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Do you think it's kinda weird that even though the characters in Villainous don't TECHNICALLY have good designs, while that kind of thing destroys other cartoons, in this one, it seems to work in its favor? Like, they look ridiculous, over the top, and crazy, but that feels like exactly what they're supposed to look like.

oh sweetheart let me tell you a little secret

the people who genuinely think the Villainous character designs are bad don’t know a damn thing about designing characters for animation

STRAP IN FOLKS IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER RANT LESSON ABOUT ANIMATION CHARACTER DESIGN WITH NOVA (brought to you by SCAD: “I pay $35,000 a year to learn how to make cartoons so trust me I know what I’m talking about”)

The first thing any character design class (including the one I took) will teach you is “have a strong silhouette”

You can probably recognize almost if not every single one of these characters just from their outlines! So let’s take a look at the silhouettes of the Villainous cast…

HOLY SMOKES THEY ARE HELLA DISTINCTIVE!!! And here we even see what is probably the design reason for Dr. Flug’s paper bag and Demencia’s huge fluffy ponytail - they add to the strength of their silhouettes immensely.

Now let’s examine both the shape language of the characters AND how they’re likely divided in terms of their digital puppet rigs (as Villainous appears to use both the hand drawn and rigging techniques), because the former is the second thing any character design class will teach you and the latter is incredibly important to the modern digital 2D animation process. (Apologies if my rig estimates are off, I haven’t had as much experience with 2D rigging as I have with hand drawn.)

Black Hat has the most variety out of the cast, but broken up he’s really just a combination of rectangles, triangles and one or two circles. His hat is also kind of a shape in and of itself, one that comes very naturally when drawing his head. Like a lot of villain characters his sharpness is highly emphasized.

Dr. Flug is ALL about squares and skinny rectangles, with his only rounded shapes being his eyes and shoes. Normally when you see boxy characters they’re on the very masculine or muscular side, meant to seem strong or imposing, but Flug is a wimpy, scrawny twig. That’s really unorthodox and something I like a lot about his look.

What’s super interesting about Demencia is that next to 5.0.5, she has the most circles and rounded shapes. Sharpness is added in her details which makes her design look a lot more complex than it really is. What’s great about digital animation and 2D rigging is it makes characters who have a lot of specific details like her much simpler to animate, so she really isn’t impractical at all provided you’re animating her using a computer.

And finally we have Beariplier Markibear 5.0.5, who I’m sure surprises no one by being a big old round baby full of circles. His nose and snout are of course triangles though. I like how he’s the most intentionally simple out of the cast, even going so far as to have a different eye style that almost makes him look like something out of an ultra-cutesy anime. He doesn’t fit in with and stands out a lot from the others, which is entirely the point.

To sum up, the Villainous characters are both simple enough to animate on a budget/deadline and interesting looking enough to want to watch, the perfect combination for modern 2D digital TV animation. These designs were MADE for a 2017 Cartoon Network show in every sense, with just enough early 2000s influence to feel fresh and new as well as classic and nostalgic. I want these guys to represent and become iconic of CN the same way Finn, Jake, Mordecai and Rigby have.

Aspect Patterns

A grand trine pattern is formed by three planets positioned approximately 120 degrees apart around the circle. This is an aspect of ease and flow, conceptual and interpretive ability; of service, and sensitivity to the senses rather than sensuality. It denotes the ability to feel compassion. Can be apathetic and indifferent to responsibilities if there are not enough challenging aspects in the pattern.

A minor grand trine is a trine with a planet at the midpoint, making a sextile to each end of the trine. It is an easy flow and natural ability, much as the grand trine. It may be of lesser strength, depending upon which planets are involved and their overall ‘weight’ in the chart. So the sun, moon or chart ruler [ruler of the ascendant] would make it much more powerful and significant.

The mystic trine is another quite similar pattern, where a trine is divided by a planet making a quintile to one planet of the trine and a septile to the other. This is an exceptionally fortunate pattern, because the natural ease of the trine is enhanced with the remarkable creativity and talent of the quintile, and charged with the sense of destiny or divine purpose implied by the septile. There is an indication of great potential for creativity, growth and accomplishment within this pattern.

