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When are we gonna get the "squeakin n'deekin show" on youtube, the awesome show of the squeaks (you) and friends just deekin around, adventure and fun for the hole family! Or at least thats the description, the hole channel is just filled with videos of some random guy eating cereal, everyday at the same hour, the same lengt, no commenting, just the guy and off-brand cereal, the only things changing from vieo to video is the backgruond music, the guy's clothes and maybe the cereal.

ha ha oh man that would be even more wild considering i do this weird thing where i feel like I’m constantly being observed/on tv all hours of the day, so to me, I’m  already in the squeak n’deekin show. which by the way? love that name. and i couldn’t think of a better network to back my program. 

I’ve tried talking videos, IVE TRIED TAKING VIDEOS TO POST SO MANY TIMES, but my dreams are always dashed by my very very poor camera equipment, so i guess y'all just have to hack the governments array of webcams to watch the squeak n’deekin show  for now 

The Oddkids.

One summer, when I was a boy, my parents sent me to stay with my grandparents for the break. Raised in the pacific northwest, a small town in eastern Mississippi might as well have been an entirely different country for all I was concerned. The instant we got out of the airport I was struck with the oppressive humidity, and I became convinced right then and there that my parents downright despised me.

Of course, the reality was much kinder than that. My grandparents were good folks, and thankfully I met a girl within a few days of arrival, and we became fast friends. Her name was Jessie. A local girl with long blonde hair and green eyes – the first pair I’d ever encountered. I was in love at first sight. Jessie was a year or two older than me, but that didn’t matter much to us.

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It is EXACTLY this kind of day today.

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My brain–in response to my “the whole world and everything in it sucks” mood–decided its only recourse was to have me look at gifs of Kronk.

The funny thing is, it’s actually working.

“Repeat after me: my existential dread is somehow soothed by earnest sidekick humor.”

“Squeak squeakitysqueaksqueakin’ squeaksqueak squeakin’ squeak.”

Hey, I’m Awesome

Title: Hey, I’m Awesome

Word Count: 1,187

Warnings: fluff, nakedness.

Summary: The Reader and Sam have a secret relationship that no one knows about in fear of the Winchesters’ enemies finding her and torturing her due to her ties with them. Cas one day walks in on them during an intimate moment and Dean decides to have a little fun with the newly found out information.

Pairing: [Sam x Reader]

Original Request: Could you do a Sam x Reader where Sam and the Reader are dating but are keeping it a secret from everyone, even Dean and Cas, to keep her as safe as possible, but Dean and Cas always catch them making out (aggressively…? Maybe having sex idek), and kissing etc. but they always make up lame excuses, so Dean and Cas get suspicious and listen in on them when they’re alone and confront them about it.

Author’s Note: So I changed the request a little bit… I hope that’s alright, anon! and literally the title sucks and I’m so sorry for that.

              Your head rested on his bare chest, your arm settled on his lower abdomen. Both of your legs were entangled together, your bodies pressed together as closely as possible. Sam’s hand brushed through your messy Y/H/C locks, twisting the hair around his slender fingers playfully. You felt his heartbeat drum against his chest, the comforting beating lulling you into a peaceful state.

              “I hate hiding,” you murmured into his flesh, burying your face into his chest.

              Sam’s body rose and fell with a heavy sigh, his hand falling from your hair to the small of your back, holding you close to him. “I know, Y/N… I just… if something would happen because you have ties to me… I couldn’t…” He wasn’t able to finish his statement, another string of air falling passed his lips.

              “I can take care of myself, Sam,” you assured, drawing your attention up to his hazel eyes, a bolster smile plastering itself on your lips.

              “I know you can,” he whispered into the crown of your head, rubbing his arms up and down your back, his nimble fingertips tracing small circles against your skin.

              His actions sent a small shiver down your spine, you rolling your body weight onto his chest, straddling him. The sudden movement wasn’t meant to be sexual whatsoever, you simply wished to be as close as possible to him. You dipped your head down to allow your lips meet his, the gesture bringing a wide grin to his mouth. He puckered his lips, genuinely returning the kiss to you. His long arms dangled themselves around you, his large, calloused hands resting on your upper thighs. The pads of his thumbs swirled around on your bare flesh, the feeling of security blanketing itself around your state of mind.

              He broke away from the kiss, but immediately began to place a handful of pecks along your collarbone in a romantic expression. “God, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered into your neck, his hot breath tickling your neck. A small giggle escaped your parted lips, your body collapsing down onto his. You tangled your legs with his, resting your head down onto his chest over his beating heart.

