How the heck did I make that Ahsoka Tano headpiece??? A tutorial with lots and lots of pictures

Hey! So I liked have gotten some messages about how I made my headpieces for my Clone Wars season 3-5 Ahsoka cosplay.

Message no more (well actually keep messaging if you want, I like getting messages) because here it is, all in one place! Be warned, there are tons of pictures below the cut~

Ahsoka Tano, Clone Wars Season 3-5 Headpiece: Lekku (headtails) and Montrals (horns)

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Me Time

SPN FanFic

Sam x Reader Fluff Drabble

621 Words (what’s a drabble?)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Finally alone. You sat down at the little table in the kitchen and spread out your treat: three chocolate cookies stacked perfectly on a white square napkin and a glass filled ¾ of the way with milk.

You’d had a rough day and you deserved this quiet moment to enjoy yourself. Sure, it wasn’t champagne and caviar on a yacht with Ryan Gosling, but Oreos and milk in a silent room was more than enough for you.

You closed your eyes and savored the absence of noise. No screeching tires, no blaring AC/DC, no babbling Dean, no monsters shrieking, no guns booming… just…silence. After a calming sigh, you opened your eyes and reached for a cookie. You held it high between two fingers and inspected it before dunking it into the milk and counting to three. Once it had soaked up enough goodness you popped the whole thing into your mouth and smiled in satisfaction.

“That’s not how you eat an Oreo.”

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Slice of Pie - HaughtBreaker - Wynonna Earp (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

This is for @jaybear1701​ who prompted this fic to me. Just a short one shot of some young wayhaught

Originally posted by haughtwavers

“There is no way…” Thin and mousy haired, one teen nudge his friend, setting off a chain of nudges in the packed booth. “You ask her.” He had the beginnings of a mustache that only teenagers thought were fashionable and he spoke with a slight southern drawl.

His closest friend, the captain of the football team scoffed. “She’s hot… but have you seen her sister?” He shook his head, scrubbing his hand through his short cropped black hair.

“Sounds like a whole lot of excuses, if you ask me.” Mousy hair nudged him again, sending him even harder down the line of bodies.

“Hey!” Nicole shoved back just forcefully enough to appear upset when she hadn’t minded at all. Just aggressive enough to not appear weak, to keep her sacred bubble of safety and respect.

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Out of My Hands - Part Two

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,364

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, eventual Dean x Reader

Prologue - Part One

Summary: The reader has since turned to hunting to cope with her situation. One night, she meets a famous, several times dead hunter at a bar.


          Gasping for air, you double over and rest your hands on your knees, but your legs give out and you sink to the floor. This whole place smells like a sewer, and it doesn’t help your breathing. The danger’s gone at least.

          A little twinge in your head kicks in, and you curse to yourself. Somehow, you’ve been bonded to Castiel in a unique way, a way that lets him know what you’re feeling both emotionally and physically, and that twinge lets you know when his attention is focused solely on you. You’re fairly sure that it works in the other direction too.

          “I’m fine,” you hiss to the air. “Leave me alone. I’m fine.”

          Fighting back the little waves of worry you can feel coming from his end, you push yourself to your feet and shuffle for the front door of the old house, glad to be rid of that last vampire. Your stomach hurts from where he sucker-punched you, and your lungs are still trying to re-inflate themselves, but you don’t think you’ll be stuck with anything more than a bruise by the time an hour passes.

          “Let’s go out for a drink, shall we?” You mentally pat yourself on the back as you slide into your car and stick the key into the ignition.

          It was a hunt well done, and to top it off you’re getting away with minimal scrapes and bruises. You can’t say the same for the vamp nest.

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I was waiting in the bar near my gate, as usual before a flight. I tend to gravitate that way at airports, as a bit of alcohol always calms my nerves before flying. I’m super anxious so I’m drinking whatever beer she put in front of me and decide to chat with the people on either side of me for distraction purposes, as I dont normally just chat up strangers for no reason. The men on either side both drove from Cleveland to my tiny airport because bad weather was shutting it down, cancelling flights left and right. 