The grand cross, four planets positioned 90 degrees apart around the circle, is a rare and powerful pattern. It is the most rooted and stable of patterns, giving great sensual, practical, and psychic intuition. Potentially a stable structure around which the universe revolves. It can be a source of strength and stability, but also may tend to be self-defeating because of the urge to go in several directions at once, thereby going nowhere.

The wedge is two planets opposed, with another forming a 60/120 degree aspect to the opposition. A pattern of mental work and service, given more to sensitivity than sensuality. Receptivity and awareness of others and of one’s surroundings is indicated. Willing to serve, verbal and social.

The yod is formed by two [or more] planets in sextile [60 degrees] to each other, each forming a quincunx [150 degrees] to a third planet. It is sometimes called the 'Finger of Fate’, or the 'Finger of God’, and its meaning has to do with destiny. It creates a continuous need for adjustment with relation to the planet that is in quincunx to the other two, or to which the 'finger’ is pointing.

A T-square is two planets in opposition, with a third at right angles to both. A powerful pattern on the physical, sensual, and psychic levels. Indicates the ability to sense, intuit, and know things. A strong incarnation, rooted in the practical and the social. May experience cycles of crisis involving the “squared” planet.

A grand sextile is a pattern which includes six connected sextiles, in other words, forms a symmetrical hexagon. This is a very auspicious pattern, a life of great ease and opportunity, but there is danger of a lack of motivation due to not enough challenge in the life. Potentially very creative, there is virtually nothing this person can’t manifest with ease. Extremely gifted.

Mystic rectangle is four planets set 60/120/60/120 apart. A classic pattern pointing to verbal and mental abilities. Sensitive and service-oriented. Sometimes indicates mental syndromes visible to others but hard for the person with the pattern to solve.

If your photo was placed in a group of others, what would be your most recognizable features?

Sun in 10th: something odd colored about your skin, do you spray tan? Your facial features are either very tight-looking or very worn out looking. A toned body but you gain in the stomach so easily. Your stomach/lower torso is also shaped kinda weird. Sometimes it’s really bony, sometimes it’s really squishy and wrinkled looking. Torso might be shorter compared to legs.

Ex: Drew Barrymore, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Donald Trump, Kate Hudson, Colin Firth, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown

Moon in 10th: body is either very proportionate or your upper torso is a bit wider than the rest of the torso. Might have a rectangular body shape. Jaw is very prominent and most likely squared or rectangled off. Eyes are very doe-y or emotional looking; might look stressed, heavy, full of hidden emotion, intense, etc. Eyes might also be downturned and can sometimes make you look uncaring. Might have a boring or bored look; the eyebrows and eyebrow bone really define the face. Lips are either kind of tight or scrunched or pop out on the face compared to other features.

Ex: Celine Dion, Kate Middleton, Bradley Cooper, Sylvester Stallone, Kylie Jenner, Nicolas Cage, Naomi Campbell, Maria Callas, Frida Khalo, Kurt Cobain, Meryl Streep, Gisele Bundchen.

Mercury in 10th: stubby short arms or lean long arms. Very thin but fleshy, big head with tiny body, super soft and squishy skin, probably a mole or freckle on the face, something about your voice is recognizable (you can’t see this in a picture but still lol), straight and broad shoulders, pointy chin, bottom lip is bigger than top, jaw goals, t-zone is very defined, eyes are sharp and beady and seductive. Very cute and childlike smile. Has very approachable look to them, like a child.

Ex: Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera, Ian Somerhalder, Miranda Kerr, Liam Payne, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga, Martin Luther King Jr., Shakira, Bridgette Bardot, Jennifer Lawrence.

Venus in 10th: bright smile and teeth, long and thin neck, weird lips, healthy and clean looking skin, cheekbones looked caved in at times, very sharp and piercing eyes, skin looks tight and clenched on the face at times, perky butt, wrinkles from stress on forehead or eyes or cheeks or all the above, thin body, something about voice is nice, raspy, or soothing (again you can’t see through a picture but still).

Ex: Benedict Cumberbatch, Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Albert Einstein, Tom Cruise, Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue, Uma Thurman, Kanye West, David Bowie, Ashton Kutcher, Robin Williams.

