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Someone bet me I couldn’t and I’m a real jerk, so I did. 

DISCLAIMER: I made most of these gifs but not ALL and tumblr search is legit terrible so I am super super sorry in advance if I used your gif, if I did let me know and I will credit you. 



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2. The boot grab in Darling Nikki

3. The sad face he makes at the puppet.

4. 80s Dorito bag with the chip window.

5. Splits bounce in “I would die 4 u”

6. “Don’t get my seat all wet.”

7. Lace veil in Computer Blue

8. This dance:

9. The shimmy into crotch rub in i would die 4 u

10. The look and point directly at the camera in baby I’m a star

11. when he puts on the hat in Baby i’m a star

12. Purify yourself in the waters of lake minnetonka

13. Wendy’s literal interpretation of “die” as a gun in i would die 4 u

14. Jerome throws that poor woman in the dumpster (Y THO)

15. foot piano playing/jumping in Let’s go crazy

16. Smashing all mom’s spaghetti sauce in the basement with a hockey stick (very Minnesota authentic)

17. apollonia’s titty cape

18. fire hazard clown basement

19. “man I just got my coat out the cleaners!!!”

20. “Whatsa matter your shoes on too tight?!? Let’s gave some action. I need some asses wiggling. I WANT some perfection!!!”

21. The unneccesary spin during “ANSWER ME MOTHER FUCKER!”

22. here take my costume jewelry, we’re dating now

24. the arm stroke in darling nikki

25. choreographed guitar playing at the beginning of computer blue

26. this look

26. Francis L having major issues about the house being clean (maybe if there weren’t all these broken jars of spaghetti sauce lying around….)

27. computer blue power slide beej

28. Mrs L never getting to have any fun

29. The backwards roll into/out of the splits in baby I’m a star

30. regrets montage to doves cry

31. Having a job where you play one song a night with 2 other bands and thats it forever, and then at the end you win getting to keep your job

32. Morris day announcing last call during “the bird” (so is it doors at 7, the time at 8, last call at 8:15?)

33. this line dance in i would die 4 u

34. Pensive Prince Pre Purple Rain

35. synchronized guitar jumps in lets go crazy

36. when he goes to commune with nature and wears black studded pants a black studded bedazzled jacket and a scarf to hang out by a lake and strikes a curious pose

37. the “eww!” signature prince grunt as he is tossing all the sheet music

38. “i don’t have anybody right now” therefore we’re together

39. literally finding a phone number on the stairs in darling nikki

40. COME BACK NIKKI COME BACK!!!!! (yes, okay, fine, whatever you want, honestly its fine)


42. Apollonia’s job application is “Apollonia, 5'6”“. End of list.

43. amplifier dry hump

44. Lisa being real tired of the Kid’s shit and saying “fuck it wendy” and walking out.

45. Wendy’s deadpan “but I’m here to tell you… there’s somethin’ else.”

46. the doctor always being dressed like a doctor, but like an OR doctor with a surgical mask, not some pedestrian physician or something.

47. OR DO YOU WANT ME??? (yes)

48. Morris’s window not working

49. Jerome with the mirror on stage during jungle love

50. Morris day vacuuming his apartment before the show in a trademark prince turban!

51. When he leaves the stage after Darling nikki and is bouncing off the walls as he walks in the hall of pipes

52. the jump down from the impossibly high stack of monitors in baby i’m a star!!!! my knees hurt every time i watch that!!!

53. The jungle love dance

54. The Bird.

55. purple rain guitar solo

56. The microphone under the leg juggle in Baby I’m a star

57. the stanky little side shimmy in baby I’m a star


59. I mentioned it earlier but that was just the splits, so this one is his face during the splits in I would die 4 u.

60. The end of the beautiful ones where he’s laying on the ground omg

61. I tried to stop you.

62. The amount of pleather Apollonia has to remove to purify herself in the waters of what is not actually lake minnetonka.

63. When morris day exits the car and puts both feet on the ground at the same time, which is not a way any human exits any vehicle.

64. Computer blue guitar spin

65. When Apollonia waves at him from the stage after “sex shooter” and he’s like, naaaaah.

66. “Next thing you know, she’ll want to borrow your motorcycle!”

67. What’s the password, onion head??!!!

68. And the nominees for best actress are….

69. If we get married….. Would that be cool??? (god yes)

70. the phallic guitar at the very end jazzin’ all over first avenue

71. When apollonia sells her boot chain.

72. When he plays the guitar she bought him in purple rain.

73. “What do YOU dream about ?”

