Hail to the King

Okay, we have a winner. This guy is the biggest spider I met so far. Slightly bigger than The Queen I met before. In length I can say he’s about 25 cm. He made his nest on the lower part of a tree. I only got myself a standard lens, so I have to approach less than 0.5 meter to capture him, almost laying on the ground. TBH, it freaks the hell out of me :D

Huntsman Spider

Again I met a big spider as I visited Puncak, a place on hills area in Bogor, cold and humid. It was about 10 cm in length, beautiful old yellow and black color with soft hair covered it’s body. It crawl on the walls of the villa I visited. Capture it on low light intensity with my Canon 400D 18-55mm.

This is an old picture I have when I was visiting a hotel in Bogor about 6 months ago. It is a House Gecko normally lives in a building and structure. This Gecko I met is about 25-30 cm, have a dark green and red color. I used my friend’s pocket camera to capture the picture and have to use the flash because of it’s low light condition. It was a bit in a rush since I heard footsteps approaching. It ran away after I took the picture .:(