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Moodboard Competition

As a big thank-you for 1,300 followers, I’ve decided to hold an ARCHIVE MOODBOARD COMPETITION! The way this works is basically that you make a moodboard for me out of pictures from my archive, whatever you think embodies me most, or that I’ll like the best. Moodboards are nine square pictures arranged in a grid, like this:

My archive can be found here: http://caked-in-cake.tumblr.com/archive

I’ll pick my twenty favourites (or maybe thirty, depending on how many people actually enter). All twenty of you will get shoutouts, but the top three will recieve special prizes. First place is a oneshot from me with any prompt that you want (excluding NSFW) AND a voiced version of your comic or artwork (again, no NSFW), second place is just a oneshot, and third place is a poem. Every winner will get a shout out, though! 


  • Tag me in your moodboard as @caked-in-cake
  • Must be following me
  • Must like and reblog this post
  • Must be done by 15th January at midnight, GMT

Best of luck to everybody and I look forward to seeing your creations! 

Andrea Palladio, Villa Almerico Capra detta La Rotonda, Vicenza, 1566-1580
SANAA, Zollverein School of Management and Design, Essen, Germany, 2006
Charles Correa, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India, 1986-1991
Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Neuer Pavillon, Berlin - Charlottenburg, 1824-1825
Oswald Mathias Ungers, Villa Glashütte, Utscheid, 1986-1988
Frauenkirche, Nürnberg, 1352-1358
Shigeru Ban, Nine-square Grid House, Kanagawa, Japan, 1997
Craig Ellwood, Gerald and Arlene Rosen House, Los Angeles, 1961-1962
William Butterfield, All Saints, Margaret Street, London, 1850-1859
Georg Muche, Haus am Horn, Weimar, 1923
Michel Andrault and Pierre, Parat, Caisse Regionale de Credit Agricole, Orelans, France, 1972-1973
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Projet d’école, in “L'architecture considérée sous le rapport de l'art, des moeurs et de la législation", 1804
Donato Bramante, Basilica di San Pietro, Roma, 1506
Eglise de la Très-Sainte-Trinité, Germigny-des-Prés, 803-806
James Stirling, Low-cost Housing, Lima, 1971
Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand, "Prècis des leçons d'architecture" (1802-1805)
Konstantin Melnikov, Garage, Paris, 1925
Marco Zanuso, Case per vacanze, Arzachena (Sassari), 1962-1964
Sverre Fehn, Villa Norrköping, 1963-1964
Tour-porche, Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, 1027-1218
Church of Saint Gayane, Vagharshapat (Etchmiadzin), 630
Sir William Chambers, Casino at Marino, Dublin, 1770-1775
Arch of Janus Quadrifrons, Rome,  315
Laškarī Bāzār, plan of the Square Pavilion in the Garden Courtyard, 998-1030
Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, Taj Mahal, 1632-1654
John Hejduk, Seven Houses, Texas, USA, 1980
Louis Kahn, Phillips Exeter Academy Library, Exeter, New Hampshire, 1965–1972

Gokudera Hayato - Mafia Life

A nervous smile appeared on the silver-head man’s face, carressing his lips darkened by the nicotine, dried by the thirst and the hours of talks and threats.
The room shouldn’t be more than nine square meters but it was enough for what they were doing inside, white tiles adorned each surfaces, a water inlet and an evacuation in the middle of the ground, no window and no other furniture than a wobbly chair.

Gokudera was pacing around like a lion in a cage, like a shark around his prey, his cold green eyes never wavering from the tensed sitting form, he was growing impatient, hours passed without a word from the traitor, despite the proof of his guilt, the menaces, the punches and way more violent actions.
The only sound in the cold room was the purr of the low ventilation, adding to the heavy athmosphere, but the man didn’t even move, his eyes casted down, looking at the claret patches painting the immaculate floor. It was enough. With a sigh, Gokudera opened a bottle of fresh water and pourred it above the man head before letting it fall on the ground, he grasped a handful of hair and the pissed voice of the Storm guardian echoed against the walls like a thunder in mountains.

«We treated you like a member of our family, you killed three of our men, you betrayed the hand that fed you. I will ask you, one more time before getting serious. Yes, we were just playing around since the last ten hours..so, unless you really want to see my wrath, you better answer, who hire you to infiltrate the Vongola and what do they want.»

