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What's your design process? ily bye

I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and hmm.. . i tend to use a lot of shapes when drawing! and all of them come based off the personality of the character im envisioning!

usually though i tend to focus on the face before designing the rest of the character because once i get the general face shapes i can use similar or complimentary shapes for the body of the character which is as equally as important as the rest is to the design!

uhh lets see …I’ll compare two of my characters and how i redesigned them!

for Noa I used rounder shapes to make him look young! i also tried to give him a sort of firmer look and you can tell more of that coming from his neck in comparison to Ban’s

for Ban I used triangles and squarish shapes for his face! i wanted it to look long and kind of droopy too!

same applies for their facial features and expression!

Noa is an energetic boy and is always up for a challenge! I want to keep his face looking childish so i use simple round eyes and some freckles! his nose is a simplified version of one thats pushed up! So yea he’s simple simple simple! I took inspiration from kid’s shows/anime since their designs are also simple but SUPER EFFECTIVE imo!!

Ban is also simple but more in personality than design! his face is made up of two shapes instead of one and his features are long and swoopy! i gave him a wiggly smile to make him look goofy and fun loving and his eye’s droopiness for his gentleness and really relaxed nature! his freckles are more for insinuating he’s a nerd ahaha!!

as for body shapes! (sorry this is a little old!! but the concept is the same!

You can tell ban’s legs are thinner and longer and noas are shorter compared to his body (his pants are sagging AHA thats more of a stylstic choice kjkfdaf) ban has a lot more longer shapes and limbs than noa does, as noa is supposed to look sturdier and compact

their posing here is also important: noa looks a lot more ready to go than ban!!

I personally enjoy designs where you can tell straight away that you’re looking at two different characters based on silhouette!

There are SO many things that make up a character!! it includes hair type, hair color, what clothes theyd wear HOW theyd wear it

Even a characters expressions can be completely unique to them even though theyre making the same ones another character is!

After these steps, for me i really just play around with the above mentioned (hair, clothes, accessories etc. etc.!!)

OF COURSE! a disclaimer: I’m really no expert at this! I’m still learning myself and this is just what I learned from my own experience! Everyone designs characters differently and there is no real solid way to designing a character. 

Having fun and drawing what you like is always most important!!

tried human demons 

or as I like to call it


Dot “If I add eye lashes, you remind me of rock lee” Matrix

and “Cheekbones so sharp they can make a tear in the universe” Kryptos

I have office shoes that fit and are comfortable and have traction

and that don’t cut into my heels until they’re ‘broken in’ because that’s a thing I’ve always been told you just have to accept with women’s shoes.

I didn’t buy women’s shoes.

Turns out I wear a size 8.5 men’s dress shoe. I got a pair of Bostonian Flexlite Wendells. Black, slightly plain-looking, squarish toe, standard width. Like this:

Leather uppers, synthetic soles. Actual treads on the bottoms instead of the shiny soles you get with most women’s dress shoes; I can’t tell you how many pairs of shoes I’ve bought that had to be scuffed on pavement to get anything resembling traction. Because that’s just a thing. The stupid heel design on women’s dress shoes, even on women’s dress flats or women’s oxfords? that’s because on average, women’s anatomical heels are generally narrower than men’s so the shoe companies use narrower lasts. Possibly they just make stupidly narrow heel parts because they can or because it’s supposed to look sexy or something- the important part is that they make the stupid things and they always cut into my ankle and every woman I have ever spoken to about dress or office shoes has had experience with ankle biting and having to put bandages on until the shoe gets broken in. Because God forbid the manufacturers make shoes that don’t hurt you.

But I have office shoes that don’t hurt, and that look decent.

I will not be shopping in the women’s shoe section again until I am forced to for a wedding or something.

