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Mr. Min - Chapter 06

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 26,321 

A/N: I’m so sorry.  I don’t think I’m capable of doing short chapters anymore.  Feel free to read this on AO3 instead if your app messes up.  

And a huge round of applause to the always lovely, @avveh, for beta-ing this behemoth.  I’m so sorry to put you through that lol.

Prologue - Ch 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 

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First Impressions // Barry x Reader

Request: Can there be a smut for you being a new intern at the police department and Barry takes a liking to you, soon you become his assistant and you guys end up having sex all around his lab?

Warnings: I got secondhand butterflies just writing this tbh. Flirty!Barry and steamy smut oooh

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Heart Eyes - Peter Parker x Female! Reader

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@cherylbombshellsworld Can u do one where the reader just moved to queens and ends up living across peter and then gets a crush on him and so on?

Word count: 1,248

Warnings: a shit lot of DC and probably some swearing

A/N : Thank you all for 400 followers! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

And i can also make a Part 2 if anyone wants lmao

You woke up.

The window next to your bed was open and you felt the cold breeze that crept in. Today was moving day! Your feet swung across the bed an attempt to leave the comfortable mattress.

After you took a few steps down the corridor you saw one of your roommates – Artemis.

She was trying so hard to fix her hair and leave for a mission. After she spotted you on the doorframe, she smiled.

“I can’t believe you are leaving us!” she cried out. She got up from her seat and proceeded to hug you. “Do you really have to? You are only sixteen!”

“I have to be on a mission. You know, Justice League stuff. Besides, Dick will be there most of the time. Because I’m technically not an adult yet.”  You simply replied. Artemis hugged you for a few more minutes before realizing she is going to be late. “Not that he is much of an adult himself, but whatever.”

“Wally is still in the kitchen if you need anything. “ She called out after she left through the door. You stared at it for a few minutes.

After a few seconds, you made a sharp turn to the right which led you to the kitchen. You saw your other roommate before slipping some cereal in a bowl.

“Are you ready to move, (Y/N)?” Wally said with a smile.

“I will be if you fly me over to Queens!  And by me, I mean me and my suitcases.” You chuckled. Wally’s playful frown made you chuckle again.

“And please thank Bruce once again. I can’t believe he actually paid for my apartment!”

“(Y/N). You thanked him at least twenty-five times.” Wally said while taking a bite of his sandwich. “And I can’t fly you up but I can call Bruce-“

“Stop right there, West. Bruce already paid for my apartment, and as much as I love to travel in the Batwing, I can’t even dare to ask this big hearted man for that much.”

“Big Hearted?” Wally laughed, “Anyway, I can call Hal if you want”

You snapped your fingers and point at Wally playfully.

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Wool Socks - George Weasley

Prompt: Reader steals George’s socks before a cuddling session, which Fred rudely interrupts.

Word count: 1,389

Warning: None(:

It was magnificent what a change in weather did to the world. With the snow pouring down around the atmosphere like a snow globe, the homey landscape outside the Burrow appear as a scenery straight from a Hallmark holiday card.

There were no visible lights, other than the strings placed around the wooden hut. Flashes of red, green, blue, and yellow flickered on a timed schedule. All the world was silent while the snow cascaded down to the ground in a soothing waterfall pattern.

You positioned your weight forward, hands clenching the window sill. The prepossessing sight was more captivating than any show you had witnessed before. Winter was a beautiful season despite the harsh cold brought along with the change of season.

The snow blanketed ground seemed so near though as you pressed your hand against the chilling glass perception struck unmasking the hundreds of feet down to the covered ground.

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Homecoming - Peter Parker x Reader imagine

Title: Homecoming
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: Peter asks you to homecoming.
Word Count: 556
Warning: References to the movie but you’ll only notice them if you’ve seen it, so there’s not really spoilers.
A/N: Written for anon - ‘“would it be too cliche if we matched clothes a little?” with Peter Parker please.’

