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Bhāskarāchārya / Bhāskara II (1114–1185) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer.

Among his many achievements are the following:

1. He was the first person to explain that when you divide by zero, the result is infinity.

2. He was also the first person to note that a positive number has two square roots - a positive and a negative one.

3. He described the principles of differential calculus 500 years before Leibniz and Newton. (He definitively came up with Rolle’s theorem half a millennium before Rolle himself.)

4. He calculated the length of the rotation of the earth around the sun to 365.2588 days - he was just off by 3 minutes.

Intriguingly, his treatise on arithmetic and geometry, Līlāvatī, is named after his daughter. He addresses her as an eager student:

Oh Līlāvatī, intelligent girl, if you understand addition and subtraction, tell me the sum of the amounts 2, 5, 32, 193, 18, 10, and 100, as well as [the remainder of] those when subtracted from 10000.” and “Fawn-eyed child Līlāvatī, tell me, how much is the number [resulting from] 135 multiplied by 12, if you understand multiplication by separate parts and by separate digits. And tell [me], beautiful one, how much is that product divided by the same multiplier?

These invocations have led some to surmise that Līlāvatī, too, was a mathematician.

Image from here: http://mathdept.ucr.edu/pdf/iwm1.pdf

Story of her introduction to math here: http://4go10tales.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/lilavati.html

Wikipedia on Bhaskaracharya


In honor of reaching 1000 followers here on SFRJ-News, I’ve thrown together a pretty decent comprehensive timeline of the events surrounding the sonic-for-real-justice blog over the last four days since it was created.

I’ll update this timeline as more big events happen over there, but for now here it is! If you want to take a look at the timeline as it’s updated, there’ll be a link to it on our blog page!

Thanks so much for your incredible support of this blog!

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Midnight (behind-the-scenes)

Lesley Sharp on David Tennant:
“When Sky is copying people’s speech patterns, we both had to learn the square root of pi to two or three dozen decimal places, but it was almost impossible to keep up with David.  His speech pattern, the rate at which he speaks, is phenomenally fast.  Really, really quick.  He learns pages and pages and pages.  And the rate at which he speaks is the rate at which he thinks.  Russell explained to me that David’s Doctor has a lot to say, because that’s David.  He’s so bright.  Isn’t that brilliant though?  The things that Russell thinks about and then re-interprets - I think they’re both amazing.”
         – from DWM #397

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It’s finally over… sonic-for-real-justice has come to an end. It has been 3 days since their last post, and as we now can plainly see… the blog was truly doomed to only last a full week. 

It was a week of drama, high-stakes action, and sacrifice. It was a week we’ll all remember. A week we simply cannot forget.

We here at sfrj-news would like to thank everybody for coming along for the ride, no matter who you are. 

Rest in peace, sonic-for-real justice. Your words inspired countless memes, blogs, and changed the lives of many. Your time on this earth may have been short, but we will never forget you.


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Show the world your love for the asexuality spectrum with this nifty tee (nif-tee)! Also enjoy explaining that the square root of -1 exists both as an imaginary number and a complex number. As a demisexual who loves math, I’m really happy to have been able to combine both parts of me into a shirt.

What do you think? Be nice de-mi! ;)


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