74. Computer blue guitar three way circle jerk

75. “This is a bidniss!”

76. Chalk outline of a not dead body

77. Take a picture sweetie, I ain’t got time to wait!!!!!

78. Morris day and Jerome jamming out in the crowd

79. The trust fall into the crowd!!!!!

80. Giant bug eye mirrored sunglasses

81. Dropping apollonia off in full Ruffled shirt regalia instead of like, throwing on some sweats or something.

82. Where Lisa and Wendy at? *silence*

83. The backlit part in lets go crazy

84. “Hi!” “Hi.” *weeps*

85. The balcony dancers in parachute pants and cop hats

86. Piano top guitar shred in lets go crazy

87. The Doctor talking about how God got Wendy’s periods reversed (IT MAKES NO SENSE, MATT FINK)

88. When apollonia says she’s from new ORleans and then proceeds to speak with a minnesotan accent (furst avenew)

89. “No, nooooo, you looked greeeeeat.”

90. Wendy’s THICK ASS Minnesota accent and extremely hard R’s despite growing up in LA.

91. (Brings guitar shaped box) “what is it??”

92. When the faces watch them trade earrings in the clown basement.

93. The rag tag trio that is apollonia 6

94. “I’m gonna be honest with you, I think you’re being full of shit.”

95. Billys velour sweatsuit and briefcase.

96. “Where’s Jerome?” “IN EES SKEEEEIIIN!!” (A joke used AGAIN in under the cherry moon!!)

97. “I have something for you. ” “what, a subpoena?”

98. Double spin in I would die 4 u

99. Synchronized squat spins in Baby I’m a Star


Hey There, Delilah


a/n: this one isn’t too long. this was just a cute ass idea that i thought up and so i’m not sure what all i’m going to do with it or make of it, i just needed to write something to get my creative juices flowing for Ryan and this came out of it and i am really excited about !!!!!!!! wooo!!!!!! yay for ~accidentalDad!Shawn!!!!!! 

You’re awoken from your 3 o’clock nap by an intense banging on your door. You grumble and groan and roll off the couch, making your way to the door of your little one-bedroom apartment. Upon opening it, you’re shocked to find a small car seat filled by a little chunk of love that couldn’t be more than a month old.

You squat down to the baby, playing with its little fingers and toes. You look around the hallway, but there’s no one in sight. Whoever’s baby this is obviously left it here intentionally.

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hlwily series extra: ‘for all that blooms is beautiful’

Note: It can be assumed that both Harry and Rosie sign and speak verbally in tandem, unless the story otherwise indicates.

word count: 3.7k

warning: for discussion of bullying, deaf/hoh struggles/upset, etc.  

Rosie, age 6

Harry turned into the school’s parking lot and fit himself into a space near the entrance. Pushing the gear shift upward, he undoes his seatbelt and sits back, switching off the car’s radio. Looking out over the parking lot and across the courtyard to the front entrance, he watched clusters of parents collecting their children, who run towards them with delight, book bags swinging on their shoulders. Others are chattering excitedly to one another as they wait for their way home.  Some of the teachers are out front, making sure everyone gets where they need to go.  

It’s early autumn, the start of a new school year and everyone is wrapped up in thick cardigans and winter coats, bearing the school’s crest. The clouds are thick overhead, washing the light that coasts down from them, overcast. It heightens the muted colors of the leaves on the trees that surround the school’s front walls.

Running a hand over his face, he sat back and tried to squash the anxious feeling twisting around in his belly and up to his chest. Playing the phone call from her teacher over and over again in his mind until it rang in his ears.

There was an incident with a couple of the other children in class. She wasn’t hurt, but she’s very upset. I think it may be best if we speak in person at the end of the school day.

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Gym Inspiration

Manly Man In Grey Tights For A Gray Monday!

Woof, Baby!

Clean (M)

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**was thinking about a 2nd part

Pairing: Reader x Yugyeom

Genre: Smut | Fluff 

Words: 1.9K

“Are you even looking?” You glance up from your phone and see a sweaty Yugyeom half panting and half pouting at you.

“Looking at what?”

“Y/N I thought you came so you can check out my new dance”

“No, I came because someone promised me a midnight snack in the market”

“I said might” he walks over to you “You’re not really behaving like someone that wants that to happen.”

“That’s not fair. Hurry up and shower.”

“What’s not fair is spending the night going to the market and then you going to the dorm with the guys, when we could be doing something else.”