The guy on my right is very friendly, clearly drinking more than he should. But he’s funny and chatty so we talk and joke. Not a terrible thing to find someone to talk to when waiting for a flight. He’s nice, and says we should sit near each other, since the airline lets you pick seats upon boarding.

Boarding begins, and I get a window seat, which I LOVE. I never wanna get up, just settle in and get in the zone. Stay there til we get off the plane, no big deal, easy peasy. The chatty guy sits aisle, but I’m really focused on the storm that had hit Cleveland hitting our airport and watching the snow falling as we prepare for takeoff. Not a minute later, the man is in the middle seat, next to mine. He talking much more aggressively, and telling me I have great legs and that he would totally fuck me.

He puts his hand on my thigh, and I try to make it clear I am not amused and that I am concerned about take off. He thinks he’s slick and tries to hold my hand (like he’s concerned about me. right.) He’s touching my leg and telling me he wants to fuck me and I am literally boxed in with him. I’m trapped. I can feel myself starting to panic, and try to figure out what to do. I’m already angry because I can’t just tell him to go away and then leave, I NEED to get home. He’s leering at me, and puts his big beefy hand on my leg again and again, flexing his arm muscles like I’m supposed to be impressed and tries to get me to touch his leg too. I’m so disgusted and continue to try and show my disinterest.

He is totally drunk, and after a few minutes, leans his head back and closes his eyes for a moment, so I wave at the people across the aisle. They wave back awkwardly and I mouth “I don’t know him” and “help” and they don’t seem to understand, or know what to do. The one lady just shrugs and I wanted to scream in her face IF THIS WAS YOU, YOU’D FUCKING DO SOMETHING, but I don’t. Then, after we are at altitude, he gets up to use the restroom. Literally the second I see the door close, I hit the call button for the flight attendant and the guy is quick to walk over and ask if I need anything.

“The man sitting here is making me really uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do.” (Honestly, I don’t remember my exact words and they might have been more like “I’m freaking out, this guy is creepy” but you get the idea.) The flight attendant asks if I want to move, no questions asked. I say yes, and I grab my bag and he moves me back several rows. He didn’t need a justification or explanation, he just moved me. He told me if I needed anything else, just ask. I thought I couldn’t be more grateful, but while I’m sitting there crying into a tiny square napkin meant to go with my beverage, the senior flight attendant comes over and kneels next to me. 

“I heard what happened and I’m so sorry. Is someone picking you up?” (I say yes) “If you’d like to wait until the other passengers deplane I will walk you to them. I’m so sorry that happened.” And just like that, I have two men I’ve never met before trying to make sure I’m safe. I cry through most of the flight, and I do wait until everyone else has gotten off the plane, watch the Hank, the flight attendant do a quick clean up and then he and I leave together. He said the man who was touching me was making lude comments at other women on the flight too, and as a man with daughters it was making him very angry. We talked casually and I felt so safe as this man protected me through the airport.

He had no obligation. Humans are NOT obligated to be kind. But he chose it. And I went from being violated and trapped on a plane next to a creepy (married with children) man for 2.5 hours to safe, rows away from him and then escorted to my ride. I have fresh respect for Southwest airlines and the people they chose to hire. I don’t know that first man’s name, but if you ever see a bald guy on a Southwest airlines flight and his name is Hank, tell him he’s a girl’s hero.

I am proud of myself for getting myself out of that seat and away from that man. I know it was basically all I could do. But I am disappointed I got so scared and felt so helpless, but at least I got myself away from him. I hope that never happens to anyone else. Definitely press that call button. Definitely ask a flight attendant to move you. You don’t even need to wait for the person bothering you to get up. I felt I needed to share this, to get it off my chest. That man had NO right to talk to me that way, or touch me. Hank said “the good news is, the odds are that will never happen to you again.” He’s probably right. But that doesn’t mean it wont ever happen to anyone again. I’m grateful the flight attendants didn’t judge me or ask questions, and I hope passing this knowledge on helps someone else. There ARE people out there that will help you in a crisis moment. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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Do you think you can do a quick oikage drabble like on the park? Ndksjfksknfkd please?

