Matt and Mary Kate have a spontaneous hangout!

BRB guys, I’m gonna go fangirl in a corner for a few hours.

But seriously, can I talk about how much I love Mary Kate Wiles? She took my least favorite character in Pride and Prejudice and turned her into one of my absolute favorites in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  She’s amazing.

And then I was convinced to watch Squaresville and the show and all the actors are absolutely amazing. I just finished the season final (OMG, Esther, Zelda, please don’t stop being friends!), and I can’t even describe how much I love it.


Finally, Squaresville season 2!

&. mary kate wiles small/medium gif hunt

under the cut, you’ll find #355 hq, small/medium, gifs of actress mary kate wiles who is best known for her roles in kissing in the rain (2014) and squaresville (2012-13). none of the gifs in this hunt are mine and most belong to pietrotiime !! i apologise for non-hq gifs, gifs over 1mb or duplicates !! if you’re using or saving, please like/reblog this post. tyvm !!

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Are you going to Vidcon?  Or are you going to be in Anaheim this Saturday?  if so, you should come to our big (outside of) Vidcon meetup!  1pm on Saturday July 25th.  Originally, we were going to have it at the grassy knoll like last year… but it appears to be more of a dirty-constructiony knoll right now.  So we are going to Avengers Assemble under the randomly large A. 

Some of Emma Approved, Classic Alice, Social Medium, Squaresville, and others will be there too!

Come hang out with us!

Mary Kate Wiles

Gender: Female

DOB: 28 March 1987

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Mary Kate Wiles (born in Fayetteville, Arkansas) is an American film and web series actress. Mary Kate is best known for her portrayals in hit web series, including Lydia Bennet in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Zelda Waring in Squaresville, and as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones parody, School of Thrones. Wiles won Best Actress at the 2015 North Hollywood CineFest.

As of 2012, Wiles has starred in a number of feature-length projects. In 2010, she played the role of Alicia Larch in Dark Woods. In 2012, she portrayed Lily Blush in the independent feature Dreamworld, starring alongside Whit Hertford. She also stars as Ally in the film The Sound and the Shadow.

In 2013, Wiles was nominated for an IAWTV Award for Best Actress in a Comedy. She, along with co-stars Kylie Sparks, Tiffany Ariany, Austin Rogers, David Ryan Speer, and Christine Weatherup won the award for Best Ensemble Cast for Squaresville.

Wiles was a finalist for the 2nd Annual Streamys Audience Choice award for Personality of the Year. In August, 2013 she confirmed she was in Washington, shooting a film called Hello, my name is Frank.

Wiles graduated from the University of Southern California with Bachelors Degrees in both English Literature and Theater.

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite stores, restaurants, movie theaters, beaches, hiking spots, places to hangout, etc etc of la? I'm moving here soon and would love your suggestions

I love going to the following places:
Casbah cafe in silverlake
Forge in echo park
Kabuki in Pasadena
Squaresville in Los Feliz
Cafe 101

mojavedrifter asked:

"What exactly does a Chairman do?"

“We show folks how to enjoy themselves, baby! We’re the definition of cool. People come to us to learn how to swing, and there ain’t a cat on the Strip better at it than us. We’re Vegas’s beating heart, baby, its soul right down to the core. It’d be Squaresville without us.”

Just Shoot It Episode 10 - Show Notes

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anonymous asked:

Do you know anything about the next season of Squaresville???

As far as I know, there are no current plans for another season of squaresville.