Still no answer. Hayato was close, so close that the smell of sweat and rust itched his nose, he detailled the face of his ex-team mate,his pathetic and exhausted state, the droplets sliding between his eyebrows, reaching his swollen eyes to die on bloody lips the man kept sewn.
He wished it was a nightmare, he often leaded this kind of ‘examinations’ but not on a man he used to work, drink and laugh with, not a man he put his trust in.
On top of the betrayal and the fear for his Boss, the young man was experimenting one of the worst feelings, and it was definitely not the right moment nor the right place to show any weakness.
Guilt crept onto his skin like the plague, maybe, if he wasn’t that naive, stupid and incompetent, Tsuna wouldn’t have incur danger, maybe some Vongola’s secrets wouldn’t be exposed to enemies and his men would still be alive.
Negative ideas fogged his mind, making his blood run cold as he blinked several times, his hues focusing again onto the man who didn’t even budge, if only he could extirpate those informations, he could, just, finish him with a bullet in the head.

Facing the silence again, Hayato closed his eyes with resignation, a nod of his head and he turned toward the two men in suit standing next to the door, he tried to swallow the lump in his throat when he got up and took their direction.
He threw once last glance above his shoulder, sighed then stated
«Take the clamp, begin with his fingers, all of them except the thumb.»


a day in the life of

melbourne | october 2016

Copyright © Daraus M. All rights reserved

nine square images (13.10.16) 

a game originally started by Cyril @cyrilberthaultjacquieruniverse​, i have been tagged by multiple friends to join in the fun exercise. i invite you to participate so feel free to do the same if you are intrigued by this idea.

rules are simple: in a large square nine square images from one particular day of your daily life. captures can be in black and white, color, another media, or anything else that inspires you. and don’t forget to tag your post with #onedayinmydailylife or send a message to Cyril. enjoy as I have…

Yagami Riku (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)/Fujiwara Takeru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Radio of Stride Step 46 ~Mini Drama~

This is the mini drama from Step 46 of Rajisuto!

Riku hears a rumor about Takeru, and he is worried.

Translation below. Enjoy~

Riku: H-heeyy, hey, Fujiwara, do you have a fever? Does your stomach hurt? Did you hit your head somewhere?!
Takeru: Wh…what are you talking about?
Riku: What’s one plus one?
Takeru: Two.
Riku: The square root of nine?
Takeru: (thinks) …three…?
Riku: Oooohh! What did you eat for lunch today?
Takeru: Chicken tenderloins and protein.
Riku: Your most favorite thing in the world?
Takeru: Stride!
Riku: It’s really you, Fujiwara!
Takeru: …What’s your problem? Are you sure you’re not the one who has a fever?
Riku: I wanted to think so, too, but…well, you see, I heard a scary story a while ago!
Takeru: A scary story?
Riku: A girl from another class was actually making a fuss about you! She was saying that she saw you yesterday at a karaoke box, alone and singing your heart out with a GalaSta song!
      "Fujiwara-kun just kept on singing and singing the same song with a serious look on his face!“, she said! But that’s not true, right? Maybe she just mistook you for someone else. I mean, there’s no way you’d go alone in a karaoke box, let alone sing a GalaSta song–!
Takeru: I did.
Riku: …Eh?
Takeru: Karaoke.
Riku: Eh?
Takeru: I went to a karaoke box, and sang a GalaSta song.
Riku: EH!?
Takeru: I sang for some time. I even extended my reservation, so I was in there for quite a while.
Riku: EEEHH!!?
Takeru: Why are you that surprised?
Riku: B-but you’re…you’re Fujiwara! You like Stride more than eating three times a day, and you’re not sure what’s the square root of nine! That’s you, Fujiwara!
Takeru: It’s three…
Riku: Putting that aside, why were you at the karaoke? Why GalaSta?
Takeru: That karaoke place is holding a campaign right now.
Riku: A campaign?
Takeru: They’re enticing customers to sing GalaSta songs and tallying their points. If you get 100 points…
Riku: Then…?
Takeru: They’ll award you a supply of protein.
Riku: Eh…?
Takeru: It’s high-quality protein. Way expensive to buy in stores. You’ll get that for free.
Riku: …oh…
Takeru: That’s why I kept singing that song.
      It really IS you, Fujiwara!
Takeru: Also, the rap part in that GalaSta song was soulful, and the dance number part had a mellow feeling to it; it’s one of my favorite songs.
Riku: So you do like that song…!