Mars in 10th: something weird with your lips or eyes, the shape of your body, thick and/or long hair, something about your nose tip, nostrils, or nose profile is very recognizable, your skin is flawless, do you ever get acne? Your face/jaw shape is very noticeable. Really big or really small ears.

Ex: Uma Thurman, Jackie Kennedy, Nolwenn Leroy, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, Frank Sinatra, Kylie Minogue, Tobey Maguire, Marie Curie, Christy Turlington.

Jupiter in 10th: long face, long arms, thighs and legs are squishy and meaty but thin, hips are wide or proportional to rest of body, long hair, something about the shape of the legs or calves is very noticeable, either very short and petite, or very tall and sturdy build. Has a dopey or coy look to their face at times. Looks a bit lazy or slow-bodied; rather they look very relaxed and unconcerned. Playful eyes and turn of lips.

Ex: Prince William, Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Chris Evans, Drew Barrymore, Antonio Banderas, Rachel McAdams, Henry Cavill, Denzel Washington.

Saturn in 10th: very skinny or thin, teeth look very well taken care of, hairline is squared off, jaw is defined. Lots of hair, thin legs, ankles, and wrists, well-built and sturdy body even if very skinny, wide smile, stern and stressed look.

Ex: Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans, Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, JFK.

Uranus in 10th: similar to Sun in 10th, Mars in 10th, and Saturn in 10th. You have a stocky constitution and odd demeanor that is instantly noted.

Ex: Nolwenn Leroy, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Alyssa Milano, Bruce Willis, Jude Law, Tina Turner, Kendall Jenner

Neptune in 10th: similar to Venus in 10th and Moon in 10th. You have an aura or presence to you that is highly recognizable by many. Your face in general is very memorable and recognizable to many.

Ex: Princess Diana, Orlando Bloom, Bruce Lee, Jesus Christ, Monica Belluci, Christina Aguilera, JFK, Grace Kelly, Napoleon I, Oprah.

Pluto in 10th: similar to Mars in 10th and Jupiter in 10th. Eyebrows are very prominent and often define the faces emotions well. Face can be scrunched up and wrinkled easily.

Ex: Prince, Tom Cruise, Vladimir Putin, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Gisele Bündchen, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo

Witches in the Ancient World

Witches were not revered, loved, or respected in ‘Pagan Times’. Magic was widely used in the ancient world, and more open for sure, but that didn’t change much when Christianity came around. Magic was still used, but the names were changed. Witches, however, were always detested.

I’ve noticed people trying to pin in back to Rome when it converted to Christianity, so let’s start there.

When Rome was still ruled by pagans, witchcraft was outlawed. The use of it was severely censured and could result in death. Practices like necromancy, maleficium, and the like were not accepted or tolerated. When it converted to Christianity, the law stayed the same. As they colonized, they brought it with them. But the fear of witches did not begin with the Romans.
The fear and detesting of witches was widespread in the ancient world.
Close by, pagan Greece had sects of witches who were feared by the locals. Their mysterious rituals involving mandrakes, crossroads, and ghosts caused a fair amount of alarm.
In the Ancient Near East, high magic flourished. Magic involving the stars, spirits, deities, and the like was popular. However, sorcerers and witches were not welcome. Charms and spells against witches were made out of clay, written on, and buried.
In the Americas (pre-colonization), witches were feared and hated. Still within indigenous communities, witches hold a bad reputation. To insinuate that someone is a witch is to make a very big accusation. 
In the British Isles, you’ll hear lovely tales and myths of wizards, but witches are always given a tone of darkness. Wizards helped kings, aided in battles, found missing object, etc. Witches cursed heroes, stalled them, gave them obstacles, etc. 
There is, of course, the argument of cunning folk, now called ‘white witches’. However, there was almost always a distinction made between cunning folk and witches. The people who called them witches were few and far between (and most likely disagreed with the cunning person’s use of magic). Cunning folk were the enemy of witches. They used spell and charm to attack and derail witch attacks. The Benandanti of Italy are a good example of this. Though they rode through the air on stalks of Fennel, cast spells, and attended secret meetings in spirit, they are not called witches.