Once the blanket was spread on the grass, Oikawa flopped on it spread-eagled; a long sigh of relaxation leaving his mouth as he lifted his head slightly.

“Hurry up, Tobio-chan!” He watched his agitated companion climbing heavily the small hill to where he was laying.

“At least you could help me with the basket, O-Oikawa-san,” Kageyama blushed slightly, placing the basket on the blanket right beside Oikawa.

“Tobio-chan!” Oikawa complained. “I told you to stop calling me that! We’re in a relationship, after all.”

Tobio’s face took on a more reddish color and quickly began to take out the chicken sandwiches and grape juice from the basket.

“Aren’t you the cutest thing, Tobio?” Tooru teased playfully. “Getting all blushy every time you have a conversation with me, making chicken sandwiches almost overnight for our date in the park,” he sighed happily. “Yes, definitely the best boyfriend I could ask for”. He closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the fresh air brushing his face and, also, Kageyama’s soft nervous breathing.

He definitely would not change this moment for anything.

“T-Tooru” Oikawa opened one eye, his smile widening hearing his name. “T-Take your sandwich,” Kageyama stretched a small square wrapped in a napkin with a trembling hand. Oikawa sat up quickly and took the sandwich from Tobio’s hands.

“Thank you, Tobio-chan!”

* -

“Tobio-chan!” Kageyama jumped a little, startled by Oikawa suddenly calling his name. “You make the best sandwiches in the world!”, once again he fell on his back and sighed contentedly.

Kageyama nodded, giving a silent thanks as he continued getting everything back inside the basket. Oikawa watching him carefully.

“Tobio, come here,” Tooru reached for Kageyama, he took his hand shyly, blushing bright red. “Don’t be shy, Tobio. Come here,” Kageyama felt a slight shiver down his spine.

He was guided by Oikawa until he was positioned just on top of him; knees at the sides of his hips and Tobio trying to hold his weight to not sit on Tooru’s belly. Oikawa rolled his eyes and taking Kageyama hips made him sit comfortably on him.

“Much better,” Tooru giggled seeing Kageyama’s red face. “Tobio, stop being so tense around me. We’ve been dating for three months now.” He traced Kageyama’s left cheekbone with his long, warm fingers. Tobio leaned in the touch and closed his eyes. “So you should be comfortable when we’re together,” he smiled. “Even if you kill me whenever you blush like that. You look so cute” he pinched Kageyama’s flushed cheeks.

“I’m not tense,” Tobio made a little pout, making Oikawa laugh.

“Of course you’re not, love,” he positioned his hands on Kageyama’s waist, making him shiver. “I love you, Tobio-chan”.

Kageyama grunted a soft ‘I love you too.’ He was too embarrassed to look at Oikawa, so his sight was planted at some imaginary spot on Tooru’s shirt. A very comfortable silence surrounding them …

… But we’re talking about Tooru and Tooru should always be doing something for fun, so with a little smirk he squeezed Tobio’s waist, making him jump a little. Oikawa gasped playfully.

“Tobio!” He began to rub small circles on the sides of Kageyama’s stomach. “Are you gaining abdominal fat?” Tobio blushed again, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. “And here’s more!” He began increasing the speed of the circles, this time just below Kageyama’s ribs.

T-Tohohoru!” Oikawa made a victorious sound. “S-stohop!”

“What, Tobio? Why are you laughing?”

Kageyama leans forward, trying to hide his smiling face on Oikawa’s chest, but the captain quickly pushed Tobio, causing him to fall on his back as he lays on top of him, right in between his legs, tickling all over Tobio’s tummy, even sliding a finger inside his navel, wiggling it rapidly.

“T-Tohohoru, noho!”, Kageyama kicked and wiggled trying -not too hard- to push the fingers away.

