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Saving Me Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: A Roman Godfrey imagine where the reader is attacked by something or someone in the woods then when she’s about to be killed Roman saves her. When he does he falls in love for the reader, at first sight and he promises that she’ll be okay and that he’ll protect her. Just make it fluffy please, thank you!


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All of your friends liked to call you “Red”.

Short for “Little Red Riding Hood” even though your true name was (Name). The reason behind the nicknames was for many reasons but the most obvious reason was because ever since you could remember you loved the color red and wore it everyday.

Not to mention your favorite fairy tale growing up was Little Red Riding Hood. For some odd reason you just seemed to relate with the character in the book and wanted her courage to be able to stand up to the wolf when he asked her what was in her basket.

To make matters even more coincidental your mother used to raise abandoned and sick wolf puppies. You loved to play with them like real puppies and had actually adopted one you named Beo.

You had found him when you were 12 well you were walking down the street to your grandmothers house. You had found him laying on the road whimpering and injured. He was the runt of the family so he was smaller compared to the others and appeared to have not even opened his eyes.

Your mother told you either keep the animal there since the adult was looking for them or bring it back home if it was injured and the poor wolf looked like it was about to bleed out.

So you wrapped Beo up in your red hoodie and hurried to take him back home. Your mother cleaned him up and had stitch his leg from what she said a feral cat attacking him.

The momma wolf probably thought he was dead and left him behind but you and your mom certainly weren’t going to give up on him. You made sure to feed him special milk from a tube and talk to him and cradle him until he was healthy and finally able to open his eyes.

You and him had developed such a tight bond that you couldn’t let him go and your mom accepted to keep him as a pet. Ever since then you’d been best friends since you didn’t have much friends at school.

You went to Hemlock High and really it was one of the crappiest schools ever. You were a senior and you could drive but you choose to walk from your home to school to avoid having to deal with others.

That was probably why you didn’t have any friends. You were bullied since 1st grade about you being “Little Red” so you were always quiet and independent in class and only spoke if a teacher asked a question.

Sure enough another day had started and you were walking down to school with a messenger bag slung over your shoulder. Today you were wearing a red plaid lace up dress with black details and brown combat boots.

You had on black leggings underneath your dress knowing how boys here liked to sneak peek under girls skirts and dresses. Most of the girls here were sluts anyways who purposefully bent over with heels on to get the idiots to meet them behind the gym after school.

You tugged on the hood of your red fleece coat as you passed by one of those said idiots.

Roman Godfrey.

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Just Imagine

Imagine Voltron in its first fight against Prince Lotor, and Lotor somehow is able to comunicate (maybe he got one of his cronies to hack Voltron’s communication system). So the entire time Voltron is fighting, they hear Lotor making snide comments in the background, like “Is that the best you have?” “My father must have been weak if he couldn’t squash you like the bugs you are.” And it looks like the Galra are going to win, and Voltron is about to lose when Lotor makes a remark about how, after he kills Voltron, earth is next one to go.

And Lance fucking looses it.

Suddenly, enemy ships are being cut and frozen left and right, the number of Galra ships decreasing rapidly. All the while Lance is screaming over the intercom, saying things in English and Spanish alike. But everyone, including Lotor, gets the gist of what he is trying to say:

“Get anywhere near earth and I will fuck you up.”

Lotor never hacked into Voltron’s communication system again.

[This fic was requested by the greatest little nugget @lilsizzler, I hope you all enjoy!]

“I hate him!”
           My fingers stilled on the keys and I couldn’t help but smile softly. Picking up my mug of coffee I turned around in my seat just as Julian stormed into the room. I don’t know what it was about Barry Allen that worked him up so much, I mean technically I did, but part of me felt like there was more to his hatred for Barry than he was letting on.
           "What did Mister Allen do this time?“ I asked.
           "He’s a fool, a stupid, gangly little fool with little to no regard for anyone but himself-”
           My brows furrowed, Julian seemed angrier today. I was used to the odd rude comment but the venom in Julian’s tone was surprising.
           Setting my mug down on my desk I crossed the room, touching his arm and his gaze jerked to mine his anger fading slightly. It was only then that I noticed the bandage on his arm and the hospital bracelet.
           "Did Barry-“
           "No, but he bloody well have!” He hissed.
           I smoothed the deep line between his brows and he sighed closing his eyes. I traced his face with my fingertips, running my fingers through his hair as I pulled him close and held him to me. He noticeably relaxed in my arms and I felt his lips on my shoulder before he pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes tiredly.
           "Why didn’t you phone me and tell me where you were these past two nights. You said you were working a case but you lied,“ I said gently, moving a lock of hair out of his face.
           "It’s nothing serious, a concussion and frostbite. I didn’t want to worry you needlessly, Y/N,”
           I leaned up to press a kiss to his lips, “I always worry, I missed you,”
           He smiled then, it was a small one but it was a smile none the less.
           "And I, you,“
           "You can tell me all about Allen in the morning, but for tonight I’m going to run you a hot bath and you are going to rest,”
           I turned to go to the bathroom, looking back at him when he wouldn’t release my hand.
           "What did I do to deserve you?“ He whispered.
           I smiled softly, “I have no idea,”
           ***Julian’s P.O.V***

