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Happy Birthday Tony Stark


Missing Tony After Deciding to Take a Break by
The Avengers and Fury Keep You Safe From an Abusive Ex 


Lions’ Cage 
The A-Word


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Misc Authors

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My Number One, My Always Will Be King by @falling-buxky
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Mum Ignis III

Ignis: *loses gang in supermarket*
Ignis: Okay, relax, just do as always to find them.
Ignis: ….
Speakers: Security and cleaning service required in aisle number 3
Ignis: That way.

I was rewatching videos from a few months back (mostly challenge videos from when Teamiplier first came around) and can we just

Take a moment to appreciate

Such a hilarious reaction

From such a hilarious man


Overwatch Heroes x Sia Lyrics (2/4) Offense

Inspired by the knowledge that Unstoppable is totally the Ultimate D.Va Song. (The entire song might not suit the character, but chosen lyrics I thought related well to them.)

Others in This Series

Tank // Offense // Defense // Support

The spiritual sequel to Borderlands Characters As Imagine Dragons Songs

Links to songs and written out lyrics below.

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I can’t believe I got to meet a woman who “never introduces herself unless strictly necessary because direct introductions dilute her personal branding” and the boy who thinks the word ‘rectangle’ is “pretentious and artsy” and therefore calls them “weird squares” on the same day. Nature is such a rich tapestry

The origin of mum Ignis

Mr. Scientia: Okay, son, do you see that pretty baby the King’s holding?

4-year-old-Ignis: Prince.

Mr. Scientia: Yes, exactly. Prince Noctis. Do you know what you’ll be to him when you grow up?

Kid Ignis: ??

Mr. Scientia: When you grow up, all and the only thing you’re going to do is take care of him. You were born only to fulfill this task.  And this is what you’re going to do from now on: you’ll make sure nothing harms him, and you’ll take care of him if it does, like your life depends on whether he lives or not. You’ll look after him when he’s sick, when he’s injured or sad. You’ll be his friend, and you’ll stay loyal to him no matter the situation. His health will go before yours, always. You’ll make sure he eats healthy, does excercise, has good grades, tutor him if he needs it, and grows up like the future king he is. Might as well have to deal with smaller things like sewing the buttons of his clothes or comb his hair, tuck him in bed, read him some stories. All in all, your life will belong entirely to him, and all your focus will always be him. He shall become everything in your life; you’ll live your life only for the sake of his. You’ll be his second hand. You’ll be his adviser. Do you understand this?

Kid Ignis: *nods*

Mr. Scientia: So, Ignis. As your duty in life, what are you going to be when you grow up?

 Kid Ignis: The prince’s mommy.

Mr. Scientia:

Mr. Scientia: …that’ll do.

Dog Tags

For RvB Bingo Wars! Angst Square for the blues

Ao3 Link

The problem with spaceship crashes always becomes clear after the dust has settled. Here’s the thing about falling from the sky and hitting the ground hard enough to fold the ship in on itself, like a burning cigarette ground into an ashtray:

It doesn’t leave much behind in the way of human remains.

Or, Wash finds himself collecting dog tags from the wreckage after the Hand of Merope crashes. Tucker and Caboose step up to help, because that’s what teammates do.

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