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Falling (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader 

Prequel to the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

When you moved to London during the summer it was terrifying to leave your friends and past life behind for a whole new world, but you managed… And then the owl knocked on your window. At first you dismissed it as a small bird or common bat, but it kept tapping on the window until you looked over. Cautiously opening the window, you ran back to your bed, scared that the wild creature would attack and scratch. The barn owl ruffled its feathers and opened its wings once again, gliding over to perch on your bedpost. You were wary of the owl but noticed something held in its beak. The owl opened its mouth and dropped an old looking envelope on the bed before making another brief flight to land on your shoulder, sharp claws scratching your skin. You panicked, staying perfectly still. There’s an owl on my shoulder. You thought in disbelief. An owl. On my shoulder. What the fresh hell am I supposed to do? The owl nudged your neck with its head and looked pointedly at the envelope on your bed.

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“In the Kutte”

Happy Lowman x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

Being Happy Lowman’s girlfriend was probably the hardest job in SAMCRO - greatest risk, littlest reward - but you cherished that mean old fool with every ounce of your being.

Your story was almost a fairytale, if Prince Charming had a snake tattoo on his head and kept his body count tatted on him as a reminder of how deadly he was, rode a Harley, was in an MC, rarely smiled, and fucked much harder than ever necessary.

Technically you guessed the similarities ended with him rescuing you. He had done so from a would-be rapist and brought you to the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse until he could ‘handle’ the problem. The night he saved you was the same night you learned about his tattoos and what they meant.

When he took you to his room at the club, innocently enough just to show you where you could sleep for the night, your gratitude had been shown in the form of a kiss, which turned into a grope, which turned into sex.

It had been 4 months since he found out you had nowhere to go and offered you a place in his home. Although nobody around his MC seemed to believe it was possible for anyone to be in a relationship with Happy Lowman, the two of you made it work and somewhere along the way you had fallen secretly in love with the man people referred to as The Tacoma Killer.

You woke up like any other morning, without Happy beside you because he was already up for the day, and probably had been for hours. You walked into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee before realizing that Happy’s wallet and keys were still on the table. Peeking out the into the garage, you found your lover sitting in the middle of the garage, his back to you, the reaper on his vest staring into your eyes while it’s wearer was tinkering with his bike. He must’ve been messing with the brakes from what you could tell. You stepped out onto the cold concrete floor, barefooted and still wearing your pajama shorts and tank top that you had slept in last night.

“Good morning handsome,” you cooed and Happy looked over his shoulder at you and grunted his good morning to you.

“Want some more coffee? Anything to eat?” you asked as his hands worked meticulously on the front wheel of his bike.

“I’m fine babe,” he rasped, not looking up from his job.

“Oh… Okay…” you spoke with mild defeat in your voice. You had wished for a little more attention from your old man than you were getting, “Well I’ll leave you alone then,” you sighed turning to walk back into the kitchen.

“Hey,” his voice called and you froze, your hand on the doorknob and your back to him.

“Come here,” he demanded and you obliged, turning around and stepping to his now standing frame which was facing you. He lifted a hand to your chin, lifting your face so he could lean down and press a kiss into your lips.

“I gotta make a trip up to Tacoma today,” he spoke once he pulled away from you, “I’m leaving soon. Be back in a couple days.”

Since Happy had ties in Tacoma, he was always Clay’s first choice to send North when he needed something done. You hated being left behind, but since you were an old lady you weren’t involved in club business much, and it wasn’t allowed for you to tag along.

“I’ll miss you,” you gave him a half smile, looking up into his deep brown eyes, so dark you couldn’t see his pupils without focusing.

The shadow of a smile ghosted across his face as he leaned back into you, his lips landing on yours again as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your body flush against his. Happy wasn’t the sweetest or most romantic in the world but he was definitely the best kisser in the world, you would bet anything on that.

He picked you up, turning around and placing you on the seat of his bike, sideways so your legs both hung off the left side, as he settled between them. He placed his palms on the gas tank and fender as he moved his lips to your neck and you held his shoulders to steady yourself.