           I was sprawled out in the tub, the aches and pains in my muscles were slowly being soaked away. I had hated Barry from the beginning, but this whole business with Caitlin Snow had only served to confirm all of my suspicions. He liked to play the oblivious and innocent role and he may have had everyone fooled but not me. He never fooled me for a single second.
           "You’re thinking about him,“
           My eyes snapped open and I watched as Y/N slowly lowered herself into the tub across from me. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on them. She was so beautiful it almost hurt sometimes, I can’t imagine a life where I didn’t know her, I couldn’t imagine a life without her.
           "Come here,”
           She moved to me and turned so her back rested against my chest and I wrapped my arms around her.
           "How have you been?“ I asked, feeling guilty that I seemed to make everything about me.
           She shrugged, drawing nonsense on the palm of my hand, "Okay, nothing exciting happening on my end,”
           She turned her head when I made a small noise, “Does your head hurt?”
           "A little, but I’m fi-“
           My blood grew thicker in my veins, an familiar euphoric feeling washing over me for a few blissful moments before it was gone. My eyes opened again a few moments later and I felt no pain at all. Y/N had grown paler, using her gift always took a toll on her but she smiled at me, placing a kiss on the back of my hand.
           Taking her chin between my thumb and forefinger I guided her lips to mine. Her tongue slipped past my lips and I wound my fingers into her hair, feeling a growing need for her with every passing second.

***Y/N’S P.O.V***

           We washed and dried ourselves, but when I pulled on my silk robe he grabbed my wrists to stop me from tying it. His hands moved up my arms and he slipped my robe off my shoulders so it fell to the ground. His mouth burned a trail down my neck and I reached down to stroke him.
           "I want you, Y/N,“ he whispered, and I felt heat pool into my belly.
           "I want you so much I can scarcely take it,”
           He lifted me into his arms, entering me as he carried me to the bed and I let out a long sigh.


           I woke up with my cheek on his chest in the early hours of the morning. He was awake, I could tell by his breathing so I decided to break the silence.
           "What did Barry Allen do?“
           Julian sighed, running his fingertips up and down my spine.
           "His friend, Caitlin Snow is a meta, and not the friendly kind. She is a danger to this city, yet Allen had the gall to try to defend her, she’s ‘ill’ he says. He had the audacity to come to me in the hospital and implore me to be silent about his ‘friend’. I could have been killed and yet he defended her. He’s insane!”
           I bit my lower lip, “Julian, if he believes Caitlin is sick I could understand why he would want to protect her. I’ve met Caitlin Snow, she’s a very sweet and intelligent per-”
           "Don’t you start now, too. She is a menace! She is dangerous!“ he groaned.
           "Look,” I propped my head up on my hand so I was looking at him.
           "If she wasn’t in control, perhaps Barry wanted to protect her because he knew the police wouldn’t be able to get her the help she needs. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. When I met you I thought you were  the most arrogant asshole in existence,“
           "Ahh, splendid, that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside-”
           "And I was right, you are an arrogant asshole. However, you also happened to be very gentle and kind,“
           His brows furrowed, "Are you trying to say that Allen is a delight underneath it all?”
           "I’m saying you’re not really giving him a chance to see-“
           "I’ve given him plenty of chances, Y/N,” Julian scoffed.
           "Have you though? Really? It’s not really a chance if you are rooting for him to fail. How can anything he do convince you he is innocent if you are so dead set against him? When you met me do you remember what you said to me?’
           Shame crept into his eyes and he looked away, “Don’t remind me,”
           "You said I was foolish, you said that I had my head in the clouds and not a cruel bone in my body. You said that this city would squash me like a bug… and when you found out I was a meta. Even before you found out what my powers were, you said that I was the scum of the earth,“
           I turned his head so he was looking at me, but I wasn’t angry, instead I smiled.
           "You said all of those hurtful things and yet here we are. Were you right about me?”
           "No,“ he said softly, stroking my cheek, "What I once found insufferable and revolting about you has only served to make me love you more, damn you,” he sighed.
           "If your opinion of me could change so could your opinion of Barry,“
           "You want me to fall in love with Barry Allen?”
           I laughed lightly, rolling my eyes, “You’re such a dick. If falling in love with Barry Allen is the only way you can get along with him then so be it, but all I want is for you to give him the benefit of the doubt,”
           "I don’t think that is possible-“
           "Try, I think you’re making a lot of assumptions with only half of the information. Whatever you decide though, whether it is to hate him for all eternity, befriend him, or forget about him all together I will follow your lead,”
           He placed a kiss on my forehead, “You’re far too good, do you know that?”
           "Are you complaining?“
           "Never,” his lips found mine. 