“I can’t believe this! It’s Kageyama Tobio actually this ticklish?”, Kageyama let out a snorty giggle when Oikawa vibrated his fingers right in the middle of his tummy. “You have a very ticklish belly right here, Tobio-chan~!”

“Plehehease!”, Oikawa giggled lightly.

“I love hearing your giggles, but I think we need to find the spot that drives you up the wall, don’t you think?”, Kageyama shook his head no, his whole face scrunching in the most adorable way possible. “Let’s see~”.

“Nohohot thehehere, plehehease!”

“Oh my God, that was so easy! Are this beautiful, and sexy hips ticklish, Tobio?”, Tooru drilled his finger right in the center of Kageyama’s hip bones, making him scream with laughter, head thrown back and body twisting wildly.




Oikawa tickled Kageyama’s hips for ten good minutes, just stopping when his laughter had already became silent.

Kageyama was breathing heavily trying to catch his breath as a few residual giggles slipped out of his mouth.

“Was it too much, Tobio?”, Oikawa asked with some kind of concern in his voice despite his permanent smile. Tobio shook his head quickly.

“I’m- I’m gohood!”, Tooru nodded and kissed Tobio’s lips, relishing the giggling sounds coming out of his boyfriend’s mouth.

“I love you, Tobio. Thank you for this day”. He nuzzled his nose on Kageyama’s cheek.

“I- I love you too, Tooru”.


Omg I should be doing my other drabble but this came out of nowhere and since I was a bit stressed after homework I decide to do it. Thank you so much, anoncutie. I hope you like thiiiiis. I LOVE OIKAGE OMG

please send me more stuffies I want to keep wriiiiting even though I’m not half great like everyone else omg

Tyler Seguin Imagine

Prompt 30

I’m out at the local bar with some of my girlfriends having fun and drinking but it all goes downhill. I see my ex walk through the door. This ex put me through hell and back when we were together. My friend nudges my arm, “(y/n), I think he noticed you”. I panic and make my war near the bartender but I see a handsome guy around my age. I take the time to walk up to him and rub my hand on his back acting like we’re dating. He quickly turns his head and his facial expression is looking for an explanation. “I understand that this might be weird and all but my ex-boyfriend just walked in. He’s coming over here now so can you please just pretend to be my date?” He glances at the guy and leans towards my ear, “Sure thing, doll. What’s your name, babe?” A smile takes shape on my face as I lean closer into his body, “It’s, (y/n). What’s yours?” “Tyler”, he tells me with a smirk. I start giggling and looking into his eyes while my hand begins to trail up one of his tattooed arms. He buys me a drink but I notice that my ex is moving closer to me, “He’s coming over here. Kiss me”. He discretely nods his head and leans his head towards me and kisses me hard. The kiss is filled with passion and need. I just met this guy and he is kissing me as if we’ve been together for years. I hear the sound of a deep throat clearing next to us. Tyler then glances up to see my ex standing dangerously close to me. “Hey, bud. Do you mind backing away from my girlfriend?” He has a shocked look on his face but it then melts into a smirk, “Did you miss me, (y/n)? I heard that you moved to Dallas so I came to get you back”. Tyler slightly pushes his shoulder back with his hand, “Do you understand what back off means?” He rolls his eyes and saunters away from us and out the door. I exhale a sigh of relief, “Thank you so much, Tyler. I really cannot thank you enough. Can I repay you in some type of way?” He ponders for a couple of seconds, “You know what, (y/n)… You could repay me by allowing me to take you out on a date sometime soon”. I feel a blush forming on my cheeks, “I think that I can make that work. How does this Saturday sound?” He nods his head and writes his number on the square napkin that is placed on the counter, “Give me a call, babe. Maybe sometime we can make our relationship official”. He leaves by kissing my cheek and giving me a long hug. Cheeky smooth bastard.

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Can you write a daddy!5sos ageplay blurb for me babe?