This is what I referred to before when I said there was a difference between magic and witchcraft. A rectangle is a square, but a square isn’t a rectangle. Similarly, witchcraft is magic, but not all magic is witchcraft.
Historically, witchcraft has always been a shadowy thing. It’s dark, secretive, dangerous, etc. It’s practiced on the edge of society. Magic is found all over in the ancient world, not just on the fringe. However, if you called a magician a witch, you would’ve either made them laugh or spit.

The word was ‘reclaimed’ relatively recently. Its meaning changed. It was taken from its darker background. Instead, it became associated with pagan elements, some ceremonial practices, and other forms of magic. 

That isn’t to say that the modern definition is a false one. Simply put, it means that it’s modern. It did not mean the same thing thousands of years ago, and for certain circles, it doesn’t mean the same thing now.

Witches have always been feared, according to the history and folklore left behind for us to see. Magic over time was called evil by many different faiths, despite the fact that it flourished in the very walls of the churches and temples they were taught in. It lived on in different names. Witches, for the most part, did not change their name. Many things were relabeled as witchcraft. 

As far as history goes, try not to get it from witchcraft books. Read anthropological essays and journals. Read books written by historians who are passionate about the subject. Always double check facts. Put them to the test.

  • Me: Asexual does not mean aromantic.
  • Me: Aromantic does not mean asexual.
  • That One Person: But you're asexual and aromantic, so doesn't that make your point invalid?
  • Me: Let me explain it in a different way. The length of a rectangle is sexual attraction and the width is romantic attraction. Obviously, the length and width of a rectangle don't always match. The same goes for romantic and sexual attraction. Yes, squares exist where they do match up, but not all rectangles are squares.
  • Me: So in conclusion; not all asexuals are also aromantic, and vice versa, in the same way that not all rectangles are squares. This does not make the squarecany less of a rectangle though.

I can’t believe I got to meet a woman who “never introduces herself unless strictly necessary because direct introductions dilute her personal branding” and the boy who thinks the word ‘rectangle’ is “pretentious and artsy” and therefore calls them “weird squares” on the same day. Nature is such a rich tapestry

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Do you have a tutorial on how to do shoes cause i am s t r u g g l i n g

Im not really good at drawing shoes but this is how i usually draw em

make a weird square

add a weird rectangle

add some.. i dunno.. stuff

more stuff

and then just edit some parts 

some moar

sorry if it doesnt make sense im bad at explaining


To start off, I know photoshop seems all over the place!  I remember when I first started using it, I had absolutely no idea what the heck I was doing, so don’t feel bad if thats where you are at too!  Also, you will get the hang of it!  After using Photoshop for a little bit, things start to come naturally!  THIS WILL BE A VERY LENGTHY TUTORIAL.  PART ONE WILL BE WRITTEN TIPS, AND THE SECOND PART WILL JUST BE IMAGES GUIDING YOU THROUGH THE PROGRAM.

tutorial below the cut:

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WillNE Imagine #2

Imagine: Will gets upset about the comments on his videos about him having a square head. You walk into your shared bedroom and see him on his computer reading the comments.

“Awh, babe.” You smile, placing a hand on his quadrilateral head.

“Do I really have a square head?” He whimpers.

“No, honey.” You smile, sliding your hand down to his chin. “Your head is a rectangle.”

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Can you do a tutorial on how you do your anatomy in your art plz ٩( 'ω' )و

I don’t think I’m the best person to ask since my anatomy it’s rather simple but I’ll give it a try

Something really important I do when drawing a body it’s trying to reduce everything with simple shapes and, if needed ony then add details and clean everything up. In this particoulary sketch I drew the red part using soft shapes (circles, ovals, curves) and the blue parts using hard shapes (squares, rectangles, trapeses). But it’s no rule, it really depends on what I want the character to look like.

Something I really sruggled (and still do truggle) at was drawing more masculine characters so later on I tried with two differents body schemes. They are just the base of the body, I choose one or another basing me on if I want the character to look more masculine or feminine then I change it to match the character bodytipe. This doesn’t mean you can’t draw a female with the second scheme and vice versa.

Another very userful thing are the movment lines, they are the first thing you should draw when you draw a body. They are basicaly there to give you a more visual feeling of the character pose or bodylanguage.

Hope this help sorry if it isn’t what you expected ^^”