square mk2

aphid-reblogs  asked:

Noticed those badass mech statues around your workspace! Are they all ThreeA? Would love to pick up something like them myself but I have no idea where to look that doesn't cost an arm and a leg... Anyway just wanted to say you're art is always really inspiring to me and to keep up the awesome work! :D

Yes! I love Ashley Wood’s robots with all my heart, and I think I have every. Single. Art book. That he’s released haha. I have a JEA Dropcloth, GHOST Dropcloth 1.5, JEA Heavy Bramble, Deimos Square Mk2, 2 Caesars (PRU Support & Deimos 2), and a Mod7 Lunar Armstrong. Seriously, read the WWR books guys, Ashley Wood + TP Louise’s storytelling is so fucking raw! Check Amazon btw, that’s where I mostly got all mine. All of my boys are the “Portable 1/12” scale except for the Square and the Droppy 1.5 :) Thanks btw!