squeak and boo

“How would Seventeen react to meeting their long distance girlfriend for the first time?”


No matter how big and tough our big bad leader is he’s a sucker for his sweet cute girlfriend. Just talking to you over skype or a facetime makes him nervous and flustered. He would be waiting for you as you come out from your gate with flowers nearly covering his entire face. After seeing you he would just drop his flowers and yell as loud as he canJagi!!And run over to you with his arms open wide for a hug.  After giving you the biggest hug he possibly can he would pull away feeling so embarrassed at his actions. I..I didn’t mean to make a scene, I was just so excited to see you~” 


This kid wouldn’t even be able to talk once he sees you  in real life because he can’t process the fact that he’s actually meeting you in real life. He would be speechless due to how beautiful you look in your comfy airplane clothes and messy hair. Since he can’t talk he would just shoot little handmade hearts at you to express how happy he is to see you and how much he absolutely loves you. ..W-wah, she’s so beautiful~ The boys would approve..” 


He going to act so dumb because he’s just so nervous to actually see you in person. He’s going to stare at you and wave for about five minutes till he actually realize that your right in front of him! He’s then going to pull out some beautiful flowers that he’d been hiding somewhere like a magician, a very handsome magician and just hope that you find them beautiful. “Some beautiful girls for an absolutely beautiful flower…w-wait I said that wrong didn’t I?” 


He’s just going to be so stoked to see you after being together for so long! He’s been looking forward to this for who knows how long to be honest. In the middle of waiting for your flight to land he’s going to be doing a small happy dance that just gets him more and more pumped by the second! So pumped that he won’t even realize that your standing right behind him and watching him do his dumb happy dance…Jun” “Hah? O-oh! Jagi, hello! I didn’t..uh see you there..” 


He’s going to be so nervous, he’s going to legit rehearse what he’s going to say and do when you finally get there! First he’s going to practice what he’s going to say, then he’s going to practice the biggest hug you’ll ever get, then estimate how many kisses he’s going to give your beautiful face! Okay Hoshi, first you are going to say I love you! Wait no, too soon! You’ll scare her off man! In the middle of rehearsing you’ll arrive and he’s just going to be stone cold frozen in his tracks and just stare at you. ..I love youThen face-palm because he warned himself before hand about this! 


This kid’s going to be 50% excited as heck and 50% ready to see you and squish the heck out of you with a huge hug! He’s just going to calmly wait for you at your gate but once you get there he’s going to greet you with a huge teddy bear hug and swing you around because he’s just that happy to see you in real life! It’s like a dream come true to him Jagiya, it’s you! It’s really you~ After greeting you at the gate he’s just going to be so hyper and smiley by holding your hands and swinging them up and down.


This kid is going to be so formal because he’s just that nervous. When he first sees you he’ll bow and hand you a bouquet of flowers he’s had prepared for you then speak in the formal dialect. After sometime of you convincing him to stop being so formal he’ll finally speak to you in the informal dialect and finally give you a bunch of sweet Woozi kisses on the face. Aish, Jagi you made me so nervous that I almost fell to the ground because my legs were jelly” 


This baby would try his best to be smooth as hell to cover up the fact that he’s really nervous to see you! When he sees you he’s going to be so clumsy so whenever he trips he turns it into some smooth as heck dance to one try to impress you and two to cover up  how nervous you actually make him. But by the end of the day he’s going to confess how every time he did a cool dance move it was because he tripped. Jagi I’ve been lying to you..I’m not this cool, I’ve been tripping all day because of you, I just get so nervous around you..” 


This kid is going to be accidentally smooth as hell. He’s just going to pull every cute pickup line or romantic line from a movie he knows of out from his pocket! When he first sees you he’s going to do the typical hug then pick you up and twirl you in circles till you both get dizzy and giggly. After setting you down he’s just going to stare into your eyesI’ve waited so long for this day Jagi, I never thought we would meet, and now I never want to let you go~”  


He wouldn’t be nervous, just overly excited because he’s such a happy kid! He would just stand there waiting for you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, smiling like theres no tomorrow. After seeing you he’ll hand you the bouquet and just smile uncontrollably big.  I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but your more beautiful in person Jagi~” 


While waiting for you he’s going to be as calm as can be with his flowers in one hand then a teddy bear in the hand. But once he sees you step out of that gate, he’s going to drop those things and just run as fast as he can towards you. He wanted to stay calm as he met you but he’s just too emotional for that. He’ll hug you so tightly that you squeak, as king boo is hugging you he’s basically almost in tears because he never thought that he would meet you in person. “Aish Jagi you have me almost crying, see what you’ve done to me?


He’s going to be so confident and hyper while waiting for you. He has everything planned out for when he sees you but when he actually does see you his mind goes blank. It’s as if someone took his brain out and threw it in the trash. It’s just blank so he just stares at you in absolute awe for a good 3 minutes before actually coming back to his senses! Wah, who said you could be so beautiful Jagi? You made me forget everything I was going to say..” 


This kid is going to try his best to act tough and cool for you because he is our small yet mighty Dino! When he first sees you he acts casual and cool but once he sees a smile come up on your face he can’t help but lose his cool look and turn back into the small and flustered Dino we all love and know. Aish Jagi, I was trying to be cool for you then you just had to show your cute smile…your going to drive me crazy!” 

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