He moved his hands to tug at the hem of your tank top, sliding it up over your head to expose your bare breasts which he quickly attended to with his mouth. You moaned at the stimulation and he tugged your bottoms off as you pulled at his belt, unbuckling it and letting his jeans drop to the floor. He stood straight, looking down at you as he stepped out of his jeans completely, pulling them over his boots and tossing them aside before reaching to take off his kutte and the grey shirt underneath.

“No!” you whined and he looked down at you with a frown, “Leave the kutte on,” you sucked in your bottom lip and bit it with a shy grin, something that drove Happy wild as he growled, leaving his kutte on and dropping to his knees in front of you, spreading your legs.

You moaned and tossed your head back when his tongue met your core, licking long flat-tongued stripes through your folds as his fingers kept your legs open and dug into your thighs. He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked, flicking his tongue against it from inside his mouth and pushing a finger inside you, eating you out until you came hard and fast, grabbing his head and pulling it into your core as your body shook.

Happy pulled his face back and spit, his saliva dripping down you as he stood and pulled his dick from his boxers, returning to his position between your legs and grabbing the back of your neck to hold you forward. As he was staring in your eyes, he ran the tip of his cock up and down your slit, spreading the mixture of your juices and his spit at your entrance. He lined himself up and pushed inside you with a groan which was matched by your sharp intake of breath as he stretched you open.

You reached your hand up to hold onto his wrist that was holding onto your neck for support and you caught a flicker of his devilish grin right before you closed your eyes. It didn’t matter how many times the two of you had sex, him entering you and filling you completely was a feeling you would always enjoy. He began to stroke into you as his free hand secured itself to your hip, gripping tighter as he thrusted into you with urgency and your hand left his wrist to grip the handlebar of his bike.
You used your other hand to hook a finger in the collar of his shirt and pull him down to you. Biting his bottom lip gently, his panting breaths danced across your face and he kissed you again, his hand on your neck sliding down and wrapping around your back as he leaned down to bury his face in your neck and pound into you as roughly as always.

You remembered how some of the croweaters had complained in the past, before you became his girl of course, about how sore they would be after a night with him…as if it was an inconvenience.
You, on the other hand, loved it, the way he made you feel as his dick punched into you, hitting spots you didn’t even know existed until he found them.

You attached your lips to his ear, biting and licking as he held onto you tightly and moved in and out of you. His breathing was getting more ragged with each thrust and you knew he would reach his orgasm soon so you whispered and moaned into his ear a series of compliments, “Oh baby you make me feel so good.”
“I love this dick so much Hap.”
“You’re so fucking sexy when you fuck me,” until he reached up and grabbed you by the hair, pulling out of you and pushing your face to his dick as he huffed and you wrapped your lips around his shaft, sucking him in and out until you felt him brace himself against the tank of his bike and his release found him, his cock throbbing and shooting his cum onto your tongue as he watched you swallow it all and suck him off some more for good measure.

“God damn,” he sighed as you finally released his member and stood up to face him, wiping your mouth with your hand as you grinned up at him. He pulled his boxers back up and kissed your forehead, reaching down to grab his jeans as you grabbed your pajamas and slipped them back on.

“I’m gonna miss you too, you know,” his voice was still deep and growling, but there was a hint of softness in his tone that made you look back up at him to catch a smile on his face. He didn’t smile often, so when he did it sent tingles up your spine.

You threw yourself into his arms again and buried your face in his chest as you giggled, and he held you closely.

“I love you, (Y/N),” he whispered and your eyes shot open with surprise, he had never said that before.

“I love you too Happy,” you squeaked as the excitement of your first ‘I love yous’ overcame your emotions and he placed a kiss into the top of you head, swaying you back and forth in the garage beside the blacked out Harley the two of you had just defiled.