The Signs Physical Appearances Based on my Personal Friends

Aries: He has red tinted skin. A high forehead and high cheekbones that make his cheeks look hollow. His body is wiry and muscular. His eyes stare into yours, as if he’s challenging you silently. His eyebrows are arched and his features are sharp. In the sun, his hair glimmers red. His lips are tiny but chiseled with a dark pink. His voice cracks like fire. He has multiple scars and beauty marks on his face. His freckles bloom through the summer.

Taurus: Her hair is dark, thick, wavy, her skin is rough. Her bone structure is squarish and harsh while her nose flairs femininely. Her eyelids are heavy, her lips are thick, full and wide. Her eyebrows are nicely shaped as her eyes shine with a domesticated hue. The neck is thick and matches her narrow thick shoulders. She’s fashioned in earthy colors, and has a feminine approach. Her feet are thick, wide, and even when she gains or loses weight, her body shows strength.

Gemini: Her nose is narrow between her eyes and prominent cheekbones. Her hair is big, wild, shagged, showing that she’s active and has no care for appearances. Her eyes are young and intense. Her lips are full and her collarbones stick out with prominence. Her nose is long, big, and her bony shoulders stick out as if her wings are ready to break through her skin. Her posture is birdlike, in poise for flight as her upper body sticks out and her long legs curve back. Her arms hang awkwardly and her hands dangle loosely. Her eyes stick out and her body is modelesque.

Cancer: His body is strong and sturdy, like a tree trunk. He is muscular, thin, but his body is also rounded. His legs are strong, the butt is round and large, and his pecs are prominent. His neck is long, thin, and his lips slightly curve up at the corners. His eyes are beautiful, watery, as if hes about to shed a tear at any moment. He has a melancholic look, like Kurt Cobain. The hair is long, silky, manageable. The nose is attractive and pointed.

Leo: Her hair is thick, light. The chest is big and wide. Her eyes are shaped like a cat’s but are dark in color. Her bust is big. Her cheekbones are high, near her eyes, her spine is prominent and sensitive. Her back is soft, attractive, and arches nicely. Her forehead is high, her eyes are far apart. Her eyebrows are thin but dark. The lips are plump. Her face is round.

Virgo: Her skin is clear. Her forehead is rounded and prominent. Her lips are perfectly shaped, but her mouth is too small for her smile to fully ‘erupt’. The eyebrows are thick and round, slightly curved. The nose is not too small or too big, but full at the tip. Her head is round. The face shows innocence, mainly the eyes. Independence shows in her stance. Her cheekbones are globular, has a fashion-model-seriousness to her look, but the smile is more than friendly. Her teeth are slightly crooked but strong with the top ones being more prominent than the others, so her mouth regular stays open a little bit showing her front teeth through her cupid lips.

Libra: Her face is symmetrical. Her teeth are immensely white and straight. Her lips are prominent and something about them “pops”. She has clear skin, her eyes are a bit far apart and big. The ends of her eyes are wide and slant down a little bit. Her hair is silky, straight, smooth. Her nose is shaped like a ski slope with the end pointed up and her nostrils flared (especially when mad). Her eyebrows are nicely shaped and arched, but have a thick (or dark) aspect about them. She has a dimpled chin and dimpled cheeks, her body is curvy and feminine. She has a happy, innocent look to her.

Scorpio: His eyes change color depending on what he wears, or how he feels. His stare is intense, but quickly turns innocent once his smile blossoms. His eyebrows are rounded, thick, dark, and arched, and are a bit far apart from each other. His torso is lengthy, the legs a short and the arms are long. His neck is thick and sensuous. His hair is dark in color and thick, and he has an abundance of it throughout his body. His chest is flat, along with his stomach. His nose can look either aquiline and concave depending on the angle, but is full at the tip. His lips are full and his skin is pale and full of scars or cuts since he is always risky and athletic. His body is toned, but still a bit lanky.