[Headcanon] How Kumo really ended up with the Nibi.

Alternatively: That one time Tobirama made friends with the Necromancer Hellcat.

Because I can totally see the Nibi trolling the Shinobi world. Mito thinks it’s hilarious, and Tobirama has got to get his kicks somehow.

It begins when Mito seals the Kyubi into her navel with nothing but ink and chakra. Suddenly the whole shinobi world is gearing up, ready for battle. In the idiot-mind of Tobirama’s older brother (seriously, this naïve trusting nature of his will get him killed someday) the best thing to do is to track down the other bijuu, seal them up into nice little packages, and ship them off to neighboring countries.

‘Everybody gets a Bijuu!’ He announces over the kotatsu during dinner one night, beaming at his own brilliance.

Tobirama facepalms when he hears this.

Mito snorts, but secretly she agrees with her brother-in-law.

This can only end in tears.

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Bitty s/o with UF and UT bros headcanons? c: (SFW or NSFW up to you) Lovin' this new AU add-in btw!

Here’s some bitty s/o nsfw for ya.

So I’m gonna do this ask sfw.

Thinking about the bitties makes me wanna watch Thumbelina.



  • You’re so smol. Prepare for mild teasing and size relative puns.
  • He carries you around in his hood when you go places together.
  • Grillby has some tiny plates and glasses for when Sans brings you with him.
  • I dare you to play on his rib cage like it’s a jungle gym.
  • Beware his dirty socks. Especially since they’re pretty big compared to you.


  • You’re so amazing for someone so small!
  • When you go places together he likes to fold his scarf in such a way that you can ride safely in the creases of the fabric.
  • As a special memento he tears off a small piece of his scarf and makes it into a scarf/whatever item of clothing you want it to be.
  • If you want to cook with him he’ll get you a tiny kitchen like this and this.
  • If you want to come with him while he trains he’ll make a hat that he can strap securely to his skull and on top of it is a small chair and straps for you to sit in safely without falling off.



  • He cracks puns at your size but he’s also trying to hide his anxiousness.
  • You’re so tiny and what if someone that doesn’t like him attacks you while he’s not there to protect you? He has a horrifying mental image of an enemy squashing you like a bug. Calm down there, Red.
  • He’s never gonna leave you unattended. If he’s not watching you it’ll be Edge or a friend that the brothers trust, like Stingray(Uf Undyne).
  • He carries you around in his hood and it’s pretty comfy with all the floof.
  • If anyone he doesn’t trust tries to touch you they’re gonna get their hand gaster blasted off.


  • How can someone so tiny contain so much perfection? It baffles him.
  • Like Red, he’s protective but tries not to coddle you too much. He believes you could defend yourself if given the proper training.
  • He has special little comfy seat he can strap to his shoulder for when you travel together. Only the best for you.
  • He likes to make tiny furniture and clothes for you, including the chair I mentioned previously. If he keeps going he’ll end up making an entire doll size house for you to live in.
  • If anyone makes any sort of wrong move towards you their hand will be sliced off with one of his sharp ended bone attacks in the blink of an eye.
The Honeymoon--Chapter 11

Rating: T

Summary:  With the Black Fairy defeated and the Final Battle won, Emma and Killian are able to focus on the important things—like their honeymoon.  Thanks to a souvenir from the latest curse, Killian comes up with a way to give Emma the wedding trip of their dreams.