He reaches on the ground next to you his bottle and comes back up to give you a smirk, putting his hand for support on the mirror behind you. leaning down so close you can see his pupils dilate slightly, you fail to catch his eyes as they travel down towards your lips.

“Don’t move” he presses his lips against yours not hesitating in pulling you toward him causing you to drop your phone. A smile forms on his lips as he pulls back slightly tugging on your lower lip,

“Your phone doesn’t seem so interesting how does it?” He teases

“Shut up.”

Your hand reaches up to touch his cheek and he goes back down taking his time to use his tongue gently on your lips before exploring inside.

His hands tighten around your hips suddenly turning you to face the mirrors and breaking the kiss.

You feel his member hardening press behind you, causing a small moan to escape. ”So needy.” His hand pushes your hair to the side before he slowly traces a line down your neck with his lips.

“Lock the door” you say against the mirror, before all your ability to think vanishes.           

“Would you be mad if I say I always lock it when it’s only us?” He jokes pulling your shirt above your stomach with one a hand and another unbuttoning your shorts

“Is this the only thing you th- m” your ability to make sentences vanish as his fingers go under your panties and automatically find your clit.

“It’s the only thing you make me think about” his cool breath agisnte your neck and the slight pull of your clit with his finger cause your whole body to shiver.

“Yugyeom“ you sigh.

“I might not be the only one thinking about this,” he whispers. One of his fingers go further down to find your entrance to circle his fingers in your juices before spreading towards your clit, “You’re so wet already.”

Your hand grasp the mirror to stabilize yourself and another grabbed his hand, unable to stop your eyes from closing at the pure sensation of his painfully slow fingers going up and down your core.

He resumes attacking your neck, slipping one of his fingers inside, your moan fogs up the mirror in front of you, “You’re so hot.” he takes away his fingers, causing a whimper. “But I’d rather use my cock to please you,” you groan at the loss of connection, “Still want me to go the showers?”

“No” you pant barely being audible.

“Oh wow, y/n where’s you voice?” His grown member presses against you again, reminding you of the pool forming between your legs.

“Yugyeom, ” you say a little louder, “stop teasing, please, if you want I’ll join - Yugyeom!” You yell as he lifts you over his shoulder and starts running.

You see the floor under you as, he runs towards the showers. Thankfully, only a hall separates the showers from his practice room.

“What if someone saw us?” You laugh as he puts you down.

“It’s a Friday night, no ones here. Now stop worrying about how we can get caught and start worrying about our issue at hand” he brings you hands over to his throbbing member. He bits his lips as you put you hands higher to lift up his shirt. You tip toe up to kiss his neck causing a growl to come out of him, making him push your shorts down fully - helping you walk out of them and into the curtained shower.

In one motion his pants are off and thrown outside as you slide down to squat between his legs. “Baby, in this position you can make me agree to go to the market with you everyday” you scoff and take a minute to catch your breath, before you lick around his tip.

You hear him let out a quiet moan encouraging you to take his member fully in your mouth. His hand gently go on your hair gently pushing you to his pace. You hollow your cheeks and makes sure he hits the back of your throat for a couple of seconds before retreating and bobbing you head. the lewd sound combined with Yugyeoms’ restricted moans echoes throughout the empty shower room.

You pull back and pass your moth through the sides of his member, slightly licking. Yugyeom walks back from you and pulls you to your feet, “Baby, stop before I pound you on this floor.”

“Isn’t that the idea?“ you tease

“Let see how wet I can make you before we both get the idea.” He pulls you to kiss him again but accidentally pushing the shower handle down, drenching you both in warm water. “This is not what I had in mind” he laughs, pushing you to a dry side of the shower, not bothering turning the shower off.

“I like this look” he passing his finger down your neck and around your wet shirt stuck to your boobs. “It’s a shame” you scoff at his actual disappointed face as he helps you out of your shirt and then bra.

“This hair, Y/N“ he teases taking it off the front of your body to pull it up with one of his hands.

He kisses your cheek before leaning down to suck one of your nipple into his mouth, letting his hands reach down to your ass. Your back arches in response of his touch as he leaves one nipple for the other gently passing his tongue around them both. He looks up to see your euphoric expression, flicking your nipple once more with his tongue before pulling your to put you raise your head to give him access to travel back up to your neck.

You feel his finger again on your core, more urgently rubbing you for your arousal juices. He leans out still working his fingers to look at the state of you he causes.

A moaning, naked, wet, and sexually frustrated in front of him.

