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Paige Reifler Style Essentials

1) Retro Sunglasses: Anything with a round shape, tinted lenses, P likes vintage looking sunglasses with unique patterns on them. 

2) Vintage Tees: Band Tees, Retro Icons (Bowie, Elvis etc.) Retro Labels 

3) Fur Coats: You will need to buy black, white, light brown and cream 

4) Mom Jeans: Light wash, Medium wash etc. Paige likes to wear high rise cropped vintage levi jeans. (Working on a jean style guide, will post soon).

5) Neck Scarfs: Polka Dot, Cream colored, Vintage patterns, Paisley, she also has a red bandana scarf.

6) Shoes: Wear boots all year round. She likes, Black boots, suede, unique colors (red, gold). Anything with a block heel and a square toe. Black Loafers that give off a vintage feel.

7) Basic Tops: Paige pulls off effortlessly cool perfectly. To achieve this you need basic tops. Black and White tees and tanks. Also striped tops.

8) Rings: PAIGE LOVES SILVER RINGS. Anything silver, chunky and has a boho vibe. 

9) Hats: Berets, newsboy caps, beanies, fedoras, boater hats. Most of her hats are black but her beret is red and she has a grey beanie. 

10) Bags: Anything with a vintage vibe. She loves croc, black colored bags. She tends to wear crossbody bags with the occasional vintage handbag. 

anonymous asked:

what shoes do you wear with flare jeans? just got a pair and dont know which kind to wear with them!

Boots! Seventies style…preferably with a thicker sole/more square-ish toe


He wasn’t surprised when someone stood up in a fruitless attempt to defend their village; that was to be expected no matter where the First Order arrived. It was interesting, though, taking note of the most foolish of the lot, those who clung desperately to the word “bravery” as if it meant something when they met their inevitable end. So he stood there, shoulders squared with Stormtroopers in toe as a woman stepped forward in defense of her home. 

He held a hand up, signalling for his troops to stand down just for this moment. He’d hear her out, humor her; they weren’t in any rush. Then, once she was finished, they would take claim of this village, bleed it of its resources and labor for their war until it was of no use.