Missed the Beginning? (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8) (Chapter 9) (Chapter 10)

Tagging a few people who may be interested: @sailormew4@annaamell@flslp87@emmateo26@fleurreads@doracianstormrose@mermaidswans@bethacaciakay@ultraluckycatnd@allfangirlallthetime@effulgentcolors,@ilovemesomekillianjones@kat2609@brooke-to-broch@missgymgirl@hellomommanerd@galadriel26@the-lady-of-misthaven@charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615@laschatzi@kimmy46@snowbellewells@iamanneenigma@daxx04@lapi-lazuli@nickillian@a-rose-for-a-savior@in-spirational@gillie@manic-pixiefangirl@britishguyslover@ginnyjinxedandhanshotritafirst@nofeels@holmes-a-holic@kmomof4@linda8084@spartanguard


“I’m going to murder that bloody git!” Killian growled, turning in a circle to take in all the mayhem around them.  “I’m going to plant my hook in his diminutive face!”

Emma grimaced.  “I get where you’re coming from.  I kind of want to string the tiny bastard up by his toes for trying to ruin our honeymoon, but I think we need to be strategic about this.”

He shot her a wary look.  “Just what are you suggesting, love?”

“I’m saying,” Emma answered, “that our ‘control Blackbeard’ strategy doesn’t seem to be working.  Maybe we should try a new tactic.”

“Such as?”

“Maybe instead of just putting him in prison, we make him an offer he can’t refuse,” Emma said, looking grim.

“Bloody hell, Swan!” Killian said, “are you seriously suggesting we make a deal with that arsehole?  After all the trouble he’s put us through ever since Neverland?”

“Not a deal, precisely,” Emma answered, “more of an ultimatum.  What if we threaten to leave him somewhere to be rodent food if he doesn’t start cooperating?”

A feral grin lit up Killian’s face.  “Now there’s the cunning pirate lass I married!”

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“I seem to be not-dead-yet.”

“Only because you’re luckier than you have any right to be! Are you crazy? He could’ve squashed you like a bug!”

“Pot, kettle.”


“I seem to recall you taking a shot at him yourself! Like you’re going to be able to disarm the Dark Lord like that.”

“He was going to kill you!”

“Why the hell did you care? You thought I was on his side!”

Tightly, “Sorry, being in love doesn’t come with an off-switch in case of sudden conversion to the Dark.”


Run streak day:97

Miles for the year: 413.19

Today has been a bit rough, just one of those days everything piles up and the weight of it all treatens to squash you like a tiny bug, so I ran hard and fast, I left it all out there and I feel so much better now!!!!

Now its time to start tackling this huge list of things I need to take care of today.

Happy running everyone!!!

FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 3]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, romance, family, angst

WORDS: 2367

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A/N: Rewritten as of 8th Sept ‘16.

You had been living with SVT for about a month now and it was getting boring.

After finding out that you had basically run away from your gang, Seungcheol had forbidden you from leaving the House because he knew your father’s thugs would be looking for you. Your father’s gang was big and could squash SVT like a bug. If they found out SVT was harbouring a wanted person…

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Tokyo Ghoul and Masculinities; Pt. 3

Well, I wanted to get this entire series finished before the end of Winter break, and I just might….I just might. (Side note: why tf does winter break go so fast??????)

So today we’re going to be talking about boyish masculinities or immature masculinities. Make no mistake: being a boy precludes one from being a man. Boyhood is considered culturally feminine, most likely because of the fact that children are sex-ambiguous, and boys are considered to be incapable of attaining masculinity. A boy’s life consists of being socialized into (in modern society) a largely unattainable manhood, and in many cultures, the shift from boyhood to manhood is marked by some ceremonial rite of passage. In the developed world, many of these formal ceremonies have fallen by the wayside, or are not as popular/celebrated as they once were (this is true in Japan as well), however, there is still an idea in most societies that boys become men, and that one can not be both a boy and a man. This is why it is considered deeply disrespectful to call an adult male with a diminutive, (in English, “boy” has been used to demean, especially adult black males). However, in reality there is a lot of liminal space between boyhood and manhood, and various male folks approach this space in different ways. As I’ve already discussed, masculinity is always precarious. However, boyhood masculinity is even more precarious, as it is pre-compromised by the subordinated position of boys as “children.” Therefore, if the boyishness is fought rather than embraced (as it often is in teens), it is often expressed through both violence and what Pascoe calls “fag discourse.” So with that in mind, this meta will explore Urie, Shirazu, Mutsuki, and Ayato.

