squeaky nails

Week 2

Truth or Dare: College AU Percabeth

Here’s Week 2 of my 52 Week Writing Challenge! I wrote it for another of my main OTPs, Percabeth. These losers get me every time. Prompt twist though, I decided to just do Truth instead of Truth or Dare. Also, if you want to read some really quality PJO Fanfiction, I strongly recommend going tp the page of thestoriesoftheseven, I may or may not have spent a large part of my day binge reading from there yesterday. You can’t prove anything.

Truth be told, Annabeth really hated mechanical pencils. Sure, a little click of a button could save you the thirty seconds it took to sharpen a real, bonafide, wooden pencil, but at what cost? The scratchy, squeaky, nails on a chalkboard sound they made while writing was enough to drive her completely insane. The guy two seats down from her in her Art History class, however, was apparently either deaf or immune to the noise, as he pretty much exclusively wrote with mechanical pencils. For anything. Every single class.

If he wasn’t so damn attractive, Annabeth would have definitely lost it on him by now.

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