NCT127 reacting to you dancing flawlessly

Hi hi love ur blog!!! Can I request NCT127’s reaction to you dancing to limitless ~flawlessly~ at a fan meet, thank you!!!

thank youuuuuu

TAEIL“You dance so well I see you’re almost as good as Johnny,” he whispers because he’s seated next to him.

Originally posted by zeusmayo

JOHNNY“Yes, you have to enter a competition,” he squeaked full of excitement, “I’ll be your first supporter.” (look at johnny in the gif)

Originally posted by neotechs

TAEYONG: “Woah! You dance so so great,” he doesn’t know what to say and he gulps thinking you were as good as him.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

YUTA: “I’m still a better dancer though, have you seen my sexy dance?” he says deadly serious, but you knew he was just joking around.

Originally posted by taesyong

DOYOUNG: “You dance so amazing, but tell me how can you dance so flawless. The first time I tried to dance it I failed so hard,” he looked astonished.

Originally posted by zeusmayo

JAEHYUN: “Winwinnie, do you see that?” he tapped Sicheng’s arm, for his attention and he pointed at you who was still dancing.

Originally posted by limitless-jaehyun

WINWIN: He’d be a lot like Jaehyun, mixed with Taeil, but he just really looked at you like “wow”.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

MARK: Mark would look at you with his astonished and wow face, “where did you learn this?” (RIP MARK STASN OML IMSONE OD THEM)

Originally posted by zayngelicvoice

HAECHAN: “You did really great, but I’m still better,” he smiled at you obviously he didn’t mean that but you understood.

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Eternal Love: Chapter Two

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Bts Vampire AU! Bts Prince AU! Smut in upcoming chapters! Overall Sexy!

If you are new to the story please read chapter one first to understand what is happening!

Being sold into an arranged marriage was the norm in every kingdom known to man. It was never meant for a man to simply love his wife. A “relationship” was merely a source to increase the population. A ridiculous agreement made centuries ago in order to keep a kingdom stronger than others.

Except… you never expected not only to be sold off to the most powerful household in the kingdom, but sold off to marry not one man… but seven. Whom also just so happen to be vampires.


Previously on “Eternal Love”

“Hyung”, Jungkook spoke up, “ Do you feel that” he said gripping his chair, almost snapping the arm rest.

“Is that her?” , Jimin almost moaned at the feeling you ignited throughout the castle.

Namjoon turned to face his brothers, “ She’s the one “. Unwillingly revealing his fangs alongside his hyungs.

“ What is this feeling…?” Seokjin asked. The rest of the hyungs looking at namjoon for a response.

“It’s what father felt for mother… eternal love” he smirked as he licked his fangs.


After eating your hearts out, you and Annabelle looked at each other and laughed.

“Fat pigs we are”, Annabelle said, rubbing her full stomach.

“Who would want a pig any other way?”, you laughed, rubbing your own stomach.

You looked around the room, analyzing the beauty once more; Annabelle watching you, wishing she could read minds like her brother Seokjin in that moment. Everything about you was so fascinating to her; the way you smiled, your humor, the energy you brought into a situation most people would consider dark and lonesome. I mean come on, your own parents sold you away to some random family in order to make children. But that is what was so beautiful about you, you turned such a negative situation into something positive; making a friend minutes within waking up.

You then turned to Annabelle, I mischievous glint in your eyes, “ So Annabelle, what do you do for fun here”, you asked, obviously wanting to escape the big yet some what suffocating room.

She looked at you with an equal mischievous look in her eye, “ How about you and I play dress up, make ourselves look like princesses and then run a muck in this damned castle,” she suggested. You obviously shocked yet excited with her dropping of formalities.

“ I love it”, you squeaked, obviously excited to not only get out of this room, but to run around with your now , close friend. You stood up holding your hand out to her, “ shall we princess Annabelle?”, you asked in such a posh way you almost gagged.

She giggled, looking down at her lap, “ If only you knew what type of princess I was “, she thought to herself. Looking up at you.