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Needs More Salt

Nesta trying Cassian’s cooking for the first time.

The soup was just there. The smell called to her, beckoned her forth, practically screamed at her. Eat me! Eat me! And when she saw what was inside, her mouth watered and her stomach growled. Her control was strong granted, but the temptation was stronger. She hadn’t eaten breakfast, it was warranted.

The first bite left her moaning. She’d never thought heaven could taste so good. The flavors burst into her mouth like sunbeams and she was thoroughly relishing in its unfathomable depths. It was the type of soup that made her whole body feel full and not just her stomach. Made her feel warm inside.  

She was happily sipping on the broth when Cassian came in. He stopped short when he saw her. He looked down at the bowl, then up at her. His smug smirk grew, and she could practically see his ego inflate.

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The dumbest idea ever

The Maze Runner Imagine (Gally)

Request: Hi! Can you do a Gally imagine where I am the only girl there and it seems that I am more brave then some boys and I will be runner and have Minho actually challlenge me to wrestle with Gally and to actually him refusing at the begging and then to win and then him being mad and actually while he is screaming at me at the room where they have the keepers meetings to come and kiss me.

Note: It’s finally up! Sorry it took me so long to write it. Hope you like it :)

“Good run today,” Minho slowed down his pace and tooka deep breath before he patted my shoulder. I nodded in agreement. “You’re right. No complications, no grievers. Just us two.” “Tomorrow we’re going to examine sector 5 again carefully. Maybe our way out isn’t that far away anymore,” I could clearly hear the hopeful undertone in his voice.

Just as I opened my mouth to reply some constructive words too I was cut off by a loud scream. Heads turned. Not only Minho and I had heard it but a few other Gladers too. Without hesitation they stormed towards the gardens where a boy was currently getting attacked by a completely different looking Ben.

His skin was much paler than usual and his fists were clenched, ready to punch his victim any second. Beyond question his eyes were the worse. Bloodshot and wide open with a wildly look in them.

“Hey!” I screamed and sprinted to the boy’s help since nobody else made a move to assume the job. “Ben! What’s got into you?” Vainly I tugged at his shirt but this didn’t bar him from hitting the Glader over and over again. “Stop it!”

Finally he showed a reaction. Although not a good one but at least he seemed to hear me. Only when Alby in accompaniment with Newt and Gally pushed his way through the crowed Ben paused his actions for like two seconds.

“He got stung,” Gally groaned and succeeded pushing the boy of the Glader. “Bring him to the med-jacks.” By taking Ben away the gaping Gladers disappeared as well.

“That was bloody brave,” Newt padded my shoulder but Minho jostled him away. “You alright?” He asked while inspecting my body clearly.

I nodded briefly and turned my attention to Alby. “What happened with him?” “He got stung by a griever.” “A griever? Outside the Maze?” “Not outside. Maybe Ben ran into the Maze while nobody was watching.”

“That’s not possible,” the keeper of the builders interrupted. “He was with me all day.” “Ben’s fast. A few seconds of negligence would be enough for him.”

“Shuck,” Minho and I whispered in unison.

“You know what that means, right? He harmed another Glader. We have to punish him,” Alby didn’t look pleased.


Even at the bonfire tonight nobody seemed to be able to forget about what had happened to Ben. The terrifying pictures had lodged themselves into our minds. I was one of the few Gladers that tried my best to focus on the new Greenie.

His name was Thomas and he was currently sitting with Minho and Newt beside me watching Gally’s little wrestling matches. One boy after another landed outside the ring.

Thomas was stunned. “He’s good.” Newt was annoyed. “He’s an idiot.” And Minho was his sassy little self. “He has a thing for this beautiful shank here.”

My punch against his arm caused him to flinch. “Ouch.” “Slim it.” “Just telling the truth.” “You just tell the ordinary klunk. Like every day. You’ll get used to it,” I approached to Thomas. He laughed.

“I don’t talk klunk but if you mean to be mouthy how about we make a little challenge?” “Yeah?” “Wrestle against Gally.” I tapped my forehead. “Are you crazy? He’ll squash me like a bug.”

“Oh come on (Y/N). You’re braver than half of the boys here. Plus if Minho is right and this shank has a thing for you he won’t hurt you,” Newt’s uplifting words helped me to make a decision. “Fine.”