Sagittarius: One of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in my life. Her skin is tawny, her hair is dark. The face is “long” with attractive cheekbones and attractive light colored eyes. Her eyebrows are slightly curved, thin, and the eyelashes are long. She is athletic but puts on weight easily. Her hair has a “cowlick” and light, natural highlights. Her teeth and gums are big, but attractive. Her look is jovial and her smile cheers everyone up.

Capricorn: “If looks could kill”. Her eyes are sensuous, serious, nicely shaped. Staring AT you, not into you. Her nose is noticeable. Her bone structure is outstanding, perfect. Her eyebrows are just naturally beautifully shaped, and arch over her long, slightly hooked nose. Her eyebrows and nose make a “T” shape on her face. Her cheekbones are prominent. She always flashes everyone her attractive teeth. Her lips are thin but the shape is feminine and sensual. Her hair is dark, curly or at least wavy at times. Her looks are intimidating. Her legs are thicker than her upper body, and the hips are wide. Modelesque figure. Her neck is long and her eyes show attitude.

Aquarius: Her hair is long, wavy, dark, healthy and frames her face nicely. It often shifts to the side. She is tall in height, her body is flexible, her limbs, hands, and feet are narrow. The torso is long. Her eyes are young, the head shape is elongated with her mouth pronounced from her jaw. Her smile is friendly. The bone structure is thick but statuesque. She possesses the form of a dancer. Her posture is flawed, but her shoulders stand back as her back slouches and her legs are straight. Her eyes gleam with maturity.

Pisces: Her eyes are heavy-lidded and protrude. Her smile is perfect, with her plump lips. Her eyes are beautiful, not intense as a Scorpio’s, but dreamy. She often seems to be staring into the nothingness. Daydreaming look. Her shoulders slope down and her posture is flawed. Her hips are large, and her skin is clear, although she has a few acne scars. Her hair and eyebrows are light in color. Her eyebrows blend in with her skin. Her torso is pear shaped with long lanky limbs. Her hair is thick, “big”, curly, and waves like the ocean.  

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Do you have any head-canons for 2Ps' handwriting and what they write with?

2P!America: slanted all-caps handwriting //normal pencil

2P!China: broken, messy all-lowercase handwriting with the letters placed close together //mechanical pencil

2P!England: neat, loopy, girlish cursive handwriting //pink glitter gel pen

2P!France: scribbles. sloppy, small, and usually very light because he doesn’t put enough pressure on the pencil

2P!Russia: very sharp, clean, bold writing that makes the back of the paper feel like Braille because he uses too much pressure //ballpoint pen

2P!Italy: small, jagged, slanted to the left, boyish handwriting that’s occasionally messy //black ink

2P!Germany: big, curvy, mostly uppercase handwriting //Sharpie

2P!Japan: extremely neat, small, squarish writing that is always perfectly aligned (the columns are always exact, almost like he used a ruler but didn’t), and naturally has the straightest lines //fancy pen

2P!Canada: sloppy, lazily written, never dots the i’s, will sometimes not even be on the lines and fill up the side margins //classic pencil

2P!Romano: cute, big, round, bubbly writing with hearts for i’s and curly loops for g’s //purple metallic marker

2P!Austria: tiny, eerie, grungy writing (obviously practiced to look that way) //thick red pen

2P!Prussia: stunning, slanted, calligraphy writing that looks like it was used in an 1800′s document or something //calligraphy pen or feather quill


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The Atlantis condominium, located at 2025 Brickell Avenue in Miami. Designed by Arquitectonica in 1980, with construction completed in 1982.

One of the most strongly postmodern residential towers ever built, it shows a very clear Memphis-Milano influence. This is what you would get if Ettore Sottsass and Piet Mondrian had a love child.

Note especially the primary color scheme (red, yellow, blue) that was one of the definitive themes of the 80s, along with the abstract geometric shapes.

