Clench Those Cheeks!

Robert Willey Never Skips Leg Day!

Nice Arse, Stud!

Fuck yeah! PR’d my back squat today. I hit 205# I’ve been stuck on my squats so it was a nice surprise. Last few times I tried to work up to a max capped out around 180#. Partially because I’m not at my box and I don’t want to bail on a lift and I needed to just work at them more. I hit 185# for three and195# for two today. I think I could have gone a bit heavier for my last squat but like I said….I don’t feel totally comfortable at the 24hr fitness yet. Well…. I was comfortable enough to dance around after I hit 205# so there’s that. Anyway, I’m super pumped and even though I feel like I should be making more progress bodywise I’m gonna enjoy the progress in terms of lifts. One day at a time.