“Give him hell!” The runner cheered as I stepped up at the tall, broad boy.

He was laughing at something one of his builder friends said. Confidently I tapped his shoulder. Still smiling he turned around to face me. Well I actually faced his chest. “Hi?” “I want to fight against you.”

He and his friends started laughing again. “What?” “You heard me,” I hissed desperately trying to sound braver than I really felt. “I’m not fighting against you,” he rejected. “Why? Because I’m a girl? That’s not a very good argument.” I could literally hear the cogs chatter in his head as he thought about my offer and eventually he agreed.

Before we started he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “If I hurt you, you scream stop immediately.” “I think that won’t be necessary,” I grinned confidently.

“Don’t underestimate her!” Some boy screamed accompanied by affirmative cheers. Among them I could spot Minho, Newt and Thomas. “Well, I won’t make any exceptions. The rules are familiar to you?” intimidating Gally cracked his knuckles. I nodded.

Our eyes didn’t leave each other for a second. Slowly we crept around the ring. “What are you waiting for? Scared?” “You wish.” Without any warning he darted at me. Slightly screeching I tried to jump to the side but it was too late. Our bodies collided and we fell to the grit covered ground. Gally was on top of me. Surprised a stared up at him.

Sighing he pulled himself together and reached out to grab my hand and help me up. “Are you satisfied now?” He asked audibly upset. Head held high I trudged back to Minho. “He really likes me. My arse!”


“(Y/N).” Grumbling I shifted in my Hammock. I was already half asleep but thanks for waking me up again. “What? Leave me.” “Can we talk?” “What time is it?” Slowly I brought myself into a straight position.

The shadow in front of me turned out to be Gally. The last person I wanted to see right now. “Past midnight.” “And you didn’t have anything better to do than wake me up to talk?” “I couldn’t sleep.” I sighed and got up. “Whatever.” “Please,” he pleaded. “No need to start crying. I’m following you.”

He led me to the room where the keepers usually hold their meetings. Impatiently I crossed my arms over my chest. He copied my actions and leaned against the wall.

“I’m sorry,” he started. “For what?” “For agreeing to fight against you. That was stupid.” “Did you forget that I was the one to challenge you?” “No, but I should have been the one to say no. I’m so sorry.” “You don’t have to be, Gally. Nothing happened. I’m alright.” “But it could have happened something. One wrong move and I could have hurt you.” I stroked his arm gently. “Again, I’m alright.”

“It was one of your dumbest ideas ever.” Immediately I stopped. “What?” “How stupid could you be to actually think you could win?” Incredulously I stepped a few steps back. “I’m twice as big as you,” he rose his voice.

“That’s enough,” I hissed through gritted teeth. “Come on, why you’re mad at me now?” I turned on my heel, ready to leave. “(Y/N)!” “I’m shucking mad at you because you accuse me of wheedling you to fight with me. You’re telling me how stupid I am for thinking I could win against you. Should I list some other things you do to me during the day?” My voice was literally dripping with sarcasm. Minho would be proud of me.

“What do you mean?” His attempt of making me feel uncomfortable by taking a couple of steps in my direction failed. “I mean the daily distraction from work or the lack of eating because you’re staring at me.” “But you flirting with other Gladers is alright?” “I think so, yes.”

He opened his mouth to shoot a comment back at me but I didn’t gave him the chance to. “No just shut up.”

For a few seconds he looked taken aback by my harsh tone. But then a provocative grin appeared on his face. “Make me.” “I’d love to!” Words weren’t able describe the relieving feeling that rushed through every fibre of my body as my hand collided with his cheek.

“That was not what I meant,” he shouted and stroked his rapidly redden cheek. “That was long overdue,” I chuckled apologetically and grabbed the front of his shirt to give him what he rather wanted. His arms slung themselves automatically around my waist. “I’m sorry I called you stupid.”

I shrugged it off. “Accepted and I have to admit it really was a kind of reckless idea.”


Imagine getting stung by a Griever and being banished to the Maze.

“Newt! Newt please don’t do this.” you pleaded through tears as the boy you had come to call your friend held you by the ropes that bound your arms behind your back firmly and led you to the Maze entrance as dusk began to approach.
Newt didn’t say anything as you both reached a large circle of boys armed with long poles, some with flat heads on them. You knew too well what they were for and your knees grew weak under you. “No, No Please!” you cried, falling to your knees, causing the purple and black wound that grew under your shirt to burn.