“Tell me how i got so lucky?.” He lets lets go of you and leans down a bit to grab your thighs and bring you up. His lips hovering above your, millimeters away.

“What are you waiting for?“ he licks his lips, intentionally touching yours too.

You smirk reaching down between your legs rubbing and spreading your juices around his member first before aligning him to your entrance. Repositioning you arms around his neck, you kiss his neck, but get your chin pushed up to meet his gaze.

Just as he sink you down he kisses you, swallowing your blissful moan. He pins you in place before taking himself out slowly and thrusting in deeper.

“God, you feel so god around me.” The pace starts off slow and gracefully like always. You turn your hips a bit higher causing him moan out. Wrapping his arms more securely around you, he plunging into you deeper and faster.

“Yu-g“ You can barely get a word out between the pace, panting, moaning, and kissing Yugyeom. He leans over to the other side of the shower causing you to be under the shower head.

Every sensation of water feels enhanced as you continue to be drenched and filled by Yugyeom. As you feel your self getting closer, you hold on to Yugyeom tighter. Getting the idea, he doesn’t fully go out anymore, rather small thrust form causing you to bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming out. Your legs close around his hips tighter and your hands push his chest so you can ride out your high.

His pace becomes sloppy and you fight back the urge to scream form overstimulation.

“You’re so tight, are you waiting for my cum to fill you up.”

“Yugyeom“ you sigh as your body begins to build back up rapidly,

“Cum one more time for me” he kisses you temple.

“I can’t anymore”A whimper escapes your lips as your insides begins to turn again

“Your body says you can. Let go-” He stays silent as you tighten again and yell out. His eyes close as he sinks deeper into you holding still. “Y/N“ he says, staying deep within you - milking himself with your contracting core. you let out a loud breath, unable to detach yourself from him.

Yugyeom doesn’t complain as his member softens and falls out of you, He puts you both under the shower head and strokes your back.

“Y/N, baby“ he half pants and whisper “Shhh, your shaking.“

A few minutes pass before you stabilize yourself with your own two feet and start actually cleaning each other.

“I think I need to buy you a bigger shower for your apartment“ he jokes massaging your scalp with shampoo, “With a detachable shower head too, y/n think of the possibilities.“

You raise your eyebrow at him unable to speak or open your eyes because of the shampoo. You get under the shower head and begin washing it out.

“You’re not se-” Yugyeom covers your mouth and puts his finger to his lips.

“I think someone opened the door“

“Hello?“ You hear Bambam outside.

Your eyes widen and push Yugyeom away. “It’s a Friday night, no ones here“ you whisper-yells at him.

"He won’t know it’s me”

“Our clothes!”

“Oh shit” he says louder then expected and opens the curtains slightly to pick up your clothes and place it on the dry surface of the shower.

“Yugyeom? Why are you still here?” You hear Bambam’s voice approaching.

“Uh - Stay in the corner” Yugyeom whispers to you as he sticks his head out of the curtains again. “Um late night practice.”

“Yeah, but you usually take a shower at the dorm”

“Yeah, but I just felt really sticky today" 

"Oh right.” A minute passed before you hear a bag fall

“Are you going to take a shower?“ Yugyeom asks nervously

“Yeah, I don’t want to fight JB for the shower. Did you know y/n’s here?”

“Um who? Y/n? No I haven’t seen her”

“That’s weird, security told me she came here earlier to watch you -” Bambam stops speaking and you can only imagine the face of realization “oh…ohhhhhh”


“Well I’ll just take a shower at home” you hear Bambam start laughing and picking his stuff up. “Y/N! Make sure you and Yugyeom here wash away all your sins. Wait till the guys hear this”


Worth the Weight ~Baron Corbin Imagine~ *Smut*

Summary: When the number one contender for the women’s championship gets a low-blow from Creative about her weight Baron takes it upon himself to show her how beautiful she really is. 

Warnings:smut, body shaming

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I slammed the wooden door behind me, the paper sign reading ‘Creative’ flapping at the force. I pulled my hoodie over my freshly curled hair and purposefully walked down the hall quickly. Fresh tears pricking my blue eyes and threatening to ruin the elaborate match makeup that the sold out arena would never see. I passed by numerous stage hands and talent, keeping my head down in order to make it to my locker room and leave in peace. But the glee of giggles stopped me as I glanced over to see Eva Marie adjusting her new ring gear in a mirror as she laughed with a few of the other Divas.  She was preparing for my match, taking my opportunity. I felt my fists clench. But how could I be mad at her? I let this happen.

