square toes

I’m Fine

Characters: CastielXReader, ft. Dean Winchester

Word Count: 887

A/N: 1st Cas-iversary Celebration drabble request by @trinityjadec – “Hi! Could you write a drabble where the reader is feeling a little self-conscious, so Castiel just cuddles with her and makes her feel better? Super fluffy if possible?” Hope you enjoy!

“Good morning,” Castiel glanced at you over the newspaper he was reading, sitting up a little bit taller in his chair and straightening his skewed tie.

You didn’t respond to his greeting - too caught up in a negative spiral of self-conscious thoughts to notice the blue-eyed angel seated at the table.

Cas frowned, noisily folding the now forgotten paper into a disorganized heap, watching you grab a glass from the counter and mope to the kitchen sink to fill it, still seemingly oblivious to his presence. He cleared his gravelly throat.

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These masculine, sexy feet are a great example of my favorite type of foot. Wide soles with squared off toes packed together. Mmmm…I could eat ‘em up!!

i dont think enough people are taking into consideration the state of adrien’s hair in serendipitous fate by @skaylanphear

or the fact that i LOVE IT AND NEED IT MY SHAGGY BOY

{and adrien convinces mari to let him borrow her hair ties and}


One of the biggest fashion events of the world is happening today at the Metropolitan Museum in New York - the annual Costume Institute (MET) Gala. This year’s theme will be “Rei Kawakubo - Comme des Garçons ”. Even if it’s very unlikely for Gaga to attend this time, let’s take a look at her first MET Gala red carpet debut two years ago.

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Methods to Balance & Strengthen Root Chakra

Your root chakra might need balancing, too, if you feel controlling or quick to anger—among other things—or if you feel a lack of confidence and insufficient drive to achieve simple life goals. When your root chakra is balanced, you have energy and self-confidence overcoming arrogance or fear, and you feel calm, centered and ready to welcome life. Let us examine the following ways of balancing your root chakra.

Focus on red. Envisioning the colour red glowing brightly at the base of the spine, where this chakra is located, is the beginning of root chakra cleansing and balancing. Start with the simple meditation of imaging a bright red light at the base of your tailbone. Picture this red light extending down your legs and feet, grounding you to the earth.

Dance. Doesn’t matter if you are no pro at it, close the door and move your body. This is one of the best ways to balance this chakra. Play music and sing along, as singing cleanses your throat chakra for an added bonus.

Practice Yoga. Many yoga postures are designed to cleanse this chakra, especially the tree pose. You can use your ‘seeing red’ visualization as you firmly plant your entire left foot onto your mat and bring your right foot up into tree pose. Keep your hip points squarely ahead and your toes tucked in as you place your foot anywhere on your leg besides your knee. Be creative and make your tree pose your own. Place your right leg into half lotus or engage your core and reach your arms overhead, keeping the base of your neck soft and your elbows straight as you rotate the pinky side of your hands in to engage your triceps. Most importantly, feel supported and connected to the earth as you hold your tree pose for 5 to 8 breaths before switching sides.

Shower. This is such a wonderful root chakra cleanser. We are physical beings in addition to being intelligent, thoughtful human beings. Embrace and love your physicality by being completely present as you bathe. Mindfully moving is a powerful form of meditation.

Power walk. Take this idea of mindfully moving on your walk with you. Concentrate on your foot leaving the ground and connecting to the earth again with each step. You’ll give your mind a break and cleanse your root chakra simultaneously.

Indulge in a pedicure.  “You can always tell how well a person takes care of themselves by how they take care of their feet.” This might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but loving your feet and taking the time to pamper your physical body are great ways to also care for your root chakra energy.

Chakras are both complex and fascinating. The root chakra is often thought of as providing energy to other chakras, so if it’s blocked or unbalanced, your other chakras likely are as well. Just like a building, making sure that your chakras have a firm foundation—with a balanced root chakra—is crucial to having a healthy, open chakra system. Begin to feel confident, stable and physically alive as you tap into your own renewable energy through a balanced root chakra.

By K.Nagori