OKAY anon FUCK this blurb is gonna kill me. Okay so this isn’t gonna have smutty content, but should anyone want one with smut I would be MORE than happy to write it omfg plz

Okay so mikey:  Mikey would have been playing video games all day long with his bum fastened to the couch. His eyes would be glued to the screen as he shot down zombies and villains on the screen. There would be almost nothing you could do to get his attention from being plastered to the game. Well, not until an idea peaked into your mind. You ever so sweetly asked, “Daaaaaddy?” He barely took his eyes off the screen and quickly muttered, “Yes peanut?”

“I can’t reach the cereal box, I need you to get it for me daddy”

A barely audible groan slipped his lips before he paused the game and got you your lucky charms from the top shelf. “Here you go princess.” You beamed and pressed a chaste his to his cheek, prickly with stubble. “Thank you daddy!” He just smiled before returning to his zombie killing expedition on his television. After being enthralled by the drawings of the little leprechaun’s conquest for being reunited with his magical charms, you peaked your head back out into the living room.


He groaned again and paused the game, looking back at you, “Yes baby?’

“I can’t reach the cereal bowls” You pull your cutest pouty face with your lip protruding slightly and your eyes innocently looking at him being covered for split seconds as you batted your eye lashes. He couldn’t resist you, he could just melt in your cuteness. He got up and handed you a cereal bowl before pecking your forehead and trudging back into the other room.

You waited just a few minutes before calling him back in. “What do you need now princess?”

You giggled sweetly and teetered on the balls of your feet, “Can you pour the milk for me daddy?” That same warmth swathed over his heart and he revealed his pearly whites to you in a big smile.

“Of course my little princess, do you need daddy to feed you too?”

You nod your head up and down sporadically and make your hair shake all over the place. He chuckles and grabs your favorite spoons adorned with the Disney princesses on the handle, it matches your jammies!! He pours the milk into the bowl, flooding the  array marshmallows and cereal bits. He collects a generous heap of cereal onto the hollow of the spoon and swirls it around in the air, “Open up princess!” You giggle and open your mouth wide, then gouging the spoon into your mouth. You chew and mash up the sweet cereal before it gulping it down. Per usual, you’re now wearing whatever you’re eating on your face. Mikey chuckles and grabs a napkin, wiping up the milk now dribbling down your chin.

Once you’re done eating and fully cleaned up, he pecks your nose and stands up to walk back into the living room.

“Daddy! Where are you going?!” He chuckles before lifting you up bridal style and cradling you against his chest.

“Silly girl! I’m gonna go cuddle with my princess, where else would I be going?”

Luke:   “Daddy!!”

“Yes babygirl?”                        

“I’m hungry!!” You looked up at him with a mischievous gleam in your round orbs.

“Well then what would you like for dinner pumpkin?”

“Hmmmm….brownies!!” You erupted in giggles as he cocked an eyebrow.

“Baby! You know we can’t brownies for dinner!” You pecked his cheek and pleaded, “Pleeeeease daddy! I’ve been such a good girl all day!” You flashed an innocent smile before pulling your cutest pouty face. His heart sung at how cute you were, he could never resist his baby’s cuteness.

“Fine, but you have to daddy a favor first!”                                                 

Clearly puzzled, you inquired, “And what is that daddy?’

He smirked and said, “Daddy wants a kiss from his baby first!”

Your daddy was the cutest, cheekiest thing ever! You placated his request and jumped in his lap, pressing your eager lips to his. He wrapped his lengthy arms around your timorous waist before smiling into your lips, “Brownie time baby?”

You jumped up and down on his lap excitedly, “Yes please daddy!!”

He just chuckled in that adorable way that you always cherished and then plopped you on the counter. He got out the box of brownie mix and a big bowl along with a measuring cup and some eggs. He opened the box and poured in the dry mix into the bowl. The chocolaty sweet aroma dancing on your nostrils and making your tummy rumble. He stirred together all the ingredients and then put the brownies in the oven, the smell of them getting stronger by the second. He gave you the spoon for you to lick off all the gooey prebaked deliciousness. You slurped it and got some cascading globs down your chin and a few blotches of on your cheek. Luke just giggled and wetted a paper towel, lightly caressing your cheek as he wiped it all off and then sprinkling little kisses on your soft clean face until the timer went off. He carefully removed them from the fiery hot confine and let them rest on a cooling rack for his lip ring adorned lips went back to nurturing your little face. His scruff tickled your smooth skin in just the way that you learned to treasure.