Newt bent down, and for a moment you thought he would comfort you but instead he motioned for Winston to join him in gripping you by the arms and hauling you to your feet. “Winston, please you wouldn’t do this to me.” you turned your head to gaze at him tearfully but he turned his head, trying to not look at you.

Newt drew his knife and cut the chords before pushing you into the center then throwing a sack into the maze that contained enough food and water for two days. It was almost sun down.

You looked around at your friends, your fellow Gladers beside whom you had lived and worked for a year. but now all traced of friendship had faded. Frantic, you spotted Gally, your good friend who trained you as a Greenie until you got your bearings and learned to take care of your self. Your mentor, practically your brother.

You ran to him before they brought the poles down, “Gally!” you gasped, “Gally please!” you began to weep, tears streaming down your face and leaving wet, peach colored trails on your cheeks where there had been dirt. You stared into his eyes and searched for any mercy, any love.

You grabbed at his shirt, “please, please, please…” you whimpered and Gally shook his head and pushed you off almost tenderly, “Y/N, don’t…”

“You’re my Friend!” you barked and stared at his desperately, “aren’t you?”

Gally swallowed and pushed you off again and into the center. Alby looked at you with sympathy. “Poles!” he ordered and in unison the boys brought down the long wooden spears and began to push forward.

You ran forward and tried to push past the barricade, screaming and pleading the whole way. “Stop! Please don’t do this! Alby! Winston! Thomas! Gally! Any one please help me!”

The opening was at your back now and the tips of the spears inches away, you took a step back into the maze and the rumble of the walls told you that you could either run in, or get squashed like a bug. You stared out at them, and saw that there was indeed emotion in their faces, there was sadness, pity, and guilt.

But none of it could match the fear, anger, and betrayal in your eyes as you reached the end of the passage and stared out at them until the two walls came together in front of your face.

With a rage filled scream you banged your fists in vain on the stone block until your anger was drained, leaving you exhausted.

And on the other side of the Wall the Gladers heard your cries of anguish felt their blood run cold.

What if Rukia were the human and Ichigo the soul reaper: The Sequel

As requested by anon. :)

I once imagined how the first Bleach arc would have gone if Rukia were the human and Ichigo the soul reaper. I also switched the roles of their close friends and family, so that Byakuya was Rukia’s “totally normal” human guardian, Renji was her human best friend, Isshin was the Captain of Squad 6 who came to arrest Ichigo, Tatsuki his lieutenant, etc, etc. It might be easiest for you to just read the original list here. Or if you prefer, read this awesome comic based on the list. In any event, I am now going to continue with this reversed AU, and take on the next arc of Bleach. If the Hueco Mundo arc occurred with the shinigami and human characters swapped, how would it go?

1. Upon returning to the human world, Rukia is tormented by Dark Rukia.

After rescuing Ichigo, Rukia returns to the human world, only to find that that hollow woman who showed up during her fight against Isshin is NOT going away. She’s invading her dream, affecting her fights, and generally being a pain in Rukia’s ass.

Dark Rukia: I’m getting closer…

Dark Rukia: I’m going to SWALLOW YOU UP!

Rukia: Wow. Gay.

Rukia: Also, um, please don’t?

2. This causes her to fall into an emo depression.

A depression only made worse when Ulquiorra and Yammy invade, and Rukia finds herself unable to defend her two best friends, Renji and Hanataro, from their onslaught. It’s only thanks to Kurotsuchi and Yoruichi that everybody is saved. And Rukia can’t cope with that.

Ulquiorra: I will tell Aizen-sama that the human is trash, not worth killing.

Rukia: …

Kurotsuchi: He’s right, you know. That totally sucked.

Rukia: SHUT UP

3. Luckily, Ichigo, Tatsuki and some fellow soul reapers show up in time to shock Rukia out of her depression. 

Rukia is there in her classroom, brooding darkly, when she hears a familiar voice call her name. It’s the Squad 6 lieutenant Tatsuki, standing the doorway, along with the two shinigami besties, Keigo and Mizuiro, the tiniest of all tiny captains, Captain Karin of Squad 10, and her much taller and more chill lieutenant, Chad. 

Rukia: W-what?

Ichigo (from behind her): Long time no see, Rukia!

Rukia: …

Rukia: Did you climb up to the window just to make an entrance???

Ichigo: …you got a problem with cool?

