You are the SQUARE ENIX fandom and GOD DAMN do you love BELTS.

Your hobbies include OVERLY-COMPLICATED MINI-GAMES and TREASURE HUNTING.  You have a passion for IMPROBABLY BADASS WEAPONS and COMBINING SHIT TOGETHER.  You like to VOICE ACT, but are REALLY QUITE BAD AT IT.  You are convinced that your HAIR has a MIND OF ITS OWN.

Your chumhandle is crystalMacguffin and you taIX In a manner that Is VIry cIassy.

Land: Land of Cutscenes and Gauges.

Specibus: 2+xBladekind (two-handed, double-sided, gunkeyblade)

Modus: Inventory

Denizen: Bahamut

(Credit: Art, Helped with Text)

ifightformyfriends asked:

Roxy Lalonde, Squarestuck AU

My otp: Sollux/Roxy Haxorz OTP
My most hated pairing: Jane/Roxy (I don’t hate it, per se, I just like it the least out of all Roxy pairings)
My unusual otp: Dave/Roxy (Idk I like most forms of Dersecest)
My crossover otp: Ummm…I don’t have one.
My brotp/friendship otp: Jane and Roxy cuz like, yeah, but I also like Sollux and Roxy as bros awww yiss.
An image that shows how I feel about the character:

Short fic:


A lone square sits alone in her bedroom. She tries her hardest to move, but being two-dimensional can be difficult sometimes.


Roxy tapped the pommel of her gunsword absently; Jane had been in the shop for over half an hour, and here she was just keeping an eye on things! She loved Jane to death but…sheesh, that girl could take forever in a grocery store…she was probably buying all kinds of ingredients to celebrate the team’s first major victory. She grinned at the thought, because wow, Janey was such a sweety. She paced around the shop again, not quite watching where she was going…and she bumped into a chocobo.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” spat a voice more irritated than angry.

She looked up at the rider, mostly eying the long robes he wore. “Hey, you’re a mage, aren’t you?”

The man chuckled drily. “The robeth give me away again? There’th a shocker.” He hopped off his chocobo and tied it up with other patron’s mounts. “You know, motht people go inside of the thtore when they shop.”

She shrugged, fiddling with the end of her gun again. “I’m more waiting than anything.” She grinned at the mage. “I’m Roxy. What’re you called?”

He treated her to a sort of bemused look, then shook his head. “Sollux. Why, need a mage?”

She shook her head. “Naw, just like to know who people are. Always looking to make new friends, you know!” Just then, Jane stepped out of the shop, arms loaded with bags of food. “Well, there’s the gal I’m waiting for. It was good to meet you, Solux~” She winked at him. “Hey, maybe we’ll bump into each-other again before we head out of town.”

He smirked at her. “Yeah, maybe. Don’t get your hopeth up.”

She shrugged, then ran off after Jane. The other girl looked over her shoulder at the mage, who was disappearing into the shop now. “Who was that you were talking to?” Roxy only shrugged in response. “Maybe a new friend, maybe a stranger. Hoping for the first.” She poked Jane in the side. “So. What are you making us, gurlfraaaand?”

Does this… help????

I can’t sew lololololol.  My sister can but I suckkkkk hopefully this is what people are looking for IDEK.

I forgot to draw them but the space symbols are sweater clips– so space symbol made out of some sort of hard material, on top of clip-back earrings, where you attach a chain.  PLUS ON THIS: you can totes wear them in your everyday life and look smashing!!!!!!!  You just clip the earring backs on to your cardigan/cape.  I have really cute ones but my boobs burst through them– the clip backs are better because it’s better that it unclips from one side than you ripping the costume.

There are people commenting like MAN THIS SHOULD BE/LOOKS LIKE final fantasy and I’m like LOL YES???????

Should I do trolls next (which one?) or the alpha kids (again, which one?)

And i think there is already someone doing finalfantasystuck so I’m calling mine squarestuck so.  That’s the reason?  I didn’t realize until after I did rose so hopefully mookie doesn’t hate me sob :C