I heard my name called and paused to glance over my shoulder. My friend Becky sat cross legged on a stage crate concern painted on her features. Next to her stood Baron who’s concern mirrored Becky’s. His shirt stuck to the fresh layer of sweat that had accumulated on his body from his earlier match and his dark hair was pulled into a bun on top of his head.

“Don’t ya have a match?” Becky asked. The tears intensified and I blinked furiously glancing back at Eva.

“Not anymore” I mumbled lowly before tucking my head down pushing on to my locker room.

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IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, Red Alert, Rung, and Fortress Maximus reacting to bot s/o telling them "you know one thing I love about you? Your aft, it's a 10/10."

Rung has an excellent Booty™

Rodimus smirks. “Yea, it’s pretty great, huh? Been doing some squats. All for you, baby.” He proceeds to show you his squats. Thank you Rodimus, those are good squats.

Drift blushes and chuckles. He thanks you somewhat awkwardly, and tells you that your aft is even better. This leads to a game of pointing out things you like about each other, and then to smooches ^3^

Brainstorm is glad his mask hides his blush because he’s trying to be cocky. He thanks you then grabs your aft, telling you yours “isn’t too bad either.” Shut up, Brainstorm, your ogling the booty.

Red Alert blushes and stutters out a thanks. No one has complimented his butt before- at least to his knowledge. “I-I like your a-aft, too…” Give him a minute to recover.

Rung is used to these kinds of comments, but it’s special coming from you. “Why thank you, dear,” he says. Then he grabs your booty and returns your compliments, and then some. Sly old mech.

Fortress Maximus is caught off-guard by the blunt statement. His optics go wide and he’s not sure what to say for a moment. He thanks you, tells you the feeling is mutual, and if you’re alone he’ll go for a gentle Booty Feel. 

Please? Part Fourteen

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  11. Please?
  12. Please?
  13. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 983 words
  • Warnings: Language

The gun you are given this time is a smaller one, one you can handle just a little better. You know nothing about them, but you know how to shoot, and that’s all you need to know right now.

You go down with Daryl, the inmate whose name just didn’t stick with you, and Carl. Daryl asked you to come, blowing your mind just a little. You expected him to be really strict now, to make you stay behind or stay with the baby, who still doesn’t have a name. But he wants you with him, at all times.

Carl is quiet most of the trip. Cleaning up the prison isn’t going to be easy, especially with a child who is mourning his mother. You suppose everyone has a way of dealing with things, and this is his.

“Hey, buddy.” You nudge Carl but he doesn’t make a noise. You glance at Daryl, he looks back at you with his eyebrows formed together. “Why don’t we go over here? Let those two clear out this hallway.”

The boy says nothing, just continues going ahead of you, leaving his gun at his side.

“Mmm.” Daryl walks over and kisses your forehead, not something he normally does with others around, especially with the two inmates in the same area. “Lemme try.” He murmurs, sending chills down your spine.

He walks over to Carl and pulls him one way. You stay a few steps behind them, but close enough incase anything goes wrong. There are, after all, only four of you.

Carl peeks into one of the rooms, but turns away without saying anything. Daryl clenches his jaw and loosens it again. He’s trying to think of how to say something, how to say it right.

“My mom, she smoked ‘n bed.” Daryl lets his crossbow down at his side and looks into one of the cells, deciding it’s clear, and closing it again. “Always smoked in bed. One day, Merle’s gone. I decided I wanted ta play with the kids in the neighborhood. Couldn’t do that with him. ‘Course they had bikes, I didn’t.” He shines his flashlight around, pointing where there may be a walker waiting.

You stay back still, listening to the story you haven’t heard. Daryl is willingly giving out his past, clearly a part of it he tries to forget by the way he’s speaking—slowly and choosing his words.

“After a bit, we heard sirens go off, they chased after ‘em on their damn bikes my parents couldn’t afford. I tried to keep up, runnin’ as hard as I could. Them bikes was just too fast for me. Then I saw ‘em. My friends, lookin’ at me… Hell, everybody’s lookin’ at me on the block. The sirens were firetrucks an’ they went to my house. It’s burned down to nuthin’…  My mom, erased. Guess that there was the hard part.”

Carl doesn’t do anything. He looks up as Daryl stops talking and says, “I shot my mom. She’s gone because of me…” He looks down and kicks a bone with bits of flesh still attacked. It rolls just a few inches before stopping. “Sorry about your mom…”

“Sorry ‘bout yours.” Daryl grumbles.

