Ah, what a cutie. u///o///u This is M, a little O.C. of mine who I should start drawing more. 

This (just over 4"10 foot) lass will have you on her dinner plate before you can even ask her name! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ ゚+。:.゚

I used the square face generator because it really does give me a hella more inspiration to draw her. And it brings out her super kawaii-ness because she is a hella kawaii. o//u//o

~*if you would like to know what this cute little thing is saying/thinking click on the pictures*~



I made these lil’ thingy-things on the square face generator (you know, this : http://www.icongenerators.net/square.html).
I simply edited some of them so that they were more show accurate (A.K.A Twiley’s highlights, Dashie’s rainbowness, and Rarity’s oh-god-why-is-this-so-hard-to-draw mane.)

So… yup.
Wanna use it ? Use it. Go on.
Claim it as your own ?
Pfft. You sure can, I mean… They aren’t that original since I made them on a generator. 

I guess that’s it. Woot !
Have fun y'all <3