Also note the red Le Corbusier chairs in the lobby. Along with the Cesca chair and the Wassily chair, the Le Corbusier chair was one of the 1980s’ most widely-reproduced pieces of 1920s/1930s Art Deco furniture. The Le Corbusier chairs were also made in a matching couch, and in every concievable color combination of leather and metal framing (the original was black leather w/ chrome frame.) Despite the squarish look, they’re reputed to be sinfully comfortable.

The Atlantis was featured on Miami Vice as part of the opening montage before every episode, as well as being used as one of the interior sets in season 3, episode 22 (“Viking Bikers from Hell”). The exterior was also seen briefly in the movie Scarface.

The second-to-last photo – don’t you wonder where that ladder leads? Is that where the little mouse goes up into his giant piece of cheese?

Photo credit to Robin Hill for the last photo. That’s taken standing on the red spiral staircase in the “Sky Tower” cut into the middle of the building (highlighted in photo #4.) I would totally chill in that jacuzzi during a hurricane, drinking a Little Mermaid to match the building (extra rum!)


Midbus’s tusks remain one of his most challenging parts for me to draw. I think the problem is, tusks can block information that helps us to read expressions. Midbus’s jaw is squarish and massive, but I don’t go for that wide shovel octogon people draw on orc’s, so his mouth isn’t as distended and massive as most people draw them and so I find myself having to figure out the tusk issue on my own.

then there’s other issues. Tusks or mouth shape first? Make them both curve towards the center or have one more frontal or the same direction? What size is best? Etc

It’s tough to figure out and I’m working on expanding the range of emotion I can convey with Midbus, and also figuring out how I want to depict his tusks. I may just punch bowz mun in the arm to help me since they’re pretty killer at mouths. -_-

anyway what do y’all think of these? any suggestions?

A sort of drawing tutorial, after seeing that many friends of mine have trouble drawing Deathclaws. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t draw Deathclaws without references. Remember to pay attention to detail:

  • Chin, mouth and nose are white/tan/pink, while the back jawline and strap over the nose / under the eyes are darker, more spotty, with everything else being dark scales and leather.
  • Horns are thick, go up and out at the sides, before quickly bending inwards and down, before curving back up at the tip (They are also bigger than pictured). Remember to have scales flaking towards the horns behind the eyes.
  • Forehead is smooth, points up to a ridge in the middle, then pulling up into a spine at the back of the head.
  • Chin is squarish, jaw goes out to the sides a little bit.

It’s Friday! time to blow off some steam guys!. These office ladies are drifting their way out of work, why? who the fuck knows.

I love the Hachi-Roku Ae86 and it’s squarish design so I was looking forward to a chance of painting an image with it. Will this be considered Fan art?

These gals are drifting around the cubicles giving zero fucks about job security. I wanted to contrast their expressions with their co-workers which don’t even show emotions while their office supplies get blown away. The theme is: Do what you love and live at full speed.


Started with some potato shapes for the cars, warped them until I had the flow of the image established, no callouts since I was gonna be using the AE86 as the model. 

Besides the car chase I wanted an underlying story so I added the co-workers for fun and also for contrast in their emotional energy. My friend John Wallin suggested the fluorescent lights which add a nice visual and also setting of inside the office. Rendered the image and done! - Gabo


Look at how similar the withered animatronics are to the nightmare animatronics.
-Both have sunken in eyes
-Multiple sets of teeth
-Squarish Faces
They’re probably from the same location.

The old restaurant was left to rot for a while, maybe four years or so.
There’s a negative impression on it because, oh I don’t know, maybe something bad happened, like the death of a child.
The toy animatronics now have facial recognition to see kids and advanced mobility to dodge some teenagers trying to shove a kid down their throat.