4. Rukia fights Dark Rukia in her soul world.

After some yelling and some more arrancar fights, Rukia decides that she’s going to train with those creepy visored after all. So she goes to Shinji’s hideout, and asks for their help. This, of course, leads to the epic soul world battle between Rukia and her inner hollow, Dark Rukia.

Rukia & Dark Rukia: BAN-KAI!

[Meanwhile, in the real world…]

Kensei: Um our hollow friend just turned into ice. What now?

Shinji: ……….break time?

5. Meanwhile, Byakuya flexes his newly returned shinigami powers.

While Rukia is busy training and the shinigami are busy fighting fracciones, Byakuya enjoys his newly returned captain powers. Which he flexes by, um, killing totally random hollows with no emotional backstory.

Byakuya: Another hollow slain. The world that much safer.

Kurotsuchi: Betcha wish you could kill the thing that killed your wife, huh?

Byakuya: You mean…….a sickness? A sickness cannot be killed with a zanpakuto.

Kurotsuchi: Yes my point is that your life sucks. Thanks for spelling it out.

6. But everything changes when Hanataro is kidnapped.

Everything is going…..not great, when everything suddenly gets worse. Aizen decides he’s kinda interested in the cool healing powers of Rukia’s friend Hanataro, so he sends Ulquiorra to kidnap him. To make it even worse, Ulquiorra makes it look like Hanataro left voluntarily, so that Soul Society pulls away its troops, leaving Rukia and her friends alone.

Head Captain: Look, Hanataro might as well have left a signed confession saying, “I may be adorable, but I’ve also decided to be evil.”

Head Captain: We’re out.

Rukia: You can’t be serious!

Ichigo: Yeah, we have to help!

Head Captain: I thought you might say that, so I sent Captains Isshin and Ikumi to come collect you.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Looks like you’re on your own, Rukia.

7. Rukia goes to Hueco Mundo with Renji and Ishida.

Not to be deterred, Rukia decides to go to Hueco Mundo by herself. Her loyal friends Renji and Ishida are, of course, right by her side.

Renji: Don’t worry about Soul Society abandoning us, Rukia. We can totally rescue Hanataro on our own!

Ishida: Yes. Three of us against 10 espada, 3 shinigami traitors, and all of those fracciones? Totally doable.

Rukia: You guys can stop comforting me now.

8. Later, Ichigo and Tatsuki show up.

And they are PISSED that Rukia didn’t wait for them.

Rukia: I-Ichigo! Tatsuki!

Ichigo: [hits Rukia in the face]

Ichigo: [high-fives Tatsuki]

Tatsuki: [hits Rukia in the face]


9. Ichigo faces off against Aaroniero, who looks like Masaki.

Later the gang splits up to fight their respective espada. Ishida and Tatsuki fight Szayel. Rukia gets busy fighting Grimmjow and Ulquoirra. Renji fights Mosqueda. And Ichigo fights Aaroniero, an espada who can make himself look exactly like Masaki.

Masaki: It is me, Ichigo. Your mother.

Masaki: And do you know how many years it’s been since you got me a mother’s day present? So many.

Masaki: So I think you should kill your friends for me.

Ichigo: What?

Masaki: What?

10. Isshin and Orihime show up to save Ichigo.

Ichigo manages to kill Aaroniero, but unfortunately this leaves him broken and bloody. He only has the strength to drag himself a few feet, calling Hanataro’s name, before he collapses. Luckly, Isshin and Orihime show up to save him.

Zommari: You say ‘unconscious soul reaper.’ I say 'easy win.’

Isshin: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Isshin: I am ready to sacrifice life and limb to save my son!


Orihime: Damn. I am super lost.

11. Rukia faces off against Ulquiorra.

Rukia in her turn engages in a variety of awesome battles, before she finally reaches the climax: Ulquiorra. Unfortunately this battle goes badly, and she winds up sorta dead.

Hanataro: Rukia! RUKIA! RUKIA!!!!!

Rukia: [suddenly a long-haired hollow monster]


Hanataro: Apparently I’ve been wasting my time with those fairies.

12. And then leaves for the human world…after quickly saving Ichigo from Yammy.

So super hollow Rukia beats Ulquiorra, and decides to go after Aizen. But not before quicky stopping by to save Ichigo from Yammy. Just because.


Ichigo: I won’t get out of the way in time - !

Rukia: [epic entrance!]

Rukia: [sword block!]

Ichigo: R-Rukia…

Rukia: You’re right, I guess.

Rukia: Sometimes cool entrances ARE cool.