In what felt like mere seconds, the brownies had cooled and developed a warm flakiness that hovered over a warm gooey center that always made your tummy feel happy and cozy. He had tenderly placed a chocolate square on a napkin embellished with a teddy bear design (your favorite napkins of course!) and started to delicately feed you. After sweet nibbles and crummies falling down your face of the brownie, Daddy Luke wiped your face clean just like before. He pressed chaste kisses all over your cheeks and chin again, driving little giggles from your lips. He lived for the sound of his babies laughter. It wasn’t long before his arms had swooped you up and smushed your face against his broad chest. The room was soon filled with you loud giggles that were answered by his shy chuckles. He threw you down on the bed and engulfed you in his large 6’4 frame, holding you there until thick slumber took hold of the two of you.

Calum: Silence and peaceful slumber had taken hold of your dark shared bedroom. Florescent blue light pouring out of the digital clock was the only source of light in your bedroom; the time read three o’clock A.M.  Calum’s tattoo adorned arms were draped around your dainty physique, the two of you were lost in dreams. Well, actually your mind was trapped in a nightmare. The clock warned 3:17 A.M and you shook Cal out of his slumber, “DADDY!! DADDY WAKE UP!!” He would jump up and be ready to battle whatever crisis was running his way, “yes what is it princess? What’s wrong?”

A small pout would creep onto your face and your eyes would dampen a tad more, “Daddy I had a nightmare!”

His iconic smiling lips would turn into a small frown, “Oh no! Baby I’m so sorry, tell daddy all about it. I’m right here.”  He would pull you into his body so tightly, almost suffocating you as you detailed your nighttime terror. Monsters and goblins and other terrorizing creatures abused your unconscious mind and haunted you deeply. Cal just listened to your story with concerned eyes as his hand began to lovingly fondle yours. You kept rambling, paying no attention to how his eyes watched your every move and how his hand ran over every millimeter of your skin admiringly. His forehead wrinkled with concern and his eyebrows furrowed, his deep brown eyes ached with worry over you. He cut off your depictions of horror with kisses to your lips. He scooped you up and held you even more tightly against him in his sweatpants covered lap. Neither of you said anything for but a moment, the only words were your anxiety swathed breathing and his heartbeat oscillating against your shoulder blade. His lip found the back of your neck in a slathering of delicate kisses, “Babygirl don’t worry, daddy’s here now.” His arms completely submerged you as he lay back down with your frame acting as his blanket. He gently rolled over top of you, not pressing his bodyweight on you, just enough to let you know that daddy’s got you. Your lips were captured by his as he pressed more chaste kisses to them, “Feel better princess?”

 A small nod was all you uttered in response, showing him that your daddy always made you feel better, “I love you daddy.”

 Cal just beamed and kissed your nose, “I love you too baby, more than anything.” His gaze peered out your window and into the star swathed sky, “See those stars little one? Well your daddy loves you more than there are stars in that big big sky. Your daddy loves you more than there are fish in the sea. I would still love you if you were the sun and I was the moon. Babygirl, youre my sun, my moon and all the stars. You’re my whole universe.” With that, he pressed gentle kisses across your face and nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. The pitter-pattering of his hands dancing across the mountains and valleys of your skin gently glided you back into peaceful slumber, this time with only sweet dreams and marvels of fantasies incomparable to the one you’re already living in.

Ashton: You were awoken by a stabbing pain in your lower abdomen. You had try to take a nap to mute the unbearable side affects mother nature cursed girls with. You lower back stung, your cramps were excruciating, your headache was agonizing, and your entire body ached. You couldn’t even think about eating or moving for that matter. And yet, you still couldn’t gain some shut eye to drown out your menstrual misery.