You watch Carl nod and walk off, making his way toward the other end of the hall with the inmate that is currently stabbing a walker, over and over again. He stops when he sees Carl and nods him around the corner.

Daryl doesn’t move, he only stands there. You walk over and slip your fingers in between his.

“It wasn’t your fault.” You whisper, resting your cheek against his shoulder.

He nods his head a few times, his flashlight still raised and pointing into one of the empty cells. “Yeah. Just hard…”


Daryl sent the inmate and Carl back to the others. He tries to send you back, too, but you won’t let him. This isn’t the time for him to be alone, you can sense that. After finding Carol’s knife, Daryl went into some form of anger you haven’t seen.

He took a seat on the ground and crossed his legs in front of him. He began to rock back and forth, muttering something to himself, not letting you hear what he was saying.

“Daryl… Baby.” You squat next to him and reach for his knee, but he yanks it away from you. “Talk to me.”

He hits the ground with the knife and looks up at you, his eyes narrowed in on you. “This coulda been you.” He hisses, pointing to the Walker who has been carrying her knife in its neck. “That night, I coulda lost you. She’s gone!”

You hold your hands up, knowing when the battle is lost. “I’m here for you. You know that, right?”

He pauses but he nods his head and looks down at the ground. “Just wanna be alone…” He growls.

“Okay. Don’t hurt yourself, please. I’ll check on you later, alright?” You watch as he begins to hit the ground over and over again with the knife, the scowl returning to his face.

You turn around and start to walk out, wishing he would have told you about this sooner, about his worry for Carol. You know he misses her, you all do, she was a big part of the group and your closest friend.

As you turn the corner, you hear a loud shout erupting from Daryl’s throat and a sound like a body being dragged across the ground. He’s lost it.

He must have pulled a door open because the sound of metal hitting the way echoes through the hallways, causing you to jump a few inches in the air as you look behind you.

Daryl is frozen in place, looking inside the cell with Carol’s knife raised above his head and a look of astounishment across his face.

“Baby?” You whisper.

“It’s her…”

Money Showers [AMBW] [Sik-K x OC]

Characters: Jayde (OC), Kwon Minsik (Sik-K)

Summary: “You ain’t gonna say nothing, cause I bring that money.”

Plot: Minsik is the leader of a mafia and being a leader means days away from Jayde. One night he returns to his elegant home with a bag full of cash after executing a robbery flawlessly.

Genre: Mafia AU

A/N: I was inspired by Sik-K’s “Get That Money” so I made this crappy oneshot.

A pair of concerned hazel-brown eyes look vacantly through a dewy window at a desolate driveway. Manicured fingers squeeze onto the sides of her own arms while a troubled exhale went past her plump lips. The air she expelled fogged the window and outside from it rain continued to fall. Her eyes took a glance to the Roman numeral clock above her chest of drawers. The time indicated 2:41 in the late night. She huffed and turned her head back to the window and fixated her eyes at the driveway. Her body grew tense as the seconds felt like minutes to her.

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Omg, Taehyung as a five years old child is so freaking cute, I melted reading it!! Can You write more about this, pretty please? 🙏🏻☺️

Jimin is probably the one who loves baby Taehyung the most tbh. He’s so used to being cuddled and babied by Taehyung it’s just so fun for him when Taehyung turns into a five years old because finally HE can be the one babying his best friend. 

It’s late at night and Jimin is just returning from his own late night dance practice when he suddenly hears sniffling and little whimpers. His eyebrows furrow and for a moment he thinks he’s just so tired he’s hearing things until he hears the sound of tapping or knocking. 

“Holy shit, Jungkook was right, the dorm IS haunted.” 

Jimin is ready to just nope the fuck out of there and hide back in the practice rooms when another sniffle is let out and a quiet “Yoonieeee.” is followed. Oh… Taehyung. Jimin pauses for a moment and then it hits him Taehyung is a toddler again and is crying. TAEHYUNG IS CRYING! Jimin speeds down the hall to where he can hear the sniffling and his heart nearly breaks at the sight of a small toddler Taehyung, dressed in his over sized shirt, sitting in front of Seokjin’s and Yoongi’s bedroom door with his wide eyes puffy and wet. 

He watches the way Taehyung rubs his eyes with his small little fist before his hand moves back to tap on the door and it’s just too much. Jimin squats next to his baby best friend and smiles gently. 

“Hey baby… what’s wrong?” 

Taehyung just whimpers. 

