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hey :) a fun question for you: why do you ship sokai?

gosh so this is one of those pairings I’ve been shipping for as long as I can remember, and probably one of my longest running ones too now that I think about it. in the broadest of terms, I ship SoKai because I like their relationship dynamic and how it was presented throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.

now, was it perfect representation for a budding a relationship? absolutely not. could it have been implemented better throughout the series? sure! a lot of things could be improved if time and writing permitted, but this is a video game with limited space and it’s core meaning does not revolve around romance, but rather, the power of friendship and light vs darkness - these are aspects that I really love about the game because it is what makes it Kingdom Hearts. that being said, I understand some corners needed to be cut to save time to get across what is necessary for the story.  

I think the first time SoKai peaked my interest was very early in the series when Sora etched himself sharing the paopu with Kairi. my nine-year-old self found it endearing, especially since we just learned that sharing the star-shaped fruit with someone meant you wanted to remain part of each other’s lives no matter what. I realized he liked her and just kinda ran with it from there.

there were numerous scenes throughout the game that only made their relationship appeal more to me. but what sealed my fate was the ending. as they’re holding hands, slowly being pulled apart, a promise was made: “I’ll come back to you. I promise!” / “I know you will!” - holding on as long as they can to one another, until they can no longer, their fingers slip apart and “Simple and Clean” plays in that instance. yeah, that’s what got me.

final nail in the SoKai coffin? obviously, when Kairi etched herself sharing the paopu with Sora. from that moment on they were my KH OTP before I even knew what OTP was and any subsequent scenes throughout the series that involved them just made me ship them more! and honestly? KH3 delivered on the SoKai content for me. I loved it!

I know they haven’t interacted much throughout the series and the pacing for their relationship to develop may seem off on the surface to others, but I believe the feelings they have for each other have been there long before we were introduced to these characters. because even though they were separated for about two years, they still have an extensive history together.

Sora and Kairi have know each other since they were four - they’ve been friends for about ten years by the time KH1 kicks off. plenty of time for their young love to bloom, which seemed to only grow stronger throughout their journey even though they were apart. they have a beautiful foundation - a strong friendship with unwavering trust and respect. these two cherish each other dearly and fiercely desire to keep the other safe. they know each other, and care about each other greatly

and now that I’m older, I’ve come to appreciate the friends to lovers trope more - I love how comfortable they are with each other. there’s no awkwardness, it’s just so natural for them to just be and for everything to fall into place. their relationship is sweet and innocent and is represented through the series more with show rather then tell, which I thought was well done for the most part.

their story also has a bittersweet tragedy to it - lovers tore apart by fate. which, let’s be honest, checked off all my boxes. I’m more likely to fond over ships that emotionally decimate me and leave me feeling hollow and longing for more haha it will make their eventual happy ending well worth the wait


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I see many people upset about Kairi being "shafted" yet the scenes she was in annoyed me to no end. Like, you got dozens of people suffering and possibly the whole universe is on the cusp of being destroyed by a madman yet with the one exception of a mention regarding Naminé all you ever get to hear from Kairi is Sora, Sora, Sora like a broken record. Like bitch, he's not the only important person in this universe.

I’d have to rewatch her scenes, but overall what you’re saying really wouldn’t surprise me.

It’s the same thing with Lunafreya in FFXV. Literally all of her lines are only about Noctis, protecting Noctis, being with Noctis, and supporting Noctis. She had no real character or personality.

Seemingly, Square Enix views this as acceptable writing and what makes “compelling” and “powerful” female characters.


“They’ve become a part of my heart, just as I’ve become a part of theirs. My friends are my power, and I’m theirs.”

Sharing these cuties I made! I can’t wait for the release of the game. KH is consuming me once again AAAAH. I’m excited for the feels! >o< 

I don’t own any PS4 console, sad to say, I might just wait for some videos on YT huhuhuhu. //or play at my friends’ house lmao.

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