square nine


How do I grow then,

when I’ve been alive for the best part of my life

Feeling alone?    - Dreams of William

My poor confused baby Chloe.. she has been through enough.

This scene was soo emotional..

But can we please talk about how good before the storm was?

by Madeline H. (2017)

please do not use without my permission. Thank you :D


It’s finally time everyone! Applications for the Vortex Zine, a Life Is Strange Charity Zine, are now officially open until October 16th! 

Just follow this link to get a chance to be part of the zine!!

We are really excited to see your work!! Don’t hesitate to participate, you’re not losing anything by trying your luck! Show us your motivation and your ways to compose appealing illustrations, and even though you haven’t made any LiS fanart yet, you can still apply!

We will also announce the chosen Charity within the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Finally, don’t forget to check out the FAQ; and to send us a message if you ever have any additionnal question~

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

@nathanaelsonn and @noenoeh

(art by @nathanaelsonn )