“It’s dark. Want Yoonie hyung.” 

It’s just so fucking adorable and cute because it’s so late into the night and Taehyung is clearly sleepy and falling asleep in his spot but the toddler refuses to let his eyes shut. Jimin pulls Taehyung into his arms and stands to carry him back to their own room with him. 

“Yoongi hyung is back in his studio, Tae, he’s working. How about you cuddle with Jiminnie hyung and when Yoongi comes back you can go nap with him?” 

“Can Kumamon cuddle too?”

That’s when Jimin notices Taehyung holds the stuffed bear, that Yoongi gave him, to his chest and he just looks so SOFT Jimin just grins and lays them in his bed before pulling the little boy closer to his chest. 

“Of course baby! Kumamon can cuddle as long as he wants.” 

Jungkook tries his best to avoid Taehyung when his hyung is a toddler. Not because he hates it or because he’s annoyed by it but just because he’s so afraid he’ll accidentally hurt Taehyung.  His nickname is literally “muscle pig” and Taehyung is just so SMALL when he’s a toddler, Jungkook literally is just so worried he’ll accidentally handle the toddler wrong. He just prefers to ignore Taehyung until he’s back to normal. 

Of course that is not possible though when one day Yoongi and Namjoon walk into his room carrying a small Taehyung, who sleepily plays with the piercings in Yoongi’s ear as the elder holds him protectively. He’s notices the way both his hyungs are dressed like they are about to go out and knows what they are about to ask him and he instantly shakes his head no before the elders can even talk. 

Like he expected they ignore the action.

“We have a meeting with Bang PD and Taehyung has a fever. It’s too cold to take him out so you need to watch him while we come back.”

The closer Jungkook looks at the toddler he notices that yeah Taehyung’s eyes are red and his nose is dripping something clear and ew he really thinks he won’t be able too. 

One glare from Yoongi has him quickly changing his mind. 

“It’s just for a few hours and we just gave him medicine so he should fall asleep soon. You’ll be fine.” 

Jungkook is not fine.

He’s freaking out and almost in tears as he watches the way Taehyung sits in his bed sobbing his little eyes out. Everything had been going fine at first. Yoongi was able to put Taehyung down and in bed as they left and the toddler had quickly fallen asleep like they said but that’d only lasted an hour before a hard coughing fit had woken him up again. As expected Taehyung had instantly broke into tears when the coughing had led to him vomiting on his favorite blanket. 

Now Jungkook himself was ready to just sit on the floor and cry along with Taehyung. 

 “T.. Taetae we need to get you cleaned up buddy.” 

He tries his luck in talking to the wailing toddler but it only gets him more tears from Taehyung and he figures he’s going to have to use the big excuse on him to get his little hyung into a bath.

“Taehyung if you don’t get cleaned up then Yoongi and Namjoonie hyung are going to be sad when they come back and see that you’re dirty.” 

This gets Taehyung quiet to only small whimpers and sniffles and when Taehyung lifts his arms asking to be carried Jungkook panics again. His hyung is so tiny and he’s sic, which makes him all the more fragile, what if Jungkook picks him up wrong or holds him wrong? He’s freaking out and Taehyung’s lip begins to wobble when he notices Jungkook is hesitating in picking him up. 

Worried Taehyung will begin sobbing again Jungkook quickly moves to the bed and gently tries to hold him the way he’s seen the others do. 

Taehyung seems to like it as he cuddles closer and hides his face into Jungkook’s neck before letting out a yawn. 

“I don’ feel good Kookie.” 

Something soft in Jungkook’s heart just clenches at how small and sleepy Taehyung sounds and he just holds the toddler closer as he leads him to a warm bath. 

“I know but you’ll get better soon okay? Jungkookie will take care of you.”

(Y’all know i’m taegi trash fam) 

Yoongi hates scolding Taehyung. Big adult Taehyung and small toddler Taehyung, no matter which one it is, he just hates having to yell at him. Normally he wouldn’t he’d let the others handle that and just stick to being the favorite hyung the kid cuddles with but this time it just happens. 

He snaps and instantly regrets it.

They’re in the dorm and he can hear the sounds of Taehyung laughing and his little feet running against the hardwood floor as Seokjin gently reminds the toddler not to run unless he gets hurt or breaks something. It brings a small smile to his face because the brat probably won’t listen and will do that thing he does where he slows down just to run around again the moment Seokjin turns around. 

He figures he can take a small break from working on music to use the bathroom and then try and help the eldest with the toddler while also maybe get some cuddles out of Taehyung for a nap. 