She took your hand, feeling that spark you were to give everyone within the castle, “ we shall princess (Y/N)”, she said in an equally ridiculous tone. She then pulled you into a incredibly large closet full of the most beautiful dresses, jewelry, shoes, etc….

You looked around, one again in complete shock. “Now i’m positive this is all a dream”, you said, gawking at the gowns before you.

“ Meh, I’ve seen better”, Annabelle teased, looking at you from the corner of her eye. Stepping in front of you, “ Let’s turn you into a princess”, she said. You rolling your eyes jokingly and giggling.


“Hyung, Annabelle hasn’t sent us any notice on the princess”, Hoseok said as he paced the room back and forth.

“She’s keeping her all to herself”, taehyung said in annoyance.

Namjoon paying no mind to his brother’s concerns for their princess/ soon to be Queen.

“Hyung”, Yoongi approached his brother, “She’s absolutely extraordinary”, he said as Seokjin stepped to the opposite side of Namjoon. “She’s… definitely different from the other’s, she’s got the spark fathers always talked about”, he said.

Namjoon only turned around, ignoring their comments. “Hyungs, sit down”, he ordered; the rest sitting in the chairs that surround the room.

“There is no doubt that she is the one, her energy… well… there’s not much to say about that, we all feel it”, he said, watching the boys come down from the high your presence ignited in them, their fangs disappearing as they got use to the feeling you caused them to have. “If father were to still be with us, we all know what he would say to us, and we must follow his wish’s if we are to rule this kingdom properly,once and for all”, he said as he made eye contact with his brothers.

“She is our queen”, Jungkook said.

“Our light”, Hoseok added.

“Our strength”, Taehyung said.

“Our love”, Jimin added.

“ Our courage”, Seokjin said

“Our dignity”, Yoongi added.

“Our reason to live”, They all said in unison. Remembering what their father told them about finding their eternal love.

Their heads suddenly snapped towards their bedroom door, at the sound of your  door opening. A loving/ mischievous smile appearing on all of their face’s. Their hearts started pounding against their chest’s, excitement bubbling in the pits of their stomach’s.

“Our beauty awaits”, Jimin said as he rose from his seat, charmingly sweeping his hair back, walking towards the door.

“Jimin”,Namjoon called out, Jimin looking back to his hyungs. A smirk crawling across Namjoon’s face as he continued to look forward, avoiding eye contact from any of the boys in the room, “ Let our princess know”, he said, as he looked at Jimin, “That her king’s “, he paused, slightly cocking his head to the side. “ We’ll see her for dinner”.

A slight smirk now crawling across all of the hyung’s faces, jimin letting out a deep chuckle, “Will do hyung “, he said as he stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him.


“ You have a sense of style, I will give you that”, Annabelle said, impressed with the elegant light blue dress you picked out for her to wear. The dress fit her curves wonderfully, truly making her look like an elegant princess, maybe even a queen, but that’s what you were going for.

“Right back at ya”, you said, equally impressed with her choice of style for you. You wore a white dress with a beautiful golden floral pattern at the bottom. The dress was fitting at the waist and flows at the bottom, the light breeze making the dress show off your figure even more. You wore your hair down, as Annabelle did. Annabelle had braided two pieces of your hair, connecting them together in the back, giving you a more innocent look. A look she knew would drive her brothers crazy. You both wore matching diamond pendants, a cute suggestion made by you.

“There’s no way we will be able to run around in these dresses”, you laughed behind Annabelle as she stepped into the long hallway. Your back facing her as you closed the door behind you. “Plus, i’m a complete klutz, and these heels will not serve me… CRAP”. You yelped as you tripped over your own feet.

A pair of muscular arms found their way around your waist as you fell backwards, your eyes closed tightly, dreading the impact your body would make as it contacted the floor, but there was no such feeling. You slowly opened your eyes, making sure you didn’t just pass out from your fall.

“A klutz you are indeed”, a sweet voice, who was definitely not Annabelle whispered as he looked into your eyes. A slight smile spread across his face. Showing off his deep dimples.