//Wow so I totally forgot it was Carlos Week, and I don’t have any drawings for today (wow I suck) but it’s headcanon day so I’ll just use my gifs sorry 

Carlos is canonly a hot nerd. My headcanons of this include…

  • He has a sort of messy medium length going on and almost always has his safety glasses/goggles on (you know, for in case of science)
  • He has thicker, roundish eyebrows
  • Has almost hazelish eyes (they’re more green-blue but have that pretty brown tone in them, you feel?)
  • Wears squarish glasses
  • Has a stubbly-but well trimmed beard going on- idk what you wanna call it but see any gif for reference
  • He has the skin color of Dylan Marron
  • Wardrobe consists of science pun/nerd shirts, flannel, and lab coats 
  • Was the professor everyone crushed on
  • He’s naturally curious about everything bc knowledge, ammirite
    Like, who knows, that butterfly could be explosive it’s Night Vale anything could happen
  • Did I mention he’s a very smooth scientist
  • Though this was a blooper, this is def something that happened at one point it’s canon okay shut up don’t argue with me
  • BUT he can pull himself together (sometimes) and actually be a seductive mofo
  • Also very goofy and punny, he’s pretty great to be around tbh
  • We know he owns multiple lab coats in Cecil’s eyes at least, but I believe he has a collection. 
  • You literally cannot tell me otherwise
  • Probably watches Dr. Who and has all of the Bill Nye the Science Guy clips on VHS or something
  • Does science like the Mythbusters

…You know what though honestly forget most of what I just said if you want to see the freaking canon Carlos just go to carlosmanofscienza and that’s a scientific fact

//I’m pretty sure it’s actually Carlos roleplaying a guy named Matt calling himself the mun and a Carlos cosplayer
It’s a trick, don’t buy into it.


New York. Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Procession, April 25th, 1865.

These Photos taken looking up Broadway toward Union Square. The squarish house left of center is the home of Cornelius Roosevelt, Theodore’s grandfather, and what is great about these is you can see in the first photo, 6 year old Theodore and his brother Elliot looking out the second floor side window. The second photo shows the shutters closed, presumably after the two were caught in the act. 

The last picture is young Master Roosevelt from roughly the same time. 

A photograph of the table in Eva Hesse’s studio, 1968;

The table top is gridded as if to anchor the objects upon it: an ashtray from ‘’Persia.’’ a kaleidoscope, a pencil, a thick-headed metal spike, a small pitcher and matching cup, each with some small object tucked inside. There is a roll of paper secured with a paper clip, and a small paper box, and a flip book by Robert Breer, and two squarish pieces of plastic - one of these is clear. Nearly invisible is a bristle of clear plastic tubing, standing up like a porcupine’s spines. There is a bowl with wrapped candies, and a a pile of books and sketchbooks, and a compartmentalized plastic box, its twenty-four hoppers filled with Canal Street trove - nails and washers and grommets and the like. There is another gridded lucite box, all order rather than diversity: a potlatch gift like the table itself, this is a work by Sol LeWitt. In and around and on top of these objects are bits of material that Hesse has put to the test: folded and poured and pinned and wrapped and skewered, fourteen such objects in all. Sandwiched between the grid and the things upon it is one further layer: words and pictures, each one chosen as if to stand for still other stages in the transformation from things to art. There is a typewritten list of titles for sculpture and a copy of the periodic table - elemental listing of the starting place of form. This is no impersonal inclusion; it is a handwritten object, signed and dedicated from Carl Andre to Eva Hesse. Is its strictly squared presence why the word ‘’Anti-Form’’ is nearby, legible though dimmed by a sheet of tracing paper? Next to it, even closer to the elements, is a photograph of an artwork - Repetition Nineteen I - as it was printed up to be used as the invitation to its maker’s first solo exhibition.

Meanwhile, the reproduction on another invitation stands in for its subject, the sculptor Ruth Vollmer, while playing a game of resemblance with the real works next to it. There are two clippings, one from the Times, on from the Village Voice. They are reviews of Hesse’s show; John perreault’s column, ‘’The Materiality of Matter,’’ is still half legible, but Hilton Kramer’s response has been wholly obscured by a vomit-like screen of plastic - ‘’Anti-Form’’ seems to be having its say.