So I’ve made a digital version of my poster that I have on my wardrobe. It’s basically what I used to get back on track. I’m not saying it’s perfect but for me it was a perfect balance of challenging and fun - I get bored with workout routines very soon but this one I still enjoy so I’m sharing! And after some time of doing this a few times a week (+ some cardio and darebee mini workouts) I feel amazing as I’ve gained some of my fitness back. I started with only one round a day which was a struggle and now it’s so easy! I’m gonna make a new routine soon and then if it works I’ll make a digital version too.

Have beautiful days, sweeties ♥

anonymous asked:

please tell me how to get a hot bod like flo

thank u so much haha i definitely don’t have the body i want yet (bella vibes are the ultimate) but i have been workin hard lately so here’s some food for thought!

-don’t get those ‘healthy bars’ like luna / cliff, they pretty high in calories and not even filling (such a #scam)

-i do eat nature valley bars, i have read that they’re good bc they’re just granola but others say they’re bad.. personally i’ve noticed that they fill me up in the morning and don’t make me feel bloated like the other bars so its a yes from me

-drink only water (and lots of it), maybe some dranks on the weekends but cutting out high cal juices / soda / milk helped me a lot

-slow down on meat / cheese / white bread / desserts… i grew up on italian food so this part KILLS me but it’s true, i can see the difference in almost every part of my body when i stop eating pizza, pasta, sandwhiches, mac and cheese, and sweets

-whole wheat carbs + some kinda veggie + meatless chicken (veggie substitute) is a great meal for either lunch or dinner (i’ve been having mon-friday absolutely meat free for a few months now and i’m thinking of going full veg in 2017)

-good snacks: bananas, cantaloupe, raisins, whole wheat pitas, apple sauce (bring these w you so if you’re tempted by unhealthy stuff you can have a go-to instead of just starving miserably)

-running is one of the most effective ways to get in shape, i only do it once a week bc i hate it and it makes me feel like im about to die but if you like running do it do it dooooo it

-blogilates squats, arms, booty, legs, everything (i’ve memorized a lot of the routines and i’ve changed them a little bit to challenge myself.. get to know the moves and then you’ll realize which ones kick your ass the most)

-walk everywhere!!!! take the stairs, walk to your friends house, walk to school, walk walk walk walk walk

-keep a folder of photos that inspire you / quotes that inspire you (i know this is controversial because some girls with eating disorders do it, but as long as you are nourishing your body and staying active i see nothing wrong with looking up to girls who also do the same!)

-reward yourself! if a month goes by and you realize that you met your goals, get a new pair of jeans to show off that bootaaaay or some heels to strut around in :)