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I know monthly challenges don’t fix anything but I really enjoy doing them as I feel a great sense of accomplishment once I finish and even if I don’t get to do a proper workout on certain days I still feel like I’ve achieved something, this month I’ve chosen a few different ones ^ plus of course the 30 day abs and 30 day squats beginner level 2
wish me luck and feel free to join me!

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What are best workouts to do at home?

Whatever you have room for!



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Okay I know I haven’t been that active lately but I’m back and here are the challenges I’ll be doing during February! If any want’s to join me and post their own before and after measurements I’d be happy to hear about your progress. Let’s do this since this is the month of love hopefully I’ll be loving my butt and waistline when this is over.  


Khloe Kardashian had posted this on her Twitter. I don’t follow her but after clicking through links found my way into her Twitpics. Someone was asking her about it.

This is a lot of squats to do but I’m sure after the 30 Days your Hips, Butt, Thighs and Calf muscles will have more Definition. If you have no butt you will start developing your muscles and notice one I’m sure. If you have a saggy butt this will help tighten it up. As well as thighs.

I’m sure repeat as necessary as possible with other methods :D.

100 Rep Challenge: Cyclist Squat

If you want to destroy your quads, I highly recommend you to try this! But you will be sore for the next 4-5 days.

3 simple rules to follow:

- Choose a compound exercise
- Pick a weight you can hardly lift for 10 reps
- Set 1 minute of rest between each set

The goal is to reach 100 reps no matter how many sets you do.

The video


The Running Checklist

As you’ll discover after a few posts, I’m good at creating carefully crafted checklists and systems, and better at disregarding the entire system and getting back to chaos. :D 

Not so during the final mile project. So here’s a checklist that will (hopefully) make it slightly easier for dragging that ass out of the house and onto the track. 

The Night Before

  1. Select which phone you’ll be taking with you for the run. Hook it to the charger IMMEDIATELY before you forget.
  2. Make sure that the phone has the running tracker that you prefer to use and that you are logged in, etc. My Current favourite is Nike+Run club. There is just something about the interface that is so motivating, and the option to sync keeps you updated across multiple devices.
  3. Select the playlist you’ll be listening to. Ensure it’s availabe offline on your device. Nothing is more irritating than network issues interrupting your upbeat music in the middle of a great run.
  4. Lay out your workout clothes and accessories.
    1. Pants and t-shirt
    2. Sports Bra
    3. socks
    4. running shoes
    5. earphones (personal choice, I personally can’t workout without high tempo music blaring in my ears)
    6. handkerchief or small towel (very important if you, like me, sweat like a pig)7. hair ties
    7. Keep a bottle of water and some light snack by the bedside table

Morning of the Run

  1. When you hear the alarm, count 5-4-3-2-1 in your mind, throw the covers off, then get off the bed
  2. Drink half a bottle of water at least. Eat the light snack(like a handful of almonds, or a fruit)
  3. Freshen up, wash your face, brush your teeth
  4. Change into your workout clothes. Wear the shoes. Tie your hair.
  5. Grab your phone and earphones
  6. Take other essentials like your mess card, ID card, bare necessary money, keys, energy drink, etc. Make sure you have a place to store all that safely during the run.
  7. Apply Sunscreen. I can’t emphasize this enough
  8. Do your daily stretching/squat challenge/plank challenge, etc
  9. Get the fuck out before your brain gets the chance to sabotage eveyrthing

After the Run

  1. Log in to the tracking app.
  2. Drink water. Then your predetermined protein shake/energy drink/refreshing drink (if you have one)
  3. Have a hearty breakfast. Fill your plate so much that it embarrasses even the toughest of body builders.
  4. Wash face with cool water. Apply aloe vera gel to cool down any summer burns or heat rashes. (I have hypersensitive skin)
  5. IMMEDIATELY take a bath and get dressed really well down to your shoes and get on with killing the rest of your goals like the BADASS BOSS BITCH that you are! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT crawl back into bed or go on YouTube or Pinterest for that one minute of reward. You have better rewards waiting for you. Like the sound of scratching off items from your to-do list or the smell of you getting nearer to your life goals!
  6. SMILE cause you made it!! :)

Of course, this list is written keeping someone in mind who’s going for an early morning outdoor run. The list will have to be modified according to your own time and place. But it pretty much covers it all for most.

Happy Running!! :)

Note: I will keep updating this list as I continue making progress on my runs. The more runs I go for, the more challenges I will face, the more solutions I’ll learn to overcome them, the more I’ll share.


Jeanell’s Ultimate 90 Day Fitness Challenge - Calisthenics (Days 1-30)

For reference to the cardio part of Jeanell’s UFC - First Phase, click here.

In the calisthenics portion of my Ultimate 90 Day Fitness Challenge, I alternate between a compiled list of fitness challenges and BuzzFeed’s 5-One Song Workouts. Fitness challenge days consists of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, and abs-specific moves (sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, plank). The 5-One Song Workout songs are listed below in the correct order:

  1. Icona Pop - “I Love It”
  2. JAY Z - “On To The Next One”
  3. Kanye West - “Power”
  4. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - “Can’t Hold Us”
  5. Sleigh Bells - “Infinity Guitars”

If you are curious about these workouts, click on this BuzzFeed link and there will be visuals on the page.

To shake up the workouts, every other week there is a YouTube Workout. Now this is a compilation of music and concert videos where I learn the choreography of the dances. I chose music artists that I really enjoy and I am always catching myself dancing to.

Here is a link to those dance videos: YouTube Dance Workout

At the end of first 30 day period or Phase 1, I will do my first weigh-in. I don’t want to weigh myself constantly throughout this process, so I thought every 30 days was reasonable to weigh myself.

Wish me luck on the first 30 days and beyond!

Jeanell Sunshine

For Jeanell’s UFC calisthenics (Days 31-60), click here.

For Jeanell’s UFC calisthenics (Days 61-90), click here.