws.


An important video of many tiny, squeaky kittens exploring a bed seemingly for the first time in their tiny, squeaky lives.

Watch on cybergata.tumblr.com

Nothin like waking up a squeaky kitten to brighten your day~