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i was gonna make a joke like “why did hagan steal my pet’s smarts lol” but then i came to a disturbing realization…

the king of brightvale is so smart…because he absorbs the intellect of innocent neopets via this wheel like some sort of Knowledge Vampire…

This is taking AGES!! And painting it will take even longer (ಥ﹏ಥ)But I’ll do it for the best kids (๑✧∀✧๑)

If they think I’m going to believe that sad tale that Noctis was the only who attended the Carnival, they’re dead wrong. They all went, had a blast, and avoided each other. Waaaaaiiit… I’m writing FanFics now? While I’m at it, Iris is a beast Chocobo racer, gets it from the audacious AF driving skills she learned from Gladio. ((He’s too reckless that’s why they don’t let him drive the Regalia, but is very good at driving under pressure xP))

Pink Chocobo shirt for Iris, and Black Chocobo shirt for Gladio. There’s loads more colors too. I need to stop putting off drawing the tattoos (⋟﹏⋞)

Sooooo… Am I going to finish this or what? I spent WAY too much time on that Square Enix Cafe logo ;-;  


Decided to try out making some Ventus wallpapers for the phone. Free for download and images taken from google. 

The heart logo was made by papuchan from deviantart, so credits go to her.

Have fun with these. Might take up some wallpaper requests in the future. Please like or reblog if you saved/used these and please use at low brightness. :>

Wallpapers © divinitions
Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix
KH Heart Logo © Papuchan


Last of the BBS wallpaper set! I’m still contemplating on whether I should make some wallpapers for Vanitas, but well, we’ll see.  This set involves all three of them, as you can see, rather than them as individuals, I suppose.

As always, if you happen to save or use them, please reblog or like, thank you!

The BBS logo was made by honokawa, in dA

Have fun with them and please use at low brigtness!

Wallpapers © divinitions
Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix
BBS logo © honokawa

i’m also definitely putting either a bureau of balance logo or IPRE logo square on my weighted blanket (WHICH. SHOULD FINALLY HAPPEN THIS SUMMER it’s a slightly expensive and time-consuming project and i’ve favored working on cosplays over it, but i want to make use of all the wonderful fabric my friends sent me because it’s still one of the sweetest gestures i’ve ever been the recipient of. and i also still want a weighted blanket) but i can’t decide which

First stop on our Kingdom Hearts World Study list…is Arendelle! 

Took me forever to get that Ice Palace and Snowflakes looking right!

I noticed that a big trend is that the prominent locations are part of the world art. I’d figure that Elsa’s palace would be an obvious one to put in the art (also since there would be a boss battle there) but I also put in ‘Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post’ since it would be a great Save Point, and the Frozen Fjord, since that would be where the Hans’ boss battle would be. The Northern Lights were added for fun! 

As with the logo, I thought the snowflakes really add that nice touch to the logo. The one on top of the 'A’ was an offhand idea to resemble the first Frozen trailer where Elsa was on the mountaintop and like sassing Anna and stuff. 

I guess you can also call the world; the Frozen Fjord. That was another name it could be called. Who knows. 

anonymous asked:

hey, i hate to bother but you pinky promised flatsound mugs, is that still coming eventually? i love your music by the way!

dang i forgot about that promise! i’m promising all over again that i will make that happen just for u. what would be cool on a mug? the square flatsound logo? a drawing? maybe both, one on each side. ahh you got my mind goin now !!

Throwback Thursday… to 2006.

All credit for this video goes to,

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