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I mean you can tell Michael does them squats cause his thighs are amazing, which also means he building that butt too so perf butt also -boner anon

how dare you come in here and disrespect me with this trash, boner anon


Mid-day today looks much like yesterday, except I’m laying on the floor at the gym saying what that license plate I saw on the way in says: WTF.

Front Squat 3x10 double rep method at 105 (10/10), 115 (10/10), 125 (10/6/2/2) left me unable to breathe at the end

Stiff-legged deadlifts 3x10 DRM @ 85#

Banded good mornings 3x25

12:00 AMRAP

5 squat cleans 95#
10 box jumps
15 sit-ups

FMLS90 Day 90

Day 90, March 31 Final Report Time!  You can make this as simple or as complex as you would like. 

So throughout this challenge I have actually gained weight but like I said…the first six weeks I was in Australia and then the last six weeks I was in the US. Seven months without real tacos, quesadillas, good ice cream, etc etc and I went crazy. I didn’t gain a ton of weight but still. 

I’ve definitely loved reading other peoples posts. I feel bad because I wasn’t AS involved as I could be but I look forward to staying in touch with squats-4-pinkcupcakes and fatmaninalittlesuit and to be honest if you started following me because of FMLS90 and I didn’t follow you back, just hit me up with a message! :) 

I really enjoyed being more conscious of why I do what I do and why I eat what I eat and I look forward to continuing with lifting heavy and eating clean.

Today at a restaurant I was tempted by all the nutrition-less foods but I did well and got a seared ahi tuna salad which ended up being DELICIOUS. I was also proud of myself for not ordering the cobbler, especially because I tried a bite of my aunt’s and it wasn’t that good. 

So basically FMLS90 has taught me a lot about why I do what I do (as I said before haha) and I think I will carry out that lesson from here on out to be more aware of everything I do. :) 

Gym log

Last 3 days of training have been phenomenal which is crazy considering I’ve squatted about 3 days in a row now. Taking tomorrow off and doing w4 d3 on Friday, hopefully I can get some decent plus sets and set myself up for a good last week. Excited to taper and max but I don’t want to go in thinking I’m gonna PR by 50 pounds and end up hurting myself.
On a side note, workout environment is so important. There’s 4 different gyms I train at and what I’ve found is my training is 10000000x better in a small quiet environment. Today I got lucky and there weren’t any studies being ran in the Lab at FAU and I got to train there. Really think over summer I’ll make that a regular thing in between classes.
Also, turns out all the grad student TA’s do is sit back on their laptops and read out-loud how dumb undergrad essays sound. Which is hilarious to me because in between sets I just see them quietly staring at their laptops and then they shout
“Jesus fucking Christ, do you not know what a paragraph indention is.”
I’m a firm believer that if you want to be a better lifter, surround yourself with those that are stronger and more knowledgable than you. So here’s to many more training sessions at the lab.

Also working out at the school gym isn’t so bad either, according to my buddy when girls there approach you and ask you to check their deadlift technique it’s a form of flirting and I’m not supposed to actually start coaching them through the movement. Who knew?

The BARE Los Angeles creative is thrilled to bring AMERICAN IDIOT to life in an immersive staging in a yet-to-be-disclosed Downtown Los Angeles warehouse. 

Performances begin May 2015. Tickets will go on sale mid-April. 

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From PLAYBILL: “The production takes a page from the punk rock band, which formed in 1986 and conquered the underground concert scene. In fact, in the Green Day video game, one of the settings is called “The Warehouse,” a fictional venue set in 1994 that is based on a composite of “house parties and squats” where Green Day played before they became popular.”


FMLS90 Day 90 2015 =(

Day 90, March 31 Final Report Time!  You can make this as simple or as complex as you would like. A Basic sample report is below. A complex sample report can be found here

Weight at start (1/1/15) 224        Current Weight (3/31/15) 227

In the end I gained three pounds but a whole lot of confidence. I feel like I have visibility now on the fitblr community, as well as new friends for this journey, who tag me in things (I see you bubbly-blonde, erikawastaken, squats-4-pinkcupcakes !) , and really make me feel welcomed. I need to really be accountable though, which is what I keep going back to. How can I be accountable? Aside from the overwhelming guilt, how can I make myself do things? During these 90 days, I have tried to find a new job, worked at my current one, tried to resolve some demons (poorly, it has gone poorly!), and keep my head above water. I think it’s funny how the weeks meshed up with event sin my life, which John could not have planned, but it happened. 

Goodbye new friends, but we will meet again, in some way shape or form! I DID ALL 90 DAYS YAAAAAH!!!