              “One day. One day we won’t have to hide. But until then, I can’t risk it. I know you can take care of yourself. I know, baby. I just… I could never forgive myself if something were to happen to you.”

              “Nothing will happen to me as long as I’m with you. Side by side, nothing can hurt us.”

              Little did you know, you left your bedroom door ajar, and an angel just happened to walk by at the right moment.


[Castiel’s POV]

              “Dean, this hasn’t been the first time I found them during an intimate moment,” Cas informed the oldest Winchester.

              Dean’s eyebrows knitted together as he looked at the angel in front of him, his arms folding across his chest. “You’ve… you’ve seen them together… intimately?” Dean questioned. “And you didn’t think to tell me? Or ask them about it?”

              Cas simply shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t think it was any of my business to say anything. The two of them seemed very content with each other and I didn’t want to disturb them.”

              “Well… it sure explains a lot,” Dean spoke, resting his weight down onto the arm of the couch.

              “What do you mean?” Cas asked, cocking his head to the side slightly.

              “Ya know. They always turn in at the same time. They seem to always stand close together. And for one thing, Sam seems a lot happier lately.” He slowly nodded to himself, a small scoff passing through his voice box. “I can’t believe I didn’t see it. Huh… wonder why they’re keepin’ it a secret.”

              “Shall we confront them about it?” Cas questioned Dean.

              A small smirk toyed on Dean’s pink lips, a speckle of mischief sparkling in his green hues. “Nah. Let’s have a little fun with it.”


[Reader’s POV]

              You and Sam entered into the kitchen, chatting about random things, but stopped abruptly when Dean cleared his throat. A smug smile was placed on his features as he brought the rim of his beer bottle to his lips, tipping it back slightly. “What are you crazy kids up to? I thought I heard the bed squeakin’.” He winked at both you and Sam, a dark crimson shade shining on yours and Sam’s cheeks.

              “W-what?” you stammered out, crinkling your brows together. You glanced up at Sam, his eyes meeting with yours.

              Dean chuckled, taking another quick sip of beer. “Ah, I’m just messing with you two! Hey, Sammy, how bout you and I head out to that bar down the road? We haven’t had a guys’ night out in a while and I’ve been sweet talkin’ you up to the bartender. She’s real excited to meet you.”

              Sam cleared his throat awkwardly, wiping the palms of his hands across his jeans in nervousness. “Um, thanks, but I think I’m just gonna stay in for the night.”

              “Ah, come on, Sammy! How long has it been since you had a little… action?” Dean jutted his tongue out to wet his lips, his proud smirk growing wider.

              “Not long,” Sam grumbled underneath his breath, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets.

              “Your hand doesn’t count.”

              Your eyes widened at the banter between the two boys, your head slowly turning to face Sam once more. Your bottom lip was tugged between your teeth, popping it back out into a slight pout. Sam glanced back down at you, his eyes telling a small tale of apologies for Dean’s behavior. You simply shrugged your shoulders at him, motioning for him to lean down so you could whisper something in his ear.

              “Oh, do you need permission from your girlfriend?” Dean taunted, a chuckle sounding after his words.

              Sam corrected his posture, his facial features stern towards his brother. “No, I just respect my girlfriend well enough to not go.”

              Your eyes grew large at Sam’s choice of words, but his gentle expression towards you made your lips twitch into a wide smile. You stood up on your toes, Sam meeting you halfway to crash his lips onto yours. You could feel his lips growing into a playfully grin against your lips. But the sound of Dean’s laughter broke the two of you from your romantic moment.


              “Cas told me he’s found you guys during… intimate moments. I just wanted to mess with you guys.” Another chortle followed his statement as he brought his beer to his lips once more, his smirk never leaving his features.

              “Oh, that’s just low,” you mumbled under your breath, but you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing along with the oldest Winchester, and soon, Sam joined in as well.

              “Hey, I’m awesome,” Dean complimented himself.

              “Yeah, you keep telling yourself that,” Sam spoke towards his brother, though his eyes were focused solely on you.

              Dean’s smug smile dissolved into a small frown at his brother’s words as he grumbled things under his breath, leaving the kitchen to allow the two of you some privacy.


(warning can be loud)
Mischa and her squeakin’ toys. Siberian Husky (submitted by colours-of–the-wind)


Squeaker Squeakin’ Simon!