“LOSE YOUR MIND”: A fanmix by myself and squattmccall to prepare for the darkness and psychological torture our babies are going to face in the coming season.

Bastille - The Draw // The Neighbourhood - Afraid // Gabriel Bruce - Sleep Paralysis // Dead Man’s Bones - Werewolf Heart // Mirah - Special Death // Ms Mr - Dark Doo Wop // Yuna - Lullabies // Bastille - Sleepsong // Florence + the Machine - What the Water Gave Me

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01. pretty baby - brendan benson 02. warrior - kimbra 03. dull life - yeah yeah yeahs 04. im not your toy - la roux 05. holene - miley cyrus 06. fear and loathing - marina and the diamonds 07. woman scorned – saint saviour 08. iron - woodkid

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HANNAh what if all these bad things stiles does subconsciously keep happening and he keeps remembering after the fact and he keeps it to himself until it gets /////bad//////// and then he finally tells scott and he's ready for scott to abandon him or ready for scott to tell derek and for derek to attempt to kill him but scott just looks him in the eye and he's like ''we're gonna help you. you're not alone. it's gonna be okay" i won't be able to cope with that i WON'T!!!

thx larissa i wanted my heart to fall out of my chest today it’s NBD

The Things Stiles Hates

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek looks while focused on his work.  The way Derek catches him staring, smiling up with his bunny-toothed grin.  The way Derek laughs while asking him to go away because he has papers to grade before tomorrow.  He hates the wink Derek gives him as he backs out of the doorway.

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek hums along to the boring classical music Derek likes to listen to while cooking.  He hates the way Derek twirls knives around while waiting on water to boil - he could seriously hurt himself.  Even though it would heal in a matter of minutes, it makes Stiles worry, and Stiles hates worrying.  He hates the way Derek gets all sweaty while standing over the open flame, lifting his shirt to wipe his brow.

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek looks, standing in the sun, socializing with their neighbors.  He hates the way Derek’s skin gleams with gold in the evening while he’s mowing the lawn.  He hates the way Derek dances around their back yard, tending to the little vegetable gardens that are sprinkled around out there.

Stiles hates these things because these are the moments when he just wants to have Derek, then and there.

But when Stiles actually can have Derek to his self, he hates it the most.

He hates the way Derek looks up at him while he’s deep inside, moaning from pleasure.  He hates the way Derek looks whilst riding him, rolling his neck and baring his teeth, emitting soft, rumbling growls of ecstasy.  He hates the way Derek’s eyes catch the moonlight and sparkle like the sea, a deep, hazy green. 

He hates it so fucking much, because he knows that one day, this will all be gone, and he will no longer have any of it.

*jumps up and down clapping*

“Erica can you take this one?”

“Oooh is it your lover boy?”

Derek heard her whip around the counter and he groaned when he heard her telling him something.

“Welcome to Steak and Shake, my name is Derek and i’m gonna be your server today. Would you like to hear our specials?” He said monotoned, eyes scanning over the table.

Stiles was here with Scott, that boy with floppy hair who smiled too much. his girlfriend Allison, and some girl who was looking at him too hard for comfort.

“Naw Derek, we’re fine, thanks.” Stiles smiled brightly. 

“I’ll have the double steak burger with bacon, please.” The girl said sweetly. Derek rolled his eyes mentally but managed to keep a straight face as he took down the rest of their orders.

“Can I get fries with that shake!.” Stiles called after him as he maneuvered through tables trying to get to the back as soon as possible.

“Is Stiles here? Derek is blushing again Laura!.” Cora giggled, nudging her sister into Derek’s side.

“Oh honey, what did he say this time?” Laura asked in mock sympathy, patting his cheek with her hand.

Isaac peeked out the front desk smirking. “Can I get fries with that shake, Laura.”

Derek turned a brighter shade of pint as Laura howled with laughter, wiping tears from her eyes.

“I can’t say he’s original but ‘A+’ for effort and execution.” Laura coughed out as Cora patted her back soothingly.

“Shut up.” He growled as he grabbed the orders for table 5 and stormed out the kitchen.

And if Boyd sees him writing his number down on a piece of paper and stuffing it in Stiles’ pocket, he doesn’t say anything.

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Bastille on SNL performing Oblivion, 25 January, 2014