He rises from his chair and is literally only in the bathroom for a new moments before he hears the sound of loud banging as something falls and hits the floor followed by a very loud “TAEHYUNG!” Yoongi’s blood runs cold at thought of Taehyung being hurt. 

He rushes out of the restroom and into his bedroom and the worry quickly changes into anger when he sees his laptop on the floor along with his mixing board and a worried looking Seokjin. Taehyung stands right besides the mess looking down and playing with his fingers nervously and for some reason that just pisses Yoongi off more. 

“What happened.” 

“I….. I’m sorry Yoon-” 


Taehyung jumps at the way Yoongi yells and his eyes fill with tears. Seokjin himself furrows his eyebrows not lieking the way Yoongi yelled. 

“It was an accident Yoonie… i didn’ mean too.” 

Yoongi knows he should calm down but just the thought of any songs that weren’t saved being gone and all his hard work being wasted has him nearly shaking in anger. All those sleepless hours. He doesn’t mean to shout at the toddler but the words leave his mouth before he can even stop them. 


Yoongi feels his heart break a little bit when Taehyung jumps again at the sound and lets out a loud sob as the little boy runs past them out of the room. Seokjin just sighs and follows him out after shaking his head. 

Yoongi just slams the door and gets to fixing whatever he can while he tries to ignore the way he feels like shit for making his favorite person cry. 

It’s later that same night when he feels like even bigger shit. 

The clock on his, now fixed, laptop read “3:30 a.m” and he hears his stomach grumble asking for food. He tries to remember if he ate that day but all he can think about is the look Taehyung shot him right before running out of the room crying and he shakes his head as he stands to head to the kitchen to eat something. 

He feels his throat close up with guilt when he sees a very familiar piggy bank right in front of his bedroom door with a familiar Kumamon plushie besides it. 

“Taehyung left it there. He said he wanted to fix your laptop but he didn’t want to make you madder so i told him he could leave his piggy bank there and you would get it.” 

Seokjin gives him the “you need to fix this now” look as he walks by and Yoongi heads straight to Taehyung’s bedroom right after picking up the Kumamon plush. He expects Taehyung to be asleep when he walks in and he honestly just planned on leaving the doll with the toddler and talking to him the next day but as soon as he walks in he notices the little boy awake in his bed. 

Yoongi pretends it doesn’t hurt when Taehyung doesn’t even move an inch as he watches him enter the room. (when normally the toddler would jump up and into his arms) 

Yoongi sighs and sits on the floor next to the side of the bed where Taehyung lays and looks at the plush in his hands before looking back at Taehyung. He frowns. 

“I think Kumamon got lost in the dark, i found him on the floor in the hall.” 

Yoongi holds the doll out to the boy but Taehyung just looks at it. 

“I don’ want him anymore. Kuma hates taetae like hyung does.” 

Yoongi just wants to hug the little boy and make him smile again so that is exactly what he does. He pulls Taehyung out of bed and holds him to his chest as he sighs out and runs his fingers through Taehyung’s soft hair. 

“Hyung doesn’t hate you tae. I was angry and i yelled at you when i shouldn’t have and hyung is sorry for that but i promise hyung has never hated you.” 

Taehyung sniffles again and Yoongi pinches his cheek gently to pull a smile from Taehyung. It works as a small boxed one spreads on the toddler’s face. 

“You promise? You still like Taetae?” 

“I promise. I still love Taetae and so does Kumamon.” 

Taehyung grins and presses a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek right before he lets out a very loud yawn and it’s then that Yoongi remembers how late it is. He gets Taehyung back into bed and is gonna walk out but Taehyung grabs a hold of his shirt and Yoongi knows the toddler wants him to stay so he does exactly that. He curls up on the bed and chuckles when Taehyung turns around and wraps his small hand around Yoongi’s. 

“Taetae is sorry i dropped your stuff.” 

“It’s okay, brat. Just remember to listen to Jin the next time you’re little and don’t run okay? You could have gotten hurt.” 

They fall asleep holding hands and Seokjin totally takes a picture on his phone when he comes to check on Taehyung later only to see a big Taehyung back and hugging Yoongi to his chest while a Kumamon plush lays next to them. 

[SUMMARY: Negan finds a baby girl in the middle of the woods and takes her in. He begins to fall for one of his wives when he sees how much she takes care of the baby.]

Smut/Super fluff/Negan as a dad

Negan and Hazel.

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