It looks like Takeru will do anything for a free supply of premium protein :D

Translation Notes:
GalaSta - a shortened name for in-universe idol group Galaxy Standard.
Galaxy Standard is a famous 6-man idol group composed of the starting members of the Saisei High School Stride Team.


Nine minutes of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age gameplay

Model Monday: Willis Tower

This bird’s-eye view of Willis Tower informatively conveys the skyscraper’s structural logic. Nine squared tubes, each rigid within itself without internal supports, bundle together as a closed square and terminate at individually varying heights. In miniature form as in real life, that system translates to a stunning, multi-tiered icon that defines the Chicago skyline.

Central Jersey gothic
  • You look at the sign at the edge of the road. “Speed Limit 25mph,” it reads. You look at your spedometer. It says 35. You look harder, and still it creeps upwards towards 40. There is nothing you can do to stop it.
  • Every acre-square park holds a secret. The three-acre-square ones hold nine secrets; it’s a mathematical principle, a square. Look the other way, though. Keep heading for downtown, where the merchants will protect you if you have the coin.
  • The residents do their best to keep colorful Victorian houses crammed close together in bright yards in proper shape, but you see the peeling paint. You know that decay comes for us all. Entropy awaits, unrelenting, even as they raise new buildings downtown.
  • Speak the words “Garden State Parkway” like a prayer, and something will bless you. Do not ask what that something is. Just keep driving. A lifetime passes between each exit; a world sits at the end of each offramp.
  • You hear tales of what lies to the south: the fearsome wilderness where dead bodies lie in the wetlands, slowly rotting. You could go there with two hours’ drive, but you do not. There is a susurrus that rises from the southern lands: Wawa. Wawa. Wawa.
  • A crowd has gathered around one man. The whites of his eyes show as he claims, “The city is Philadelphia!” He has strayed too far north, and you cast your gaze away in pity. The others advance upon him. You cannot watch.
  • The trains run to the city day and night. But they do not run back to town. It is a truth accepted by all your neighbors with their distracted eyes and nervous twitches: the towns feed the cities. The cities feed New York. New York feeds on us all. We thank it, in the end.
  • “There is no Central Jersey,” they say, out of the same mouths that speak Elizabeth and South Orange. You know better. You have lived between the genteel parks and the rotten train-tracks. Let them lie to themselves if they must; you will bear the truth.

Okay so today Denton, Texas has officially made April 4th a city holiday: Doctor Who Day. There’s an actual TARDIS on the square and a beautiful variety of sonic screwdrivers you can have your picture taken with. I saw a lot of people, children and adults, in wonderful cosplay of various incarnations of the Doctor, Daleks, Queen Elizabeth, Missy, and various companions. There’s also a Doctor Who comic book exclusive to the More Fun Comics and Games store on the square, featuring Nine and the TARDIS in front of the Denton courthouse. the cover was created by a local artist, who was at More Fun Comics and Games signing covers and posters. Today was a great day for local Whovians.

Brazil hosted the World Cup last year. Next year, it will host the Summer Olympics. On Sunday, though, the country played host to another international gathering of talented competitors: the Rubik’s Cube World Championship.

This past weekend, hundreds of “speedcubers,” as they’re known, descended on Sao Paulo from over 40 countries, to take part in three days of intensive competition.

To solve the cube, one must arrange its tiny squares in such a way as to make each of its faces in a single, solid color — and to win at speedcubing, you’ve got to do it fast.

These days there are loads of different categories one can compete in.

The 3x3 category, the gold standard of speedcubing, uses a cube with nine squares to a side. But there are also categories with bigger cubes and pyramid cubes; competitors can cube one-handed, blindfolded or even with their feet. And, yes: All of the above are official competitions.

For The Rubik’s Cube World Champ, 6 Seconds Is Plenty Of Time

Photo: Lourdes Garcia-Navarro/NPR