That was when Ashton had returned from the store. He had walked in with bags upon bags in his larger than life hands. He welcomed you with a kiss and a cheeky smile, his dimples so deep your could practically swim in them, “Baby I know what time of the month it is”

You were confused, you hadn’t even mentioned it. When he was around you acted chirpy and totally fine, basically the antithesis of your physical state.

“A good daddy knows his babygirl’s body better than anyone. I know exactly what day you start and exactly what day it ends. That is why I got you some presents!” He reached into the bags and pulled out a new stuffie, it was a big, fluffy puppy with the floppiest ears that you had ever seen! He also pulled out brownie chocolate ice cream, some Midol, and your favorite mango juice. “There’s also erm…lady products, I know which ones you like.”

Your aching seemed to vanish as soon as you had laid eyes on the new puppy, he would fit so nicely in your preexisting collection. Ashton sat down next to you and whipped out two spoons for the ice cream. He unscrewed the lid to the bottle of juice and popped open the Midol, putting a small capsule in the palm of his hand, “Open up princess” You did as you were told and he dropped the little pill onto your tongue, then letting you wash it down with the sweet, saccharine juice. “Oh! I almost forgot! I have more medicine for you babygirl!” He jumped up and rummaged through the kitchen cabinets before pulling out a little jar full of only red gummy bears (your favorite) with the label “Princess Medicine” taped on it. He unscrewed the lid and took out a handful, “Now be careful princess, these are VERY strong. You can only take these when daddy is feeding them to you” He wore his most professional looking face while feeding the gelatinous bears to you one by one. He then turned on the T.V and put on your favorite channel, cartoons of course. He dug your flower kiddie spoon into the chocolate brownie mound filled ice cream and began feeding you spoonfuls as your attention was glued to the screen.

“Feeling any better little one?” You happily nodded and kissed his cheek. He pecked your nose and submerged your delicate body in his as he pulled you into his lap. He continued to feed your “medicine” and ice cream before he switched over to kneading the kinks out of your aching back. It wasn’t long until you curled up into his body and used him in place of the fuzzy blanket he previously draped over you. Your daddy was the best cure your body could ever ask for. 

this took a while but there ya go!! xx

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# 8 please obviously it has to be narry!

8: “i was deliberately not invited to this wedding so im crashing it anyways, even if that means the angry hot maid of honor is going to murder me” 

Niall would say he’s a little bit pissed off, yeah, and a lot bitter but he knows he has no room to breathe, so to speak. Sure, he and Zayn have known each other since they were five, but just because they haven’t spoken since then doesn’t mean that he should have to beg for an invitation to Zayn’s wedding. They’re friends on facebook, for christ sake. But Niall gets it, he really does.

That still doesn’t stop him from breaking into Zayn’s wedding by way of the beautiful balconies he has on the side of the reception hall, fixing his tux surreptitiously before walking in.

Dinner is clearly over because the DJ’s music is turned up but it isn’t time to dance yet because the middle of the room is occupied by tables that have yet to be moved. Either way, Niall’s eyes find the bar and he makes a beeline straight for it. He’s hoping for an open bar.

“Vodka tonic?” Niall asks the bartender with a nod and a gentle twitch of his fingers.

And the bartender smiles a little dryly, sets out a napkin square in front of Niall, but leans an elbow on the bar, “ID please?”

It’s not the first time Niall’s been carded, he knows his face, but he loves the feeling he gets when he proves the bartenders wrong so he pulls out his wallet and hands it over without fuss.

“Niall Horan,” the bartender hums slowly, “I don’t remember seeing you at the wedding,” but they slide Niall’s card back with the tips of two fingers and set out to making his drink.

“Oh, well,” Niall laughs humorlessly, tugging at the neck of his shirt in such a way that makes him feel like a giant neon sign, like it’s obvious that he doesn’t fit in. “I was in the back.” Niall offers finally.

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