squatty pottys

The Signs as Rupaul Things ™️

Aries:Making the queens eliminate each other on all Stars 2
Taurus:Wearing exclusively Kline Epstein Parker suits
Gemini:Eliminating two queens at once, twice
Cancer:Bringing families together
Leo:Making himself the best dressed in every ru cap
Virgo:Making fun of Michelle Visage
Libra:Roller skating around the floor of drag con
Scorpio:Making the losing queens pose with the winner’s check
Sagittarius:Giving out small figurines of himself to the losers
Capricorn:The tic tac lunch
Aquarius:Plugging squatty potty moments after four queens poured their hearts out
Pisces:Making half of season six jump off a platform while the other half got to have a pillow fight

Jack’s favorite things 2017 edition (aka my personal list)