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Flinthamilton and 14 and/or 16? ((As long as you keep reblogging these prompt thingies, I'm gonna keep sending asks))

14; a shrunken sweater and 16; rainy day cuddles

“That’s my jumper.”

Thomas hummed, turning the page of his book and not bothering to look up.

“Thomas. That’s my jumper, why are you wearing it?” James tugged on the collar.

“It shrank in the wash, in stretching it out;” he turned another page, as though it was a normal thing to happen.

James sat down and looked at the man he loved sat on the sofa beside him. It was his favourite jumper, dark blue with a little ship on the front. He got it on their first proper date. To see Thomas in it wasn’t that uncommon, but to see him wearing it with the arms halfway to his elbows and the hem reaching to just below his belly button… that was more unusual.

“Stop staring and come here;” Thomas curled an arm around him and drew James in close, letting him move himself into the space Thomas’ body formed.

Thomas began reading aloud as the rain outside grew louder. He ran his fingers through James’ hair as James traced the little square rigged ship on Thomas’ chest.

It was one of the small things James loved about their relationship, how it was simple to sit back and just listen. He could listen to Thomas read all day and just relax into the feeling of bliss. It made him giddy sometimes. He and Thomas would sit for hours resting on one another and he would never tire of it.

Steve/Cath, Navy Bath Time.

“Now this,” Steve says, curling his arm under the baby’s head and shoulders, “this is a Barquentine.”  He holds up an intricate model of a ship, complete with finely woven sails and collapsible masts.

It’s obviously not designed for sea-faring, or – as the case may be – bath-faring, ideally destined to sit on an eighty year old’s musty office shelf as they talk about the good ol’ days.

Bath time, it seems, is serious business in the McGarrett-Rollins household.

Steve dips his head low, pressing his nose to Sophie’s cheek so that he can gaze at the ship from her angle.  “It’s important to establish a good understanding of different ship-names from an early age.”

The baby gurgles, tiny chubby fingers reaching forward with want.  Steve takes it as a win. 

“The Barquentine,” he continues, “can be easily identified by its size, speed, and the formation of its sails.  See the way all three masts are square-rigged?”

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Message in a Bottle (1/4?)

Prompt:  I found a cute little message in a bottle you wrote when you were little and decided to come find you and share it with you but god I didn’t expect you to be so hot wth AU

 Thanks to @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobablefor continuously poking, prodding, threatening, bribing, and otherwise pushing me to write and post this.  I really wouldn’t have kept going without it.

ps - “cute” - I’m not entirely sure what that word means.  The definition is something like “heartbreaking”, right?
(not nearly as heartbreaking as Never Say Goodbye, I promise.)
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Chapter 1: Adrift

October 23, 1992

Dear Prince Charming,

Well, you’ll probably be Captain Hook anyway, knowing my luck.  My name is Emma Swan, it’s my birthday today, and I’m in 4th grade.  My teacher says we have to write these letters so we can throw them in the Charles River and see how far they go once they make it to the ocean.  I don’t think anyone is going to find mine.  Nothing cool like that ever happens to me, so it doesn’t really matter what I write.  

I’m living with the Klock Kluczk “Klutch-cow-skies” this month.  They suck.  I miss living with Mrs. Welch.  Her husband wasn’t around that much, and I guess it’s cuz he liked another lady better.  But he was better than Mr. Klocz… he wants me to call him “daddy”, but I don’t have one of those.  Or a mom.

Anyway, we’re supposed to ask a question so that you have something to answer when you find this.  In the ocean.  Which is huge.  So it’s never gonna happen.  Caroline’s will probably get found.  Or Mikey’s.  The cool stuff always happens to them.  They each have a mom and a dad and Christmas presents and brand new clothes that no one else has worn.  I bet they never had to pack in a trash bag.

So my question is this.  If you’re reading this, and you are a Prince Charming… or even if you’re Captain Hook, can you come save me or kidnap me or something?  Come take me away, I don’t care where.  I just want someone to adopt… never mind, this was stupid anyway.

Emma Swan
10 Guest St
Home for Little Wanderers

Boston, MA

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A Single Madman
Edward Kenway/Pirate
A Single Madman

Edward: Gentlemen! As is Custom among our Kind, we do not plunge headlong into Folly on the Orders of a single Madman, but act according to our own collective Madness!

The Object of our Attention is a square-rigged Galleon, and we want her for the Advantage she’ll bring Nassau. So I’ll put it to the vote…

All those in favor of storming this Cove and taking this Ship, stomp and shout “Aye!”

Crew: Aye!

Edward: Those who oppose… whimper “Nay.”

[0.5 second pause]

Edward: Never was the King’s Council so unified.