“Is this heaven”, you said, earning a deep chuckle from the man holding you tightly.

“Charming, but cheesy darling”, he whispered into your ear, causing you to blush intensely.

“Jimin, you can let go of her”, Annabelle said in an annoyed tone, scolding how cheesy you and her brother were being.

He only chuckled, helping you stand up straight. You brushing off your dress, recollecting yourself. He looked at you, his head cocked to the side, waiting for you to look at him.

“I’m so sorry about that, like I said, i’m a klutz”, you giggled as you looked up into his eyes with a small smile as a way to say sorry.

He gave you his lovely smile, his eyes disappearing into crescent moons, making you swoon at his soft appearance. While his facial expressions were soft and charming, his attire was incredibly striking and intimidating. He gently grasped your hand, leaning down, leaving a gentle kiss. You gasped at the sudden spark left by the contact between you two.

He too felt the spark but chose to ignore it for your sake. It wasn’t just some electrical current Jimin felt, oh no, it was a sexual, longing spark that ignited in him. A spark that would soon ignite in his hyungs as well, given that you are their “soul mate”. He only smirked, looking into your eyes, seeing that the same feeling was released within yourself.

It took every bone in his body to not pin you against the wall right then and there to have his way with you, but he figured he would save that for another time.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you”, he said, stalking closer to you. Your body tensing up as he came closer.  “My princess”, he whispered seductively into your ear.

You let out an airy sound, a sound between a sigh and a moan, only giving him more confidence with his first encounter with you.

“Oh this is going to be so much fun my hyungs”, he thought to himself with a smirk.


Authors Note!

I really hope you all like the story so far! Just a warning so you all don’t get confused. The next few chapters will be focused on the boy’s one on one relationship with the main character; how they connect with her and what they do on their ”alone time” ;) .

Please keep in mind I am open to any ideas you all have for upcoming chapters! Any and every suggestion you all send me will appear in upcoming chapters so keep a look out !

And please let me know if you guys like the story! 

Got7 reaction to: holding their new born baby


He’ll be in complete adoration at the sight of yall’s baby girl. He’d be non-stop giggling til he had her in his arms, and bet he wouldn’t let her go for the next 24 hours. Would probably invite Jackson over the next day so he can show her off.

“Look at her adorable little face!”

Originally posted by tuanpumpkins


Would try to keep his elation low-key as he doesn’t wanna disturb as you’ve just been through hours of labour. But of course he can’t help the huge smile on his face and the little squeaks of excitement when the nurse passes him yall’s son.

“He looks just like me!”

Originally posted by noirahgase


I know he is excited most of the time, but I think he would be surprisingly calm in this situation. Not because he’s not happy, but he wants to cherish the first moments that he spends with his daughter. Would whisper typical dad things to her like ‘I’ll protect you’.

“I love you so much, I promise no one will ever hurt you as long as I’m around.”

Originally posted by daefsoul


Once he finally gets to hold them, he’d probably start a conversation with them. He knows they won’t respond but he’s just been waiting so long for this moment and he’s so happy and he just wants to let out all the stuff he’s been waiting to say to them for the past 9 months.

“Hey, do you know how long I’ve been waiting to meet you?”

Originally posted by wangjaxson


Is a nervous wreck at first. He’s worried in case he drops him or holds him wrong; the nurse pretty much has to force him to hold yall’s son. His nerves slowly melt away once he looks at your sons face. He’d rock him slowly and sing a lullaby to him to make sure he keeps calm. Might even shed a little tear.

“Twinkle twinkle little star…”

Originally posted by wangpxppy


I’m not even kidding he would probably be dabbing in excitement when the nurse walks over to him. But once reality dawns on him he’ll get nervous and a little shaky whilst holding her. However, like Youngjae, his nerves would soon go once he sees her little face. Would also probably say something stupid like:

“I’ll teach you how to dab.”

