SPS Brand Ambassador

After we did Brielle’s newborn photoshoot last year in December, we scoured the internet looking for a company that could do high quality prints of her birth announcement.  We discovered “Social Print Studio” and went with their 4″ x 4″ square prints- we were delighted with how they turned out, and I blogged about them HERE!  It’s incredible how Brielle looks so different now compared to when she was a newborn!

You may remember that I also made some adorable Minibooks using their services too as they’re a wonderful and portable way to carry around your photos!

A couple of months ago, Sherese, the new community manager at Social Print Studio, reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of their brand ambassador program!  They are bringing together a small and diverse group of individuals to help evaluate and promote their prints.  Each person will bring their own style to the brand and we get to try out different products every month.  I excitedly agreed since I am a big fan of their company and as you know, photography is an integral part of my blog and crochet projects!  This is a great incentive for us to actually print out the photos that Ryan takes and to use our photos in creative ways.  I am excited to share about two neat ways that we’ve displayed our photos so far!

On August 1st, our very good friends James & Evelyn got married.  Ryan did the engagement photoshoot for them and wanted to incorporate the photos he took in their wedding program.  We went with Social Print Studio’s “Double Squares” so that one side had an engagement photo while the other side had the text that Ryan designed (including the names of the bridal party, ceremony details, etc).  In total, we used 12 different engagement photos so that there were a variety of wedding programs available.  This is how they turned out!

They served as a great keepsake for their guests since they doubled as a beautiful photo of the couple as well as the wedding program!

Imagine how beautiful these photos looked displayed on the guestbook table as people signed their names!  Ryan has such a good eye for photography, graphic design, and typography!

These Double Squares measure 4″ by 4″ and are printed on archival quality paper with a smooth matte finish.  The texture and thickness of the paper are wonderful, and we were really happy with the quality!  As you can see in the photo below, Ryan also added their wedding date in the corner of each photo! 

Next, I wanted to try Social Print Studio’s magnet options!  They offer both round and square magnets, and I thought it would be neat to have some cute round magnets with my amigurumi designs on them!  Aren’t they adorable?

They’re so smooth and the magnetic backing is very strong.  They look great displayed on magnetic boards and are a wonderful way to add a personalized touch to your fridges!  I also think they would make cute little stocking stuffers- I think I’ll be adding these to packages that I send out ;)

The square magnets are a great size- I printed out our Lambert designs to test them out!  If you haven’t heard of “The Lambert Collection”, check out these two designs on tote bags, mugs and apparel in my Society6 store HERE- all proceeds go to charity!  I think some of our travel photos that Ryan took would be stunning as these square magnets!

Previously, Social Print Studio had some of their printing done in Taiwan.  However, they’ve been working hard on shifting to local production, and now all their prints and products are either from their San Francisco headquarters or from their new print shop in Santa Cruz!  This means that they have better quality control of their products, responsibly-sourced paper, and that all orders are shipped by USPS from the same facility.  Kudos to Social Print Studio for bringing their production back to the US!

Another new development is that they’ve updated their free iPhone app Print Studio.  I used their app to order some more products and I was very impressed by how user-friendly it is.  Everything is well laid out and it has a very simple and clean-looking interface.  The graphics are beautiful and I love seeing the examples of how their products look.  It makes it very simple to order prints, magnets, cards, etc using your mobile phone as the whole process is seamless.  You can download their app for free HERE!

Ordering prints and other products from Social Print Studio is incredibly easy, and their customer service is wonderful.  They have a great sense of humour at their company which is evident in their customer e-mails and their order confirmation e-mails (you’ll see what I mean if you end up ordering from them).  They have provided me with a gift code so that you can check out some of their products for yourself!  Use code “allaboutami” (all lowercase) at checkout to receive $10 off your order (good until the end of September)!  You can also use gift codes in their free app as well, so click HERE to download the app and get started ;)  Stay tuned for more glimpses into their products as I try out new items every month! 

Note: I was provided with credit to try out Social Print Studio’s products as their brand ambassador, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.