Originally posted by mauloveskpop


Couldn’t believe that he was actually a dad at first. It took him a full 3 hours to process it. When he’s ready (at last) he would have the shyest little smile on his face. Would come over to where you lay on the hospital bed to show him to you and would cuddle the both of you. Overall an adorable family moment.

“My little dancing king.”

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Summer of Love Chapter 2: Movie Night

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Masterlist Part 1

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!Stark!reader, Tony Stark x Reader (father-daughter)

Warnings: None really save for some light cursing and tons of fluff.

Summary: You offer to show Peter a movie to thank him for fixing your laptop and the two of you get to know each other a bit better. And both of you discover you have a lot in common, like being awkward around each other because you’ve never hung out with someone your age of the opposite gender before.

A/N: Hey guys! So here’s the next part of Summer of Love to make up for the angst that was in Partners in (Fighting) Crime! I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you in a week!

Peter ran around the obstacle course that was set up in the main training area for him. He jumped over walls and webbed other surfaces to swing out of the way of things that were being thrown at him. 

“He’s doing well.” Pepper says and looks over to Happy who was watching as well. 

“Yeah. He’s a good little fighter I’ll give him that.” Happy says. 

“I bet he’s happy you came to watch him train.” Pepper says and Happy rolls his eyes.

“I only came to watch that pain in the ass get beat up by something.” Happy says and as if on cue something hits Peter and he gets slammed into a wall. “Ah, now that’s what I was waiting for.” 

Pepper rolled her eyes as well and watched as Peter stood up to run the course again. Then she heard someone come out of the workout room and smiled when she saw you. 

“Hey there Y/N. How did your workout go today?” She asks and you came over and gave your adoptive mother to be a sweaty hug. 

“It went great! I’m getting better at that new routine I’ve been trying out.” You say then notice Spider-Man in the gym. “What’s he up to?” You ask and decide to watch him. 

“Oh he’s just running a course that Tony designed for him to train.” Pepper explains. You smiled and decided to watch. 

“Oh shit Y/N’s here! She’s watching me! Karen what do I do! I can’t mess up in front of her she’ll think I’m a loser!” Peter asks the AI in his suit nervously. 

“Then don’t mess up. Just run the course. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Karen says. 

“I hope you’re right.” Peter says and prepares himself to do another run.

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anonymous asked:

hc, kirishima, bakugou dabi, and aizawa watching they're s/o eating desert and they notice how happy and delighted they are with it, like, they look like they're in heaven! X'D (yesterday honestly I ate the BEST desert ever in my entire life ahhh~ TT U TT) thks~ love ya hons~ <3

I love you too annonie-pooooo. Why didn’t you get me some food?! ;;;-;;;“ but I hope you enjoy this thooo. ❤️

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bakugou gives them a weird look, how can one be so overly happy about eating a desert? It’s just a desert to him. He will eat it like it’s nothing special.
  • If they start making some moaning noises then he will look flash a look like they’re crazy, before a smirk crept onto his face slowly. The lewdness will commence from here now.
  • “You sure are enjoying that desert, aren’t you? Do you know what else tastes good? My di- OW OW. F U CK. IM SORRY. DONT HURT ME. IM FUCKING JOKING. JEEZ!! ”

Kirishima Eijirou

  • Seeing s'o all delighted and their eyes twinkling from taking a bite makes him giggly! Kirishima gazed at their heavenly expression while they kept eating.
  • Kirishima also took a bit of their desert when he asked for permission. Oh his manly heart beamed happily, they were right. It’s very delicious, he can’t have enough anymore.
  • Kirishima ended up eating the whole thing and he got scolded for it, but hey, that’s they’re fault for introducing him something delicious. He goes to buy another one. Also… he kept a picture of their lighten face, secretly.


  • His eyebrows raises when he sees his s'o squeaking and looking so excited for the desert. He isn’t the one for much sweets, not really a sweet tooth lad. So he just watched them devour.
  • Dabi wipes some of the cream off of the desert and gently dabbed it on their checks several times before kicking it away, s'o was totally in heaven alright.
  • “What’s that on your face? Oh, I’ll clean it. The pleasure is all mines, babe.” He will keep teasing his s'o about it and laughs when they’re flushed, seeing them look that happy about a desert? Strange yet cute.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki smiles warmly as he sees his s'o expression lighten up when they took a bite. He analyzes silently while they took few more bites and only to see him staring back.
  • s'o involuntarily feeds Todoroki too! He appeared to be flustered about it at first, but he nodded at their offer. So now, he’s blushing when they feed him the desert.
  • Todoroki fancies the desert and he understands why they were squeaking about it. So he doesn’t mind sharing some with them, but what melts his heart is their happy expression.

Aizawa Shouta *added*

  • Anything rarely ever excites him and seeing his s'o becoming so captivated by the desert is peculiar to him, yet it’s very adorable seeing them that way too.
  • Aizawa would buy them their special deserts everyday just to see them all giggly about it. He asks questions about how good it is, “So, how good is it? Should I try?” - “ITS TOO GOOD. You need to try it.” They might also be his taste test once in awhile too! They accurately describe the flavors.
  • Sometimes they attempt/ teasingly emit some moaning sounds and he shakes his head. He’s glad that they’re enjoying the desert, but that’s odd. “Please keep your weird sounds to yourself.”
A little tied up

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: Steve tries to teach Tony about tying knots, but Tony’s mind keeps wandering into more kinky parts of his brain. And if you can’t beat them…

length: 1 313 words

warnings: light bondage

a/n: sooo, I am kinda sleepy and don’t know what is happening and thought that maybe you want a fic today. this prompt - still trying to make my way through my prompts… hope you like it!


A little tied up

“This is how you do an overhand knot. It is the basic one.”


“And this is a square knot. It is really sturdy.”


“And this is a granny knot. It is similar to square knot, but here–”


“Tony!” Steve scolded, as Tony dropped his head on the table and fake snored. “Pay attention! You might need this one day!”

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I Love To Hate You. - Chapter One.

Originally posted by suagarymint

Anon- Hello, I hope you all enjoyed the intro chapter, sorry this is a late upload. But i do hope you’ll enjoy this too. As always, the chapters are linked in the chapter list. Thanks again for the support <3

Over View: What happens when two people detest each other, but the pull between them is stronger than the tides, and they can’t stay away? Is there more between the constant cussing and fighting? Or is it purely the love of having someone to hate so passionately? After all, doesn’t everyone need an enemy?

Warnings: Cussing (in previous and future chapters, more cussing, major angst, smut)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2236

Chapter List:

Intro Chapter.               Chapter one.            Chapter two (In process).

You were sat in the bar with a couple of your friends, as other party guests filtered in through the doors and said their greetings. You weren’t too sure exactly who, or how many were on the list; all you were interested in was seeing the birthday girl. She had been your closest friend for a number of years, and you’d not seen each other in a few weeks due to work commitments, but you’d never miss her birthday.

You scanned those entering the building for her face, when your eyes locked with some guys.

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Frustrations - M

Anon said:
OK ok so how about a himchan smut 😘😘😘. Like first time with his (virgin) gf. But like instead of making the girl an innocent lamb can the girl be like really out there nd stuff with her sexual frustration lol

*Rated M for Maknaes not allowed ~ Seriously, preserve the innocence!

It’s now or never.  It’s do or die… seriously.  You felt like you were about to explode with sexual frustration.  And damn it, he wasn’t making a move.  Even after all the hints you were practically shoving down his throat throughout the whole duration of your date, he remained a perfect gentleman.  What does a girl have to do to chuck her V card out the window?

For far too long you had to take a back burner in conversations where your friends shared their sexual escapades.  At your age, it was nothing short of downright humiliating to have nothing to add, no stories to tell.  Your hymen was going to make you a social outcast while your hormones were going to lead to an early grave.  One way or another, something had to give.  And if he wasn’t going to take the initiative